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House Speaker Betrays America Again: Tell Congress To Defund Amnesty!


House opposition to Obama's executive order amnesty lasted all of 5 minutes. House Speaker John Boehner wants to fully fund Obama's amnesty by reaching out to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for enough votes.

Boehner has once again stabbed America in the back and proven that he is unfit to lead. We cannot wait for the Republican-majority Senate to be seated in January.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
We have to defund amnesty NOW!

If we pay for Obama's amnesty now in a stop-gap funding measure, we will never get rid of it.

Send your FaxGrams to the House of Representatives today and demand that they defund amnesty! This initial amnesty program is expected cost taxpayers $2 trillion!

John Boehner does not care if you lose your job or your very life to an illegal alien. This is because Boehner is simply no longer an American.

Boehner is so beholden to foreign interests and the supporters of a one world government that he no longer acts in the interests of America. He is willing to violate House rules and side with Nancy Pelosi in order to FULLY FUND OBAMA'S AMNESTY!

The American people just elected a conservative majority in the Senate to STOP amnesty and all the rest of Obama's radical agenda. Polls show that support for amnesty is at an all-time low and support for deporting all illegal aliens is at an all-time high!

Yet John Boehner wants to spend $2 trillion to help implement the first wave of Obama's amnesty! We must convince enough House Republicans to stand up to Boehner that we defeat and defund Obama's amnesty!

Send your FaxGrams to the House Tea Party Caucus today or to every House Republican! Tell them to hold the line against Boehner and Obama, and to completely defund amnesty!

God's standard for civil rulers is that they be "men of truth, hating covetousness" (from Exodus 18:21). John Boehner is a two-faced, dishonest, power-hungry man who will say anything to get reelected... and then he turns right around and betrays us all.

Boehner campaigned against amnesty in the past election and now he is ready to spend YOUR tax dollars to pay for it.

You are not alone! A wide majority of the American people are opposed to Obama's executive order amnesty.

We need every Republican in the House to stand up and fight against this right now or we will lose. If amnesty is funded in the short-term, we will never, ever be able to derail it.

Send your FaxGrams to House Republicans today and demand that they defund amnesty! Not one dime should be spent on this abomination!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Michele Bachmann
2417 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congresswoman Bachmann:


House Speaker John Boehner has stated that he is unwilling to defund Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens. If you do not stand up to John Boehner and defund amnesty NOW, we will never be able to uproot it.

This first wave of amnestied illegals is expected to cost the American citizens taxpayers $2 trillion. A wide majority of Americans are opposed to amnesty. Congress did not pass an amnesty bill and Obama created this law out of thin air with his executive order pen. That was an unconstitutional act and you know it!

You have a responsibility to not waste the taxpayers' money on this amnesty scam. If you defund amnesty and Obama chooses to shut down the government, then so be it! (Let's be honest, our economy would finally start to improve if there was a government shutdown.)

John Boehner and his allies keep saying we should wait until the Republican majority is seated in the Senate next month to take action. We have heard this song and dance before and we know it is a lie. If you pay for amnesty now, we will be paying for amnesty forever. Defund it! Do not spend one dime of taxpayer money for this wasteful, unconstitutional amnesty that your constituents -- the American people -- do not want!

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