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  • Are you a Christian?

    Leveling The Playing Field In America Children in American public schools are taken to the principals office, and sometimes are even expelled, if they pray or wear T-Shirts praising Jesus. Muslim children in many school around the United States are given Prayer Rooms and Islamic training. Even Christian children are being educated by our public… Read more

  • Don’t Just Stand There – Block Obama!

    We must not stand still as others wring their hands in fear over who Obama will select to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (1936-2016). We must take action! Patriotic Americans have to speak out right now and demand that the Senate refuse Obama an election-year appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Democrat Party… Read more

  • Will Obama Stay in Office?

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is fast-tracking a bill for Obama that will grant him the ability to declare martial law and deploy troops on U.S. soil, even at polling stations on election day this November. The legislation is Senate Joint Resolution 26, a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force, authored by Sen…. Read more

  • Defunding Obama’s Gun Grab

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been summoned to Congress this week to try to justify Obama’s unlawful infringement of the right to keep and bear arms through executive order. Obama is attacking the Second Amendment again so we plan to defeat him AGAIN using the tactic that demolished his 2015 attempt to ban common AR-15… Read more

  • Extend the Iran Sanctions

    Barack Obama wants to release $150 billion in funds that were seized from Iran as a result of the rogue nation’s history of hostage-taking and building nuclear weapons in violation of previous agreements. Iran’s government proved by taking U.S. sailors hostage last week that they cannot be trusted (as if we needed more evidence) and… Read more

  • Democrat Party on Life Support

    The Democrat Party is shrinking to historic lows and the only thing keeping their failed ideology alive is the mass invasion of America by refugees, illegal aliens and immigrants from socialist countries. This is why the Democrats are so eager to bring any and every Muslim terrorist to America as quickly as possible – because… Read more

  • 70K in the Jihadi Pipeline

    A Democrat Senator slipped up and admitted that 70,000 Syrians are in the U.N. refugee resettlement jihadi pipeline, headed to the USA soon unless Americans speak out. This admission proves what Pray For US has been saying for months: That Barack Obama’s true intention is to bring at least 250,000 “Syrian” refugees to America during… Read more

  • Impeachment Resolution at RNC

    For the first time during “King Obama’s” reign in office, Articles of Impeachment will be considered during the Republican National Committee’s annual retreat in 2016. It is clear that Barack Obama, who announced 10 new gun-grabbing executive orders this week and who plans to bring 250,000 Syrian refugees to America, is not going to slow… Read more

  • Democrat Sharia Resolution in Congress

    The House Judiciary Committee is considering a resolution that would outlaw any and all speech that criticizes Islam – even if that criticism is true. House Resolution 569 threatens the ability of everyone to report FACTS about Islam that make Muslims feel bad… which is already a tenet of Sharia law in every Islamic country…. Read more

  • Time to Defend America

    The Defend America Act of 2015 would block Obama’s plans to bring 250,000 Syrian and Iraqi “refugees” to America in 2016. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to take up the measure this month. As previously reported by Fox News, Obama has already been sneaking Syrians into the US (more than 102,000 between 2012 and… Read more

  • 2nd Amendment Protection Act

    Barack Obama is about to issue a new set of executive orders that will undermine the 2nd Amendment and take away many of your basic rights when it comes to defending your own life. Obama claims that this will somehow protect Americans from mass shootings but we know the truth – this man only wants… Read more

  • Obama Hamstrung a Jihadi Investigation

    Barack Obama shut down a 2012 DHS investigation that could have prevented the 2015 San Bernardino jihadi attacks that left 14 dead and 26 wounded. This is according to former DHS investigator Philip Haney, who spoke to Fox News about the fact that Barack Obama is more concerned about the civil rights of jihadis than… Read more

  • Roll Call: Who Defended America

    Which Senators and Representatives prefer burqas over Bibles? Now we know! The must-pass omnibus spending bill to keep the federal government running full steam ahead (across the backs of the taxpayers) passed in the House and Senate on December 18, 2015. The final House vote was 316 to 113 in favor; in the Senate the… Read more

  • Stop Obama’s Global Warming Treaty

    Congress has provided full initial funding for Obama’s U.N. global warming treaty, breaking a promise to the American people that the funding would not be provided unless the treaty were first ratified. The provision was slipped into the omnibus spending bill at the last minute. Throughout November, Representatives and Senators in the GOP promised the… Read more

  • Refugee Resettlement Funding Vote Imminent

    The omnibus spending bill contains full funding for Obama’s Syrian refugees in spite of serious threats of infiltration by ISIL terrorists. The vote is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015 in the House followed by a same-day Senate vote. Pressure from Pray For US and other like-minded organizations delayed the omnibus spending bill vote, which… Read more

  • Obama’s No-Fly Gun Ban

    Pray For US is warning Americans of the dangers of Barack Obama’s demands to ban people on the federal government’s “No-Fly List” from gun ownership. This is in fact a blatant assault on the 2nd Amendment and will do nothing to protect Americans from jihadi Muslim attacks like the one in San Bernardino, CA that… Read more

  • Obama Delivers Bottled Water to ISIL

    The Washington Post interviewed dozens of Iraqi soldiers who say the battle against the Islamic State would be over already if Barack Obama would stop helping the jihadis. Commander Mustafa Saadi stated, “If only America would stop supporting them, we could defeat them in days,” referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant… Read more

  • How Clinton Might Get Away

    As the FBI expands its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private home email server, Pray For US is concerned that Mrs. Clinton could get away scot-free. No matter what evidence the FBI collects, it will eventually be delivered to Attorney General Loretta Lynch who owes her career as a federal prosecutor to the Clintons. Pray For… Read more

  • 100K Syrians in USA by Year’s End?

    Sen. Dick “Turban” Durbin took to the Senate floor this week to exclaim that the American people somehow have a moral obligation to take in 100,000 Syrian “refugees”. Never mind the fact that the FBI, the Dept. of Homeland Security and the US Customs and Immigration Services all say they are incapable of conducting a… Read more

  • Obama’s Muslim Trojan Horse

    Presidential candidate Donald Trump hit the nail on the head when he referred to B. Hussein Obama’s plan to import 200,000 Syrians a “Trojan horse.” Obama’s plan to more than double the annual influx of refugees to America by taking in Muslims from one country represents an existential threat to the United States. ISIL (the… Read more

  • How Pray For US Helped Cancel McCarthy

    It appears that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) dropped out of the race to become the next Speaker of the House, due to the efforts of Pray For US – Pray For The United States and its followers. How did an online church headquartered in Henderson, Nevada manage to help derail the campaign of… Read more

  • No Christians Allowed

    The official policy of the Obama regime appears to now restrict all travel visas to the United States for Christians, while rapidly accelerating the entrance of Muslims and potential jihadi terrorists into the USA. A Catholic nun from Iraq, Diana Momenka, attempted to travel to America to talk about the persecuted Christian minorities in her… Read more

  • Pass Grant’s Law

    Pray For US is supporting Grant’s Law, HR 2942, also known as the “Stop Catch and Release Act.” 21-year-old Grant Ronnebeck was working the night shift at a convenience store in Mesa, AZ last January when police say he was viciously gunned down by a Mexican illegal alien for two packs of cigarettes. The man… Read more

  • Jihadis Exploit Refugee Programs

    John Kerry wants to bring 10,000 more Syrian “refugees” to the USA starting on October 1st so Pray For US believes that Americans need to be reminded of the deadly consequences of the U.N. Refugee Resettlement Program. Since at least 1993, Muslim terrorists have been posing as refugees and claiming asylum in America, only to… Read more

  • Obama’s “Mental Health” Gun Grab

    Barack Obama has 12 new executive orders  related to gun control that go into effect in November of 2015. One of these regulatory changes is poorly written and so broadly worded that Pray For US believes it could end up stripping gun rights away from millions of Americans, even from children like the little girl… Read more

  • Make the Internet Tax Ban Permanent

    Pray For US supports the passage of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, HR 235. Barack Obama is taking steps with his allies in the United Nations to ensure that your internet access will be taxed. Obama wants to accomplish this before he leaves office. The Wall Street Journal reports that Russia and China are… Read more

  • Insane Costs of Anchor Babies

    The anchor baby scam is now costing the American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars annually. Pray For US believes it is time for Congress to end this disastrous and costly policy. The 14th Amendment, written in 1868 and wildly reinterpreted in a 1982 Supreme Court case, was never intended to grant “birthright citizenship” to… Read more

  • Obama Revives Arms Trade Treaty

    Obama administration officials are in secret talks with the U.N. in Mexico City attempting to revive the Arms Trade Treaty, which Pray For US has been battling for the past three years. This treaty will create a global gun registration list in preparation for future confiscations by foreign U.N. peacekeeping troops. Based on the dismal… Read more

  • End the Birthright Citizenship Scam

    The birthright “citizenship” scam acts as a magnet to draw 400,000 illegal aliens to America each year. It is time to end this 30-year-old policy which most Americans do not realize is not based on the rule of law or the 14th Amendment. Polls show that 70% of Republican primary voters support the immigration reform… Read more

  • The Church that Tackles Politics

    Have you ever wondered why churches in America are not more involved in the political process? We are Pray For US – Pray For The United States – the only church in the USA (that we are aware of) that is actively involved in the political realm on a daily basis. Most of the politicians… Read more

  • Prayer to Protect Christians from Gun-Grabbers

    Dianne Feinstein opened her original press conference to unveil her gun confiscation and extermination plans, by having a “clergyman” offer a prayer to God. Fortunately for Christians and all patriotic Americans, God does not answer the prayers of pagans who violate His will. Ms. Feinstein thought it would be a good idea to try to… Read more


    You’ve really chained us America, Now we’re governed by Obama, Forcing a rendezvous with destiny, We must have a New Birth of Liberty. The battle lines have been drawn, The soul of America almost gone, Constitutional rights and Freedoms at stake, Unchain America, awake. Time to take a necessary stand, Take our country back by… Read more

  • Prayer for Veterans

    Loving Father, have mercy on your people, and open our hearts to peace and love. Reward all those who courageously gave their lives for the cause of freedom, those who now serve in our nation’s military throughout the world, and those who have served over the decades. Bless and protect all veterans, especially those who… Read more

  • How to Pray to the God of the Bible

    How to pray is a question that many people, especially those new to or curious about the Christian faith, do not know how to answer. Pray For US – Pray for the United States does not intend this to be an exhaustive article on how to pray to God. There have been many books written… Read more

  • Prayer Against the Progressive Income Tax

    The following prayer to God was issued on the December 16, 2012 episode of Pray For US on radio. The program aired on KCAA 1050 AM in San Bernardino, California. Our guest for the program that day was Steve Boehman, the chairman of a Louisville, Kentucky chapter of the Tea Party. The podcast of the… Read more

  • Prayer to Abstain from Hypocrisy

    The following prayer was issued on the Pray For US radio program on December 30, 2012. It is a prayer for healing America, in a sense, in that God will not heal our land unless the church repents from its many sins. The original program aired on KCAA 1050 AM in San Bernardino, California, and… Read more

  • A Prayer for Healing America

    The following prayer was issued on January 6, 2013 on Pray For US radio. It is a prayer for healing America’s spiritual sickness. The program originally aired on KCAA 1050 AM in San Bernardino, California. One of the main topics of the program was an explanation of why Pray For US has refused to seek… Read more

  • Prayer to God for Mercy on Sinners

    The following prayer to God was delivered on the January 13, 2013 radio episode of Pray For US – Pray for the United States. The program originally aired on 1050 AM, KCAA in San Bernardino, California. Our guest for the program that day was state Senator Glenn Grothman from Wisconsin. We discussed his research into… Read more

  • Prayer to God for the Salvation of Muslims

    The following prayer to God was delivered on a live radio episode of Pray For US on January 20, 2013. The program originally aired on KCAA 1050 AM in San Bernardino, California; the podcast of the program is archived on this site. Our guest for this episode was Todd Nettleton, the Director of Media Operations… Read more

  • Prayer for the Election of Godly Leaders

    The following prayer and study were delivered on the January 27, 2013 episode of Pray For US radio. The program aired originally on KCAA 1050 AM in San Bernardino, California. Topics for discussion on the program included Barack Obama’s cap-and-trade scheme for his second term in office and the defeat of Harry Reid’s filibuster rule… Read more

  • Did George Washington Pray at Valley Forge?

    There is a debate among history professors as to whether George Washington actually got down on his knees and offered a prayer to God at Valley Forge. Several artists have created paintings that depict Washington praying for his country at that crucial juncture in our history. Pray For US believes that, based on the historical… Read more

  • Prayer to God at the Launch of Pray For US Radio

    Our very first episode of Pray For US on the radio aired on November 18, 2012. Padre Johnson was our guest for the program, and we discussed his paintings, his travels around the globe and his interesting life, ministry and history. Pray For US can be heard every Sunday at 3:00 p.m. PST on KCAA… Read more

  • Thankfulness Prayer from Pray For US Radio Episode 002

    The following transcription is from the prayer to God and Bible lesson we delivered on Pray For US radio episode 002. The program aired on November 25, 2012 on KCAA 1050 AM in San Bernardino, California. The podcast of the program is archived here on this site. Transcript: This work, entitled “JESUS CALLING” – was… Read more

  • A Prayer to God for His Assistance on Pray For US Radio

    The following prayer to God was delivered on Pray For US radio on December 2, 2012. Former U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller from Alaska was our guest for the program, which aired originally on KCAA 1050 AM in San Bernardino, California. The podcast from the program is archived here on this site. The prayer is… Read more

  • Is It Not Conceited To Ask People to Pray for You?

    ANSWER:  We ask no one to pray for us!  We ask everyone to Pray for US – Pray for the United States!

    Part ONE:  Our vision was to tear down federal government restrictions on Christian clergy that now forbid them from backing, or opposing, candidates or legislation.  We believe our political leaders have become so corrupt that their work is largely evil.  Thus, the US is the United States.  We are asking that everyone follow biblical pronouncements and pray for our country and our leaders, that they may see the light Christ shows to anyone seeking redemption.

    Part TWO:  The term “US” has meant the United States of America for more than 200 years.

    While we can understand that some well-intentioned people may think the US refers to our organization, just the opposite is the fact: our organization is dedicated to US – the United States, even though we are a duly organized not-for-profit Christian religious organization.

    To our knowledge we are the only Christian church dedicated to preserving the United Sates Constitution and our Judeo-Christian heritage.

  • Why Was “Pray for US” Started?

    ANSWER:  Our founder, Charles Benninghoff, decided that the federal government’s efforts to destroy the Body of Christ had to be countered. For more detail about how the federal government is accomplishing this nefarious task, please read our White Paper on IRC 501(c)(3).

    As an ordained Elder of the Reformed Church In America, which is America’s oldest Protestant church, Mr. Benninghoff had long sought spiritual guidance and a purposeful Christan life.

    Above all other worldly pursuits, he is a patriot, a combat veteran from the Viet Nam War and a devoted family man.

    During numerous national crises, Mr. Benninghoff asked his church’s clergy to step up and pronounce that Godliness should be brought back into public life because the political leadership of the United States was becoming more corrupt with each passing day and emerging crises facing America from huge, long-running deficits were amoral and must be stopped.  Each time he was rebuffed and told that it is not the role of the “church” to be involved in civic life.

    Mr. Benninghoff refused to take these answers as anything other than self-centered delusions because he believed that if the church does not provide moral leadership our country is doomed.  He also believes there is nothing in our Constitution restricting religious freedom of speech!

    So, Pray for US – Pray for the United States was started with the purpose to provide protection to our glorious Constitution and to defend our Judeo-Christian heritage against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    As an aside, when he sought the website name PrayFor.US, providence brought it to his mission.  The original owners of the domain name, upon hearing the purpose to which the domain would be put, drastically reduced their price, making it affordable and providing the launching pad that is now our website.

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