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Proposed DHHS Rule: Change Everyone's Healthcare Plan Without Consent!


Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) did everyone a great service by warning America about the Obamacare 'Christmas surprise' that is headed our way. The Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is about to change the rules for Obamacare AGAIN -- and this one is very maddening.

We hope that you will participate in this Freebi campaign today. Even if you do not participate, you should read the information so you know about the latest stunt being pulled by the army of bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. -- and please note that this information might impact your family in a very negative way in 2015.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
As mentioned, this is a Freebi!

Send a FaxGram to the Secretary of Health and Human Services today and tell her that the government does not have your consent to change your healthcare plan!

Rep. Meadows published an op-ed in the Washington Times warning about the Obamacare Christmas surprise. Here it is.

Under a proposed rule change, unless you log in and reaffirm your healthcare plan for next year, your healthcare exchange will suddenly have the right to switch you to a new plan -- without your knowledge or consent!

This change would take place immediately in 2015 for state health care exchanges and in 2016 for the federal Obamacare website.

You could lose your healthcare plan and be assigned a new one, and the government would inform you of your new plan AFTER the current open enrollment period ends, which means you would be stuck with your new plan for the rest of the year!

Here is the DHHS Fact Sheet on the proposed rule change (see page 3, Default Re-Enrollment).

You can read the full rule change HERE and see for yourself how the DHHS shut down public comments on the rule after on 27 days, instead of the required 30 days.

Here is where the story takes another turn.

The public comment period was supposed to be open until midnight on December 25th. The Drudge Report linked to Rep. Meadows' op-ed on December 22nd.

In response to the many negative public comments that were pouring in, the DHHS closed the public comment period early, on December 22nd -- the same day that millions of Americans first learned about it!

Once again, Obama's minions are attempting to pass new rules and regulations on us under cover of darkness. Our thanks to Rep. Meadows for shining the light on the Obama regime's evil deeds once again and sending them scurrying for the shadows (John 3:19-20).

Please send a FaxGram at no charge to the Secretary of DHHS today. Call her out on this sham rule change to Obamacare, without the consent of Americans, and for closing the public comment period before it had lawfully ended on Dec. 25th.

There is no charge for participating in this Freebi campaign. All we ask in return is that you share the message with others.

Please share this message on your social media pages with your family members and friends, using these links:


We hate to bother you with a campaign during the holidays, but we felt that this one was really important because it could affect your healthcare coverage in the coming year. Everything else aside, we pray that you and your family will have a Merry Christmas filled with peace, love and hope for the New Year, as we continue working together to save this country from Obama and his underlings.


Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Sylvia Matthews-Burwell
200 Independence Ave. SW
Washington, D.C. 20201

Dear Secretary Matthews-Burwell:

I am very upset about the default re-enrollment rule change that has been proposed for Obamacare. Under this new rule, health care exchanges will be allowed to reassign Americans to new health insurance plans without their knowledge and consent. What is the excuse this time? If I like my doctor, the government will go ahead and "helpfully" assign me a different one?

This is yet another outrageous overreach by a federal government which should have nothing to do with the health care of American citizens. Bureaucrats sitting in their gilded offices in Washington, D.C. do not know how to make informed decisions about individual Americans and their health care needs. This rule change is wildly unfair to individual consumers and I hope that you will refuse to implement it.

Furthermore, this proposed rule change was posted on November 26, 2014, which means that the 30-day public comment period should have ended on December 25th. However, after a story about the rule change was posted to a popular news website on December 22nd, the public comment period for this rule change was suddenly closed three days early. What a remarkable coincidence! Do you only accept public comments on rule changes when the public is unaware of them?

Rather than tinkering with a health care system that the Obama regime has virtually destroyed, here is another idea which would be extremely popular with the vast majority of Americans. March down to Mr. Obama's office, tell him to admit that Obamacare was a disastrous mistake and that he must repeal it!

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