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Senate Fast-Track Trade Deal Wrecks the Constitution, Gives Obama King-Like Powers!

Fast-Track Deal Must
Be Shut Down!

The Senate just agreed to a bipartisan fast-track trade powers bill that will give Obama more power than ever before.

If the Hatch-Wyden compromise is approved, Obama will be able to ram the dreadful Trans-Pacific Partnership or ANY other trade deal through the Senate without the normal super-majority required by the Constitution.

You must speak out now before Congress surrenders one of its most important duties -- treaty negotiations with foreign powers!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
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Tell the Senate to completely and utterly reject fast-track trade powers for Obama! If it passes Congress will be giving Obama a blank check to use for the next two years!

We want to accomplish two things with this campaign. The first is to tell the Senate that we absolutely do not trust Obama to negotiate trade deals in secret. Obama will sell out America if we let him.

You can read the full text of Orrin Hatch's Trade Promotion Authority bill HERE.

The second thing we wish to do is shut Sen. Orrin Hatch's office phones down! This is the most effective way to get the attention of a lawmaker and let them know that we do not approve of their actions!

After you have sent your FaxGrams in this campaign, call Sen. Orrin Hatch's office directly and tell him that you are opposed to giving Obama fast-track trade authority powers. Here is Sen. Hatch's office number:

  • 202-224-5251

American jobs and our economy are at stake if fast track authority (also known as "trade promotion") is approved by the Senate.

Trade deals can have a tremendous impact on our manufacturing sector and can end up shipping American jobs overseas so that multi-national corporations (non-American corporations) can get cheap foreign labor to build their products.

In addition, all of these one-world-government trade deals now include provisions that allow basically UNLIMITED immigration from member nations. Obama will abuse this in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other trade deals to smuggle even more Muslims into America, risking our national security.

Striking trade deals with foreign nations was considered to important by the framers of our Constitution that they knew this power could not be entrusted to one person in the Executive Branch. This is why they gave the Senate advice and consent power on treaties.

The US Senate is about to GIVE THIS POWER AWAY to Obama with fast-track authority if you do not speak out!

Has Obama done such a great job that you are willing to let him write secret trade deals with foreign nations and trust that Obama will have America's best interests at heart?

That is what the Senate is about to do! If Obama has fast-track powers, no trade deal that he sends to Congress can be amended! The deals will only require an up-or-down majority vote. The Senate GOP will be giving away their majority power to Obama if they approve fast-track trade authority!

Send your FaxGrams to the Senate immediately and tell them to vote NO on fast-track powers for Obama! You must not allow them to give up their majority advantage that we have worked so hard to retake from the Democrats!

How much of America's wealth will we allow Obama to plunder and give away to foreign nations? We have seen Obama betray America again and again. Are we to believe suddenly that he will put America and her interests first in secret one-world-government trade deals? Obama cannot be trusted with this power!

One of the most commonly known concepts in the Bible is, "Be sure that your sin will find you out." (Num. 32:23b) With Obama, we never find out his intentions ahead of time because he always operates in secret -- we always find out his sins against America when it is too late. (Fast & furious, net neutrality and the TPP have all been carried out in secret and we only find out the harmful effects later.)

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) is one of the few Republicans in Congress with the courage to speak out AGAINST trade promotion authority for Obama. Rep. Jones has earned our future support because of this if he should run for reelection and we hope you will support him as well!

Send your FaxGrams to the Senate AND call Sen. Orrin Hatch's office today! Tell the Senate to reject fast-track powers for Obama!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Orrin Hatch
104 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Hatch:

Republicans and Democrats have now struck a tentative deal to grant Obama fast-track treaty powers, otherwise known as trade promotion authority. I cannot stress to you enough what a danger I believe this poses to America and her citizens.

Has Obama done such a wonderful job on everything else that you are suddenly willing to trust him to craft trade deals with foreign nations in secret? The American people worked very hard to give the Senate GOP majority control of the Senate and now you are about to give that newfound power away to Obama!

Obama has been working in secret on the Trans-Pacific Partnership for the past six years. He is striking a deal with some of the most brutal Muslim nations on earth and this deal will be sprung upon the Senate without anyone having a chance to read it before it is voted on.

You swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution when you took office. The Constitution gives the Senate the power of advice and consent when it comes to treaties with foreign nations. You are giving this power away and rewriting the Constitution in order to benefit one of the worst leaders America has ever had!

I demand that you vote NO on trade promotion authority for Obama when it comes before you in the Senate! Obama has already committed more executive overreach than any prior leader, so why are you willing to grant him even more power? The American people are sick and tired of watching our economy crumble around us because Obama and you career politicians are sending our jobs overseas in the name of "free trade".

Obama has proven that he cannot be trusted to deal with foreign powers. Do NOT pass trade promotion authority for him! Follow the Constitution!



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