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Constitution Requires
Senate Advice & Consent
For Iran Deal

The battle to defeat Barack Obama's Iran nuclear "accord" is so important that we are offering an incredible deal to Pray For US followers. If you participate in this FaxGram campaign and contribute $100 or more, we will send you a beautiful Made-in-the-USA 3'x5' American flag to show your patriotism.

A multitude of retired admirals and generals, security experts and others who have read Obama's Iran deal all agree: Iran will obtain nuclear weapons under this agreement and will threaten the security of America and Israel.

In order to defeat this agreement the Senate must scrap the guaranteed-to-fail Corker-Cardin strategy and declare Obama's deal to be a treaty -- which would require a two-thirds vote in the Senate to pass!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Send your message to the Senate!

Tell the Senators to pass S.Res. 251 and declare Obama's treaty with the Iranians to be a TREATY today!

The Corker-Cardin strategy has been a complete mess. Under that strategy, the House and Senate can pass a resolution of disapproval on the Iran deal, which Obama can then veto.

This is upside-down compared to the Constitution, Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2, requiring 67 votes to ratify a treaty. The Senate should have done this from the beginning!

Read S.Res. 251 HERE.

Obama's Iran nuke treaty is a formal agreement between the U.S., Iran, China, France, Russia, Britain, Germany, and the E.U. governments. That is the definition of a TREATY in any dictionary you look at!

The deal should have been dealt with as a treaty from the very beginning. The constitutional advice and consent of the Senate will be nullified if the Senate stays the course and tries to adhere to the Corker-Cardin surrender strategy and Iran will obtain nukes.

It is really that simple. The Senate must pass S.Res. 251 and follow the Constitution.

THAT is how we can possibly derail the entire Iran deal!

Send your FaxGrams to the Senate right now and tell them to pass S.Res. 251! Obama's deal with the Iranians IS a treaty! Donate $100 or more today and we will send you a 3'x5' Made in the USA American Flag!

David offered up this prayer to the Lord in Psalm 5:10, "Pronounce them guilty, O God! Let them fall by their own counsels; Cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions, for they have rebelled against you." (NPT Bible pg. 609)

Any politician - Democrat or Republican - who supports or facilitates the approval of Obama's deal must be cast out of office.

This deal is a treaty, plain and simple, and Congress must follow the Constitution and vote on it as a treaty. The Iranian agreement is sure to fail if this happens and it would fail by a wide margin!

Send your FaxGrams to the Senate right now and tell them to adopt Senate Resolution 251 declaring the Iran treaty to be A TREATY!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Senate Resolution 251




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Ted Cruz
404 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Cruz:

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a formal international agreement between the USA, Iran, China, France, Russia, Great Britain, Germany and the E.U. government. This fits every possible definition of a treaty and yet the U.S. Senate is not dealing with it as a treaty as required under Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution.

Dealing with the Obama Iran nuke deal as if it is any other bill, somehow requiring disapproval of the Senate, is a strategy that is destined for failure. The Corker-Cardin strategy was unconstitutional from the beginning and that strategy should be abandoned right now.

If you really want to beat Obama, follow the Constitution! The deal to guarantee nuclear weapons for Iran would surely fail if it had to meet the two-thirds threshold required under the advice and consent of the Senate!

I urge you to support and pass Senate Resolution 251 immediately. Stop pretending to fight Obama and the Democrats by using the Corker-Cardin strategy and pass this resolution declaring the deal a treaty. The vast majority of the American people are opposed to this treaty and you have a responsibility to defeat it. We will remember which Senators failed America during the next election and I assure you if you continue surrendering to Obama on this Iran deal, you will lose the support of the voters.



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