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DANGER: Mitch McConnell Supports Obama's Sharia Trans-Pacific Partnership!


Right after the election, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that he was anxious to find common ground with Obama and work with him on trade deals.

Translation: McConnell wants to fast-track Obama's secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through the U.S. Senate.

If that happens, America will suffer the same fate as the nations of Europe, which have had their national sovereignty stripped away and have been forced to take in millions of jobless Muslim immigrants by a similar "trade" agreement (known as the European Union).

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
We must persuade McConnell to abandon this course!

Your job and your country are at stake if the Senate passes this horrible one-world-government agreement!

Send a FaxGram to Mitch McConnell at no cost today and use the message provided to tell him why you are opposed to the TPP.

America used to refuse to do trade with nations that have evil governments. Democrats and Republicans were united in opposing agreements like the TPP.

If a foreign government wanted the blessings of trade with the most prosperous Christian nation on earth, those governments needed to reform their laws on religious freedom, speech and other basic human rights.

Obama's TPP, which Mitch McConnell is eager to pass, will reward some of the most brutal regimes in Asia. Your job will be shipped overseas and in return, Obama will move 50 jobless Muslims into your neighborhood from these "partner" nations.

Send your Freebi FaxGram to Mitch McConnell today! Tell him to stop Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership!

Here are some of the countries that McConnell and Obama will reward with the TPP:

  • Brunei: One of the most brutal Sharia regimes on earth. All non-Muslim faiths are persecuted and the death penalty is imposed for in some cases for even speaking to a Muslim.
  • Malaysia: Sharia regime which throws Christians in concentration camps if they are caught with Bibles.
  • Viet Nam: Communist government which forces church registration, attacks house churches and murders pastors.

That is what Mitch McConnell will be rewarding with your tax dollars and your wealth if he supports the TPP.

Tell Mitch McConnell that you don't support Obama's Sharia-importing TPP and that he shouldn't even allow it to come for a vote in the Senate! You can contact McConnell for FREE using the form to the right. You can also contact all returning GOP Senators for a small fee

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Mitch McConnell
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator McConnell:

Just a few decades ago, Republicans and Democrats were united in opposing trade deals with nations that have brutal dictators and repressive governments in place. We all agreed that nations which torture their citizens, repress their God-given human rights and imprison them on a whim, were not worthy of a trade deal with America.

Sadly, many of our elected leaders are expressing support for Obama's secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This trade deal will reward some of the most repressive Muslim and communist governments on earth.

Brunei is a brutal Muslim dictatorship which imposes the death penalty for speaking to a Muslim about a different faith. Malaysia throws Christians in concentration camps for possessing Bibles. Viet Nam's communist government destroys house churches and murders pastors. Why should these nations be rewarded with a trade deal with America?

The TPP will ship American jobs overseas at a time when we need to be creating jobs. Just look at a similar trade agreement in Europe, which formed the European Union. National sovereignty was destroyed in Europe and the continent is being forced by their foreign overlords to allow millions of jobless Muslim immigrants into their countries. The TPP will do the same thing to America.

You need to reject Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership. Don't even let it come up for a vote in the Senate!

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