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The Senate is debating a disastrous immigration reform act that will cost hundreds of thousands of American workers their jobs if it passes.

The bill is S.153, the Immigration Innovation Act of 2015, also known as the "I-Squared Act."

According to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), if this act passes it will "provide a large enough labor supply to allow tech companies to fill 100 percent of available jobs openings with foreign workers."

Not 5 percent, not 10 percent, but 100 PERCENT!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
This bill must be defeated!

Send FaxGrams to the Senate Judiciary Committee immediately and demand that they vote 'NO' on S. 153! This is the most anti-American bill we have ever seen!

Just as Obama has declared amnesty for millions of illegal aliens -- and the RINOs in Congress fully funded it -- now the politicians are ready to stab even more American workers in the back.

The I-Squared Act would triple the number of annual H-1B visas to 195,000. Tech companies and globalist corporations (NOT American corporations) are already abusing the H-1B visa program to import foreign workers and fire their American employees.

Supporters of this vicious anti-American act claim that we have a skilled worker shortage in this country.

That is a lie!

For every two American students who graduate with a STEM degree (Science, Technology, Engineering or Medicine), only one of them can find a job in America right now because tech companies are allowed to bring in so many foreign workers.

According to, a majority of these "guest workers" will be coming into America under the I-Squared Act from Muslim countries. This will allow Obama to smuggle even more ISIS members into America to cause mayhem on our streets and threaten our security!

And if the Senate RINOs wish to import enough workers to fill 100-percent of all American tech jobs, their intention is clear: They are willing to sell out EVERY American's job so globalist corporations can replace YOU with a cheaper foreign worker!

Send FaxGrams to the Senate Judiciary Committee or the full Senate immediately and demand a 'No' vote on the I-Squared Act!

God bless Senator Jeff Sessions! He has been the fiercest defender of America and our constitutional Christian freedoms when it comes to the immigration and amnesty scams that Obama and the globalists are using to destroy our nation. Sen. Sessions has earned our full support if he should run for reelection and we urge you to support him too!

Acts 17:26-27 in the Bible states that God "Has made of one blood all nations of men to dwell upon the earth, and has determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation (their national borders!); so that they should seek the Lord."

National borders are biblical in their origins and they serve God's purposes -- to cause us to seek Him! Obama and the one-worlders who are tearing down our national borders are willing to throw you out of your house and leave you jobless, just so a foreign corporation can save a few bucks by replacing you with a cheap foreign jihadi with similar skills!

This insanity must be stopped! Send FaxGrams to the Senate NOW before they pass this insane job-killing bill!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Chuck Grassley
135 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Chairman Grassley:

The Immigration Innovation Act of 2015, also known as S. 153 or the I-Squared Act, is the most anti-American piece of legislation that I have ever seen!

This bill would actually triple the number of H-1B visas to bring foreign workers into the United States. That is enough workers to fill 100-percent of all American technology jobs!

No American would seriously consider an act such as this! Our American kids who are graduating with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Medicine) degrees cannot find jobs right now! For every two American kids who graduate with a STEM degree, there is only one American job available! This will destroy the American economy even further and suppress the wages of highly-skilled American workers.

The American people are not stupid enough to import foreign Senators to govern for us. Why are some Senators so stupid that they would request foreign workers to replace the American voters? Do you not realize that if you suppress the wages of Americans by flooding the country with cheap foreign labor, you suppress the amount of tax revenues that the federal government can collect?

In addition, the majority of foreign visas under I-Squared will be handed out to workers from Muslim countries. You will be replacing American chemists and engineers with jihadi bomb-makers from ISIS if you pass this bill!

The American people are sick and tired of you favoring foreigners over those of us who pay your exorbitant salaries! If you keep voting to replace "we the people" with foreign workers, I guarantee that we will replace YOU with an American Senator in the next election!




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