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Worse Than Net Neutrality: Obama Censors To Watch YOU Online!


Obama's operatives have figured out a new way to shut you up and prevent you from voicing political opinions on the internet:  Obama will simply label you as a 'political entity' and require you to fill out mountains of paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) if you want to post a 'political' comment on your Facebook page, on a blog or anywhere else online.

The FEC is allowing public comments right now on this new rule change, which will completely demolish your First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
They need to hear from you!

Send your FaxGrams to the FEC Commissioners today! Tell them you don't want censorship boards to monitor the speech of Americans on the internet!

The FEC lost a Supreme Court case against an individual Republican donor and was ordered to revise several rules that the court found to be in error.

Instead, the FEC is looking to change the rules in a different direction by completely squashing all individual speech on the internet -- even by organizations and individuals!

Ann Ravel is the FEC Commissioner who proposed this rule change on behalf of Obama. Ravel is an Obama appointee who donated thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2007.

Ravel believes that everyday speech that takes place on the internet -- YouTube videos, Facebook comments, newspaper articles, blogs and blog comments -- should be regulated as if they were commercials bought and paid for by a massive political action committee.

As of right now, you can do all of those things as an individual and it's free -- it is truly FREE SPEECH.

You can read the proposed FEC rule changes HERE.

Under the Obama-Ravel rule change, you would have to file mountains of paperwork with the FEC just to talk about politics on the internet. If you don't file your paperwork, you could face fines and jail time from the federal government.

In other words, Christians can retain their 'freedom of speech' in Obama's proposed version of America, but only if they purchase an ongoing license from the government to exercise that 'right.'

The Obama-Ravel rules would apply to every conservative, from the massive Drudge Report news site down to YOU.

Tell the FEC Commissioners that you are opposed to their internet censorship plans! Use the form to the right to send your FaxGrams today!

Obama is acting as a modern-day Haman, working to extinguish God's people completely (Esther 3:5-6). Just as Haman sought to exterminate all of the ancient Israelites, Obama wishes to crush any and all Christian speech on the internet -- because Christian speech is by its very nature opposed to Obama's pro-abortion, pro-Islam, anti-Constitution agenda.

You will not be allowed to speak out against any of Obama's policies unless you first comply with Obama's censorship boards at the FEC. Obamacare, amnesty, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, tax increases, Islamic terrorists in America -- all of these issues would be censored and regulated.

You can stop this from happening!

Send your FaxGrams to the FCC Commissioners immediately and demand that they vote against regulating your speech on the Internet!

After you have sent your FaxGrams, you can enter a public comment on the FEC website at this link.

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Lee Goodman
999 E Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20463

Dear Chairman Goodman:

I am writing to you in opposition to "REG 2014-01 Earmarking, Affiliation, Joint Fundraising, Disclosure, and Other Issues." This proposed rule change is one of the greatest threats to freedom of speech that we have seen in America in my lifetime.

Currently, individuals are allowed to discuss politics and even make videos to post online, in which they discuss politics. It is truly "Free Speech" as the Founding Fathers of our nation intended. This robust political discussion  happens every single day on personal blogs, popular websites such as Facebook and YouTube, and on large news websites such as the Drudge Report and the New York Times.

Under this proposed rule change, individuals would be treated as political entities engaging in paid political speech. They would be regulated just like big super PACS and would be required to fill out mountains of paperwork to submit to the FEC.

If I have to purchase a license from the government to engage in speech online, then I do not actually have "Freedom of Speech." Repressive governments already use censorship boards like this to troll the internet for any dissent; this chilling of free speech has no place in America!

Regulation also brings enforcement along with it. If we the people refuse to abide by this rule change, are you planning to fine and imprison all of us?

This rule change is clearly unconstitutional and you need to stop it. Vote NO on this plan to censor speech on the internet!

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