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Several GOP Senators are offering budget amendments that strengthen your 2nd Amendment rights this week!

It is extremely unlikely that Obama will veto the 2016 fiscal budget, so he will be forced to sign these gun rights PROTECTION amendments into law!

Your action is needed today before the Senate votes on the budget, so please speak out immediately.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Support these amendments!

Send FaxGrams to the Senate as quickly as you can and urge them to vote 'Yes' on the pro-gun amendments we have listed here.

Obama will keep working to restrict the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms if we do not fight back. Here are some of the pro-gun amendments we have identified for you to support right now.

No ATF Gun Registry: The ATF has been seizing and copying the background check paperwork (form 4473's) from gun stores across the country. Obama is compiling a list of gun owners so he will know where to send his "civilian force" to confiscate your guns! This amendment bans the creation of a national gun registry.

Abolish Operation Choke Point: Eric Holder's InJustice Department has been using this program to threaten banks that do business with gun stores. Banks and credit unions are responding by closing the accounts of gun stores all across the country, such as Hawkins Guns LLC which was forced to shut down in Wisconsin in January. Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) offered this amendment to end Operation Choke Point.

No ATF Bullet Bans: The ATF just tried attempted to ban common AR-15 ammunition. Senators David Vitter (R-VA) and Jim Inhofe (R-OK) have proposed an amendment that bans the ATF from banning bullets!

No Funding for the UN Arms Trade Treaty: This is another amendment from Sen. Inhofe that prohibits the Obama regime from spending any money to implement the gun-grabbing UN treaty.

Supermajority for Gun Control Bills: Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has proposed a bill that would require a supermajority vote in order to pass any gun control bills. Constitutionally a supermajority would be required in Congress and the states to amend the 2nd Amendment -- the Lee amendment ensures that the Constitution will be followed to protect your gun rights.

Send your FaxGrams to the Senate immediately and demand that they pass these gun rights amendments! The Senate is voting on the budget very soon and we need these amendments to pass!

As a pro-2nd Amendment church, we support the rights of all Americans to keep and bear arms. Jesus urged his followers to arm themselves in order to be prepared for government persecution:

"Then he said unto them, "But now, he that has a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that has no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." (Luke 22:36)

Jesus warned us all to sell the shirts off our back if necessary in order to arm ourselves, for the purpose of defending our own lives and those of our loved ones and neighbors. This principle of protecting life is consistent throughout the entire Bible!

Obama undermines all of our rights when he undermines the 2nd Amendment through his dirty tricks and executive orders. We cannot protect the rest of our rights if we do not have self defense rights!

We are thankful to each and every one of these Senators for standing up for our rights! Senators Crapo, Inhofe and Vitter have all earned our respect and our future support in their reelection efforts because of their pro-human life gun rights stand. We urge you to support these Senators as well!

This is why it is vitally important that you seize this opportunity and tell the Senate to pass these pro-gun amendments! Use the form to the right to send your FaxGrams TODAY!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US - Pray For The United States

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Tom Cotton
B33 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Cotton:

The 2nd Amendment has been under direct assault from Obama for the past 6 years. Obama is using every dirty trick and regulatory runaround to implement back-door gun control on America, in violation of our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I urge you to support and pass the following amendments to the fiscal 2016 budget in order to protect my rights from Obama:

Ban the ATF Gun Registry: Obama and Eric Holder have had the ATF seizing 4473 forms from gun stores across the country. The ATF is using background check information from legal gun sales in order to compile a national gun registry. Please vote for the amendment to end this disturbing and frightening program. Abolish Operation Choke Point: Eric Holder has been shutting gun stores down across the country by threatening banks that service these stores. Holder & Obama's Operation Choke Point is abusing legitimate business owners and driving them out of business! Please support the Crapo amendment to abolish Operation Choke Point. Ban ATF Bullet Bans: The ATF recently attempted to ban bullets for the most popular civilian rifle in America. This is a direct violation of the 2nd Amendment and you need to ensure that this attempted bullet ban never happens again. Support the Vitter-Inhofe amendment to ban the ATF from banning bullets! No Funding for the UN Arms Trade Treaty: Obama wishes to implement the gun-grabbing UN Arms Trade Treaty, even though it has not and will never be ratified by the US Senate. Please support the Inhofe amendment that prohibits the use of any funds to implement this gun-grabbing treaty. Supermajority for Gun Control Bills:  A supermajority vote would is required under the Constitution in order to amend the 2nd Amendment but this process is being violated by Obama. Please support the Lee amendment that would require a supermajority vote in Congress in order to pass any future gun control measures.

These are some of the most important amendments to the fiscal 2016 budget and I demand that you vote 'Yes' on each and every one of them! In addition, if any of your fellow Senators propose any other amendments that curtail Obama's ability to destroy the 2nd Amendment, I urge you to pass those amendments as well! It is time to fight back against Obama's America-hating, gun-grabbing agenda and the budget process is the best time and method to do so.



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