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Gun Confiscations Are Already Happening: Americans Must Speak Out!

Demand Immediate Action
To Stop Obama's Gun Grab

Obama's federal agents were about to confiscate a Viet Nam veteran's guns in northern Idaho last week. When local patriots turned out to defend the rights of their fellow American, the feds backed down (at least for now).

While this was a local victory that grabbed a few headlines, where are our elected Representatives and Senators in Congress? Obama's gun confiscations are happening in instances where Americans are not rising up and speaking out against this terrible breach of the 2nd Amendment!

We all need to speak out against Obama's systematic disarming of veterans which is about to extend to Social Security recipients, followed by Christians!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
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Demand that Congress take immediate action before Obama takes the firearms away from any more Americans!

Here is what happened in northern Idaho in the little town of Priest River last week. A retired Viet Nam veteran, John Arnold, received a threatening letter from the Veteran's Administration.

Mr. Arnold had a stroke recently that has left him physically impaired -- but not mentally impaired according to friends. The VA told Mr. Arnold that he is no longer allowed to purchase or own firearms because he is now "mentally incompetent."

But John Arnold's friends and neighbors turned out to protest Obama's threatened gun confiscation!

State Representatives from Idaho and Washington arrived in support, as well as the County Sheriff and deputies and numerous armed patriots.

This was an amazing event because the feds backed down but if these incidents continue or expand as Obama plans -- it WILL eventually lead to bloodshed, which is what Obama wants so he can impose martial law!

Where were our federal-level Reps and Senators? THEY should have been there protesting in Idaho and they should be taking steps to rein in Obama's unlawful gun confiscations!

Send FaxGrams to Congress today and demand action to stop Barack Hussein Obama's disarmament program!

The American people must stop allowing Obama to disarm our fellow citizens, whether they are veterans, senior citizens, Christians, student loan recipients or anyone else that Obama wants to disarm!

The Bible condemns nations that willingly disarm themselves:  "They chose new gods; Then there was war in the gates; Not a shield or spear was seen among forty thousand in Israel." (Judges 5:8, NPT Bible pg. 267)

If we allow Obama to continue disarming our fellow citizens, we are following a false god -- a god in Washington, D.C. that desires all power over every area of your life!

We all need to speak out against Obama's unlawful actions against the American people. No bureaucrat or elected official has the authority to strip us of our most basic human right to self defense, which stems from the Bible and is enshrined in our 2nd Amendment!

Send your FaxGrams to Congress today and demand that they put an immediate stop to Obama's illegal gun confiscations!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Ted Cruz
404 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Cruz:

The Veterans Administration sent a threatening letter to a retired Viet Nam veteran in northern Idaho recently, threatening to confiscate Mr. John Arnold's firearms because he has had a stroke recently. State representatives, friends, neighbors, the Sheriff's Department and armed patriots turned out to protest the unlawful infringement of an American's right to keep and bear arms.

Barack Obama is stripping everyday Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights through administrative and regulatory actions and you are doing NOTHING to stop him! These gun confiscations are already taking place. Today it impacts our veterans who are being stripped of their gun rights on false mental health claims. Obama has announced plans to expand these confiscations to include more than 4 million Social Security recipients. Based on Obama's rhetoric, we know that he will soon attempt to ban Christians from owning guns and there are even reports that he wants to take away the gun rights of student loan recipients.


You are supposed to be representing the American people but instead Congress is sitting on the sidelines and giving its silent approval to one of the most despicable acts in federal history: The unlawful disarmament of the American citizenry by a lawless administration.

Congress has the power of the purse over the Veterans Administration and every other federal agency that is butchering the 2nd Amendment for Obama. You also have oversight authority over the agencies and departments that are violating the civil rights of Americans by confiscating their firearms.

The feds backed down in Priest River, Idaho this time but what about the next time and the time after that? The people are standing up against Obama's illegal gun-grabbing program. When will YOU stand beside us as you swore an oath to do? I demand that you take every action possible as an elected Member of Congress to put an immediate halt to Obama's gun confiscations! Pass new legislation, cut funding for these agencies or anything else that is required until Obama backs down and respects the Bill of Rights!



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