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RINO Leaders Have Not Even
Read ObamaTrade Deal!

John Boehner is planning to sneak the ObamaTrade deal onto the House floor this week as soon as he believes he has enough votes to pass it.

The RINO leadership team fully admits that it has not even read Obama's secret global government "trade" treaty that they are all blindly supporting.

Boehner and Obama are putting tremendous pressure on the most conservative Representatives who are opposed to ObamaTrade -- because if these votes can be swayed Obama's global government trade deals will surely pass.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Send your FaxGrams immediately!

Tell this updated list of Representatives that we have assembled that they must hold the line against new Trade Promotion Authority powers for Obama!

The RINO leadership team that is pushing Obama's secret global government trade treaties has NOT EVEN READ the text of Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership!

Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (TX), Majority Whip Steve Scalise (LA), Speaker John Boehner (OH), House Majority Leader Kevin Mccarthy (CA) and freshman GOP Rep. Mimi Walters (CA) have admitted that they have not read Obama's secret trade deal that they are pushing!

That has not stopped these sell-outs from putting tremendous pressure on the House Freedom Caucus to pass ObamaTrade.

We have to stop ALL of Obama's secret trade deals NOW because they cannot be stopped later if Trade Promotion Authority passes. Send your FaxGrams to this list of Representatives immediately:

Jim Jordan (OH) Matt Salmon (AZ)
Justin Amash (MI) John Fleming (LA)
Scott Garrett (NJ) Raul Labrador (ID)
Mick Mulvaney (SC) Mark Meadows (NC)
Ron DeSantis (FL) Curt Clawson (FL)
Tom McClintock (CA) Gary Palmer (AL)
Jim Bridenstine (OK) Dave Brat (VA)
Jeff Duncan (SC) Mo Brooks (AL)
Jody Hice (GA) Barry Loudermilk (GA)
Tim Huelskamp (KS) Louie Gohmert (TX)
Ken Buck (CO) Rick Crawford (AR)
John Katko (NY) Tim Walberg (MI)
Steve Russell (OK) Tom MacArthur (NJ)
David Joyce (OH) Mario Diaz-Balart (FL)
Chris Collins (NY) Trey Gowdy (SC)

The Bible commands that a righteous nation should have but one law to govern it: "One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourns among you." (Exodus 12:49)

Obama's trade deals violate the sanctity of America as a sovereign, independent nation by putting our commerce, environment, internet, health care and even our food under the government of international tribunals. If Trade Promotion Authority is passed for Obama then Congress will have effectively nullified itself and the America that we know and love will be in great peril.

This is why you MUST send FaxGrams to Congress today and tell them to vote NO on Obama's secret trade powers!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US - Pray For The United States


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Mo Brooks
1230 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Brooks:

Barack Obama wants you to grant him fast-track Trade Promotion Authority powers. I suppose that Mr. Obama would have you believe that he is a master negotiator who always has America's best interests at heart.

After all, Obama negotiated a secret trade agreement to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels in exchange for the murders of American citizens and Border Patrol agents. Mr. Obama also facilitated a secret trade agreement in which billions of taxpayer dollars were given to the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS, in exchange for toppling America's allies in the Middle East and Africa. And right now Obama is negotiating another secret deal to ensure that Iran becomes a nuclear threat to the rest of the world. Obama's secretly negotiated deals always seem to benefit America's enemies and not the American people. Why should the Trans-Pacific Partnership be any different?

I am genuinely confused as to why the Republican leadership that is now pushing so hard to pass Trade Promotion Authority has not made the journey to the secret room in the basement of the Capitol to actually read the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership which the American public is forbidden to view. John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Pete Sessions and Mimi Walters are all trumpeting the wonderful benefits of ObamaTrade and yet none of them have read it!

Only a fool would trust yet another secret deal from Barack Obama. I believe that this sweeping one-world government treaty known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be a defining issue in the 2016 elections. We the people will not forget which politicians voted to rubber-stamp Obama's globalist treaties, and which Representatives sided with the American people and the Constitution.

I demand that you vote NO on Trade Promotion Authority for Obama. A vote for TPA is a vote AGAINST America, against our Constitution and against your fellow citizens. We are watching and we will not forget how you vote on this issue!



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