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Muslims are now the fastest-growing group of migrants into the USA and a former CIA agent says this migration is a form of jihad!

America is now taking in almost 300,000 Muslims a year from the Middle East and Africa. Two Syrians were detained at the US-Mexico border this week according to Breitbart News, and at least one of their passports was fake.

An ISIS human smuggler confirmed to that 4,000 ISIS fighters have now infiltrated Europe and America posing as refugees and more are coming! We must call on Congress to pass Rep. Brian Babin's bill to stop all Muslim refugees from coming into America, H.R. 3314.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Send Faxgrams to Congress!

Tell the House Judiciary Committee to pass HR 3314 immediately to halt ALL Muslim refugees from seeking asylum in the U.S.!

Former CIA agent Clare Lopez, an expert on Islamic terrorism, told, "Jihad is not only a violent phenomenon but can be pursued by many other means, including hijra."

The "hijra" is an Islamic doctrine espoused by Muhammad to conquer all non-Muslim lands by migrating to them and taking over from within. ISIS is carrying the hijra out today in Europe and America!

The Express newspaper in Europe talked to a Syrian smuggler who says the terror group has smuggled AT LEAST 4,000 trained ISIS gunmen into Europe and America by hiding them among the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq and Africa.

Fake Christian charities are asking Obama to more than double the number of Islamic refugees allowed into America next year to 200,000, with 100,000 coming from Syria alone!

Rep. Babin's HR 3314, the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act, will halt ALL refugee resettlement into America. No more jihadis will be allowed into America under this bill and it has now been co-sponsored by the House chairmen of both the Rules and Homeland Security Committees!

Send FaxGrams to Congress today and demand immediate passage of HR 3314 before Obama brings in 100,000 Syrian "refugee" jihadis during his last year in office!

Proverbs 22:3 says that "A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished." (NPT Bible pg. 736)

It is blatantly obvious to anyone with knowledge of the truth about Islam that Obama's massive influx of Muslim refugees is a danger to America. Presidential candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump have both publicly spoken out about this.

Breitbart News reports that 90% of all Muslim immigrants are on food stamps and in addition, 89% of them vote for Democrats - a higher percentage than any other immigrant demographic!

But worst of all, news reports confirm that the refugee "crisis" in Syria is being exploited to funnel ISIS fighters into America. We have to tell our politicians to pass Rep. Babin's bill right now!

Brian Babin is a strong Christian Representative from Texas who is working to protect American Christians from the same persecution, beheadings and slaughter that Syrian Christians are going through right now. We will support Rep. Babin's future reelection efforts and hope you will too!

But right now, Rep. Babin needs your help to push HR 3314 through the House! Send your FaxGrams today!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Goodlatte:

Federally-funded charities that resettle refugees in the United States are calling on Barack Obama to more than double the U.S. refugee numbers next year, from 70,000 in 2015 to 200,000 in 2016. These charities expect America to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees specifically next year. I believe that Congress should take the exact opposite approach to the refugee "crisis" and here is why.

A Syrian smuggler admitted to a British newspaper that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has now smuggled at least 4,000 ISIS gunmen into Europe and America. These trained jihadi killers entered America and Europe among the massive exodus of Muslim refugees flowing out of Syria, Iraq and Africa.

Former CIA analyst Clare Lopez says, "Jihad is not only a violent phenomenon but can be pursued by many other means, including hijra." The 'hijra' is the Islamic doctrine of conquering non-Muslim nations from within through mass migration. This jihad is being carried out against America right now and it is being disguised as a refugee "crisis!"

I demand that you support and pass HR 3314, a bill that will halt the refugee resettlement program in America. You must do this immediately because Barack Obama is allowing Muslim nations to conquer America from within through mass migration. The only sensible solution to this threat is to stop all Muslim refugees from entering the country before the ISIS operatives in their midst start carrying out attacks against your constituents. Pass HR 3314 NOW!



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