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RINOs Rescuing Common Core For Obama: Your Voice Is Needed To Save America From Socialist Indoctrination!

Tell The GOP:
Do Not Rescue Common Core

RINOs in the House and Senate are working to save the much-hated Common Core educational curriculum which is dumbing down American children so quickly that our kids have fallen behind children in impoverished communist countries like Viet Nam.

Common Core is the socialist ideal for education: Every child will be dumbed down and brainwashed so that the federal government can direct and control every area of their lives from the cradle to the grave.

Our Republican-controlled Congress should be rejecting federal control of all education -- as Ronald Reagan did -- instead of trying to rescue this utterly despised and failing program!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
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Tell the Senate to reject RINO Lamar Alexander's Every Student Achieves Act (ESAA), bill number S. 1177.

You can read the text of this terrible bill HERE.

America has gone from a nation in which engineers sent men to the moon by doing complex math in their heads to a nation where college graduates cannot write a paragraph or balance a checkbook.

How did this happen?

RINOs abandoned Ronald Reagan's plan to abolish the Department of Education which was a plank of the Republican Party Platform in the 1980s.

Instead of taking that sensible action, RINOs chose to follow Lyndon Johnson's communist "Great Society" plan of the 1960s and began working to expand federal control of local schools. This led to No Child Left Behind which in turn was modified to become Common Core.

Now as 22 states are choosing to pull out of Common Core, RINO Lamar Alexander is pushing S. 1177 to rescue Common Core by giving it a new name. Yes, Lamar Alexander thinks that you are that stupid!

We must not let the RINOs in Congress get away with this bait-and-switch to rescue Common Core! Send your FaxGrams to the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee immediately and tell them to reject ECAA!

We are NOT trying to rescue the Godless, prayerless, anti-Christian pagan public school system. The world will be a better place when it collapses on its own.

We are fighting for the Christian schools and homeschooling parents who are being forced in many states to use the Common Core curriculum that the RINOs and Democrats love.

Most conservatives used to believe in LOCAL control of education and it does not get more local than homeschooling or "training your child up in the way he should go" (Proverbs 22:6, NPT Bible page 736) by enrolling them in a private Christian school.

Common Core is the natural result of an anti-Christian public school system and it needs to be abandoned, not rescued by RINOs by simply giving it a new name.

Send your FaxGrams to the Senate today and tell them to reject S. 1177. They should get rid of Common Core instead of giving it a facelift!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Lamar Alexander
455 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Chairman Alexander:

I am disgusted by Republican-led efforts to rescue the hated Common Core curriculum and standards by giving it a new name. You must really believe that Americans are stupid if you think you can rename Common Core under the Every Child Achieves Act (S. 1177) and then claim that you are abolishing Common Core. The American people hate Common Core. Twenty-two states are now proposing legislation to pull out of Common Core entirely.

This communist dumbing-down approach to education is causing American children to fall further and further behind in the global economy. It is truly, truly sad to see Republicans supporting this evil system.

When Ronald Reagan was President the Republican Party Platform had a stated goal of abolishing the federal Department of Education. This would have relinquished federal control of education and put our schools back under local control where they belong. After Reagan left office, phonies in the Republican Party abandoned this ideal and began expanding federal control of local schools. This led to No Child Left Behind which in turn morphed into Common Core.

The Every Child Achieves Act is simply the latest iteration of this failed one-size-fits-all federal policy that originated with Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society." The federal government has spent trillions of dollars on education since then and the results have continued to worsen.

I see no use in voting for Republicans if they are going to continue to champion liberal causes such as federal control of local school districts. You need to work on abolishing this federal control instead of working to expand it! I urge you to vote NO on S. 1177 when it appears before you in committee or on the full Senate floor. America can do better and has done better at educating our children... when the federal government gets out of the way! Common Core is a major problem and renaming it will not make that problem go away.



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