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Force Full Obamacare Repeal With House Discharge Petition

Click HERE to Yell at Congress NOW: https://PrayFor.US/170815_49376_p4us_pp_Obamacare_Discharge_Petition_FB/ House Freedom Caucus Files Discharge Petition To Force A Vote On CLEAN OBAMACARE REPEAL A Discharge Petition Requires NO SENATE APPROVAL RINO Speaker Paul Ryan Has Buried True Obamacare Repeal In Eight

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Defeat the House of Representatives Sharia Law Resolution

sharia law resolution first amendment bernards township

Obama-appointed federal judges in New Jersey just imposed an astonishing order on the residents of Bernard Township, NJ: American citizens must submit to the speech codes of Sharia law or go to prison and attend forced Islamic "tolerance" brainwashing classes!

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Impeach Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood General McMaster

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood General, HR McMaster, is purging pro-America patriots from the National Security Council. McMaster was passed over for promotion for 8 years during the Bush administration but was finally promoted to Brigadier General rank by Muslim Brotherhood member Barack

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No Plea Deal for Crooked Hillary – LOCK HER UP!

Hillary Clinton has been offered a plea deal. In exchange for signing a piece of paper saying she is guilty, the Justice Department will let her run away with $1 billion she collected in the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme by which

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Muslim Brotherhood Data Breach Demands Terror Designation

Rep. Debbie Wasserman’s Islamic staffers HACKED Congress for the Muslim Brotherhood. Wasserman hired Imran Awan + four other Pakistani spies in 2005. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says Wasserman’s staffed hacked ALL Republicans and Democrats. The Muslim Brotherhood group which Wasserman’s staffers belong to must

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Demand Special Counsel for Clinton Body Count Victim Seth Rich

Patriots must demand appointment of federal Special Counsel to take over investigation of Seth Rich – Clinton Body Count victim! DNC Employee Seth Rich gave WikiLeaks thousands of damaging emails. Murdered 12 days later. Breaking: Attorney says Rich met with Russian Attorney

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Mueller’s Massive Illegal Conflicts Require Disqualification

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s massive illegal conflicts require his disqualification. GOP Congressman Trent Franks says Mueller’s decades-long friendship with former FBI Director James Comey disqualifies Mueller under federal law from investigating President Donald Trump. Plus, Mueller has assembled a team of investigators

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Fire Anti-Trump Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller's massive illegal conflicts disqualify him from Trump Russia investigation

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) has called for anti-Trump Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign because Mueller has a massive conflict of interest due to his decades-long friendship with former FBI Director James Comey. Mueller's personal friendship with Comey legally disqualifies him from participating in the "trumped-up" investigation of President Donald Trump under 28 CFR § 45.2.

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Expel Debbie Wasserman from the House

Debbie Wasserman must be expelled from Congress under Article I Section 5 of the Constitution

Rep. Debbie Wasserman (D-FL), the former Chair of the Democrat National Committee and one of Hillary Clinton's closest friends, must be expelled from Congress for hacking every Republican and Democrat in the House and Senate with the help her closest personal aide - a Muslim spy from Pakistan named Imran Awan who is now in federal custody.

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Barack Obama wiretapped Trump send Obama to jail

Barack Obama spied on ALL of his political GOP opponents in 2012 and 2016.  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) says that Obama's illegal spying operation against Republican candidates actually ramped up to a fever pitch in 2016 as Donald Trump was winning the GOP nomination.

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