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Tell Congress: Arm The
Only Group Willing To
Fight ISIS Terrorists

Obama has blocked Arab nations from arming the Kurds in Iraq -- the only ethnic group in the Middle East that is willing to fight ISIS head-on. This should prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Obama WANTS ISIS to succeed in its goal of conquering the entire world.

ISIS is leading the third great expansion of Islam in world history and unless you and I and our Congress get serious about this threat, ISIS will one day be planting its flag at City Hall in your town and beheading all non-believing Americans in the streets. The threat is that serious!

Obama desperately wants to usher in the Islamic Caliphate that ISIS is preaching about so it is up to our Congress to do something. That is where your help comes in.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Tell Congress to act!

Send FaxGrams to the House Foreign Affairs Committee today or to as many Representatives and Senators as you can! Tell our elected officials to authorize military aid to the Kurds in Iraq and Syria!

The Kurds are the people who Saddam Hussein gased with his weapons of mass destruction. They lost their own country when the "New World Order" powers carved up the Middle East after World War I.

Ever since then the Kurdish people have been fighting one genocidal leader after another. They have often been allied with our Special Forces during operations in Iraq dating back to the 1990s.

And currently the Kurds are the ONLY people willing to stand up and fight ISIS. The Iraqi troops drop their American-supplied weapons and run when ISIS shows up. So ISIS is carrying new and advanced American weapons while the Kurds are trying to fight them with old Soviet junk rifles.

ISIS will continue to grow as a threat as long as the group is not dealt with because their message of restoring the Caliphate and conquering the globe resonates with Muslims of almost every denomination.

Folks, if we do not come up with a plan to stop and fight ISIS now while they are isolated in Iraq and Syria we WILL be fighting them one day here in America. ISIS has already proven that it can recruit killers right here in America using Twitter.

Tell Congress to stand up to Obama by arming the Kurds in Iraq and Syria! We do not even need "boots on the ground" to do this and to help stop a threat to us here at home!

Be instructed, O Jerusalem, lest My soul depart from you, lest I make you desolate, a land not inhabited. (Jer. 6:8, NPT Bible page 865)

Unless we heed the warnings of God that we have seen throughout history when dealing with Islamic expansions, America will one day be overrun by ISIS because of her faithlessness. We MUST deal with this threat of global jihad.

This is a cause that we should support because for a very small amount of money we would be able to make great advances against ISIS. This threat is so serious that the FBI has opened up command centers all across America for the 4th of July weekend to react to potential terrorist attacks by ISIS!

ISIS is threatening the security of the entire world but we can make a dent in their command structure where their main forces are right now -- if we can convince Congress to arm the Kurds in Syria and Iraq.

Send your FaxGrams to Congress immediately and tell them to defy Obama's efforts to help ISIS. Congress needs to arm the Kurds over there before it is too late!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Ed Royce
2310 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Royce:

Obama has blocked weapons shipments from our allies in the Middle East that were intended to go to the Kurds -- the only ethnic group in the region that is actually willing to stand up to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The Iraqi forces that we trained and armed simply throw down their guns and run away when ISIS shows up; the Kurds stand and fight!

You must understand that ISIS will not be content to stop after conquering Iraq and Syria. This is the third wave of global expansion by the Islamic Caliphate and the promises of ISIS to conquer the entire globe are extremely appealing to Muslims of many denominations. If ISIS is not dealt with, the group will roll over the Middle East, Israel and Europe within a few decades. America will be next! ISIS has already proven its ability to recruit jihadis here in America through Twitter. Imagine when they have even more a physical presence here to preach their brand of world takeover.

The Kurdish people have been fighting for their own piece of land in the Middle East ever since the British gave away their country after World War I. They do not represent a threat to American interests and have often been allied with us during conflicts in the Middle East. Obama's decision to let the Kurds continue fighting ISIS using rusty old Soviet weapons is outrageous.

We have a very real opportunity to stop ISIS in its tracks by arming the Kurds who are willing to take the fight to this group. This could be done for a very small amount of money compared to many federal programs and it would not require "boots on the ground" with American soldiers to carry this plan out.

I urge you to draft legislation immediately to help arm the Kurds in Iraq and Syria. If America does not wake up to this rising threat, ISIS will be here conquering our own cities one day. Please:  Be a Winston Churchill and not a Neville Chamberlain! Address the threat of ISIS and do it now!



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