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Expel Debbie Wasserman from Congress

Debbie Wasserman must be expelled from Congress under Article I Section 5 of the Constitution

Rep. Debbie Wasserman (DEMOCRAT) employed a Muslim Brotherhood team of Information Technology (IT) workers for more than a decade and this team hacked several terabytes of classified information from Congress. Wasserman had to know what her employees were doing. Article I, Section 5 of the US Constitution provides the mechanism for expelling a Member of Congress.

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Support President Trump's MAGA Immigration Plan

President Donald Trump illegial immigration

President Trump has announced his immigration priorities to Congress: A fully funded and completed southern border wall, an end to chain migration and crackdown on sanctuary cities. Patriots must speak out and announce their support for President Trump's incredible America First proposal!

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Investigate Very Fake News in America

Very Fake News

Why are all mainstream media outlets operating seemingly as one Very Fake News entity, spreading the same lies and propagandas to the American people? President Trump calls for a congressional investigation into this phenomenon and we agree! Congress must spare no expense putting fake news outlets like CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times under the microscope.

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RINOs Plot Million-Man Foreign Army to Replace USA Workers

RINOs in Congress hope to bring in a one-million-man army of low-wage foreign workers to replace Americans by expanding the H-2C visa program. This sneak attack on American workers is attached as an amendment to the popular E-Verify bill (HR 3711)

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Defeat the RINO Million-Man H2C Amnesty

illegal alien farm workers second amendment

The Republican-led House is about to expand the H-2C visa program to throw one million Americans out of their blue-collar jobs and replace them with cheaper foreign workers. The American people must rise up and stop this globalist assault on our jobs, our lives and our culture!

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Special Counsel to Debunk Fake Russia Dossier

President Trump Russiagate James Comey Robert Mueller

The FBI spent taxpayer money to gather the salacious and false information in the so-called "Russian dossier" on candidate Donald Trump in 2016 and has now ignored a congressional subpoena for documents and testimony related to this illegal act. The only solution for America to get to the truth of the matter is to demand a new Special Counsel to conduct a legitimate investigation.

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Antifa Thugs Call For November 4 Communist Civil War Riots

Antifa calls for riots to foment civil war in America on November 4, 2017. Patriotic Americans with Pray For US are calling on Congress to designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist group! Sign up to join the Team Defending Faith, Family & Flag.  

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Restore Christian Military Chaplain Rights

us military chaplains muslim brotherhood jihad second amendment glock ar15

Barack Obama spent eight years drumming Christian chaplains out of the US military while promoting Muslim Brotherhood-sanctioned imams in all branches of the service. This Islamic infection of our military became so bad that Obama banned Christian chaplains from praying in Jesus' name -- even OUTSIDE of religious services such as at prayer groups and Bible studies!

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No DACA Democrat Amnesty for Illegals

Illegal Aliens captured border daca amnesty

Every Republican in Congress needs to hear from YOU and know that they will be "primaried" just like Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) if they support DACA amnesty. The American people must rise up now and defeat this amnesty which will apply to at least 4 million illegals.

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Save Christians and Yazidis From ISIS

Coptic Christians Pray For US State Department religioius freedom

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is sitting on a pile of $1.4 billion in relief aid which Congress mandated for Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities in Iraq who have been targeted for genocide by ISIS. At the same time, Tillerson released $32 million to help Muslims leading an insurgency in Myanmar (formerly Burma) where the Islamists hope to overthrow the government and establish Sharia law!

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