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B. Hussein Obama has created a new Department of Justice agency that will specifically target, harass and prosecute Christians and other freedom-loving Americans as "domestic terrorists."

The newly-announced Domestic Terrorism Council says that it will not focus on stopping Muslim terrorists, but instead will target Christians who are plotting imaginary attacks on mosques in the United States!

Imam Obama has never viewed Muslims as a threat but he has been labeling Christians and Tea Partiers as "domestic terrorists" since the first day of his administration! We need to demand that Congress defund Obama's new Muslim DOJ initiative immediately!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Send your FaxGrams today!

Tell the House Judiciary Committee to shut down Obama's outrageous Domestic Terrorism Council immediately!

First off, the Obama regime is insulting the intelligence of all Americans by claiming that the greatest threat to our homeland is "white supremacy" and claims that racists have killed more Americans than Muslims since 9/11.

By our count, there have been three actual, bona fide attacks by white supremacists since 2001. (And for the record, we condemn these attacks and believe all surviving perpetrators should face the death penalty as the Bible prescribes).

That is compared to 47 confirmed jihadi attacks since 2001 that have killed thousands of Americans. The Obama DOJ is overstating the white supremacist threat by 15,000%!

And the white supremacists under Obama's expanded definition sound suspiciously like Christians, Tea Partiers and liberty-loving Americans who are willing to speak out against Obama's 2016 Syrian "refugee" invasion!

Carlin stated in the announcement of this new DOJ agency that it will focus on "Plots and attacks on government buildings, synagogues and mosques, businesses and public infrastructure."

Here are Assistant Atty. Gen. Carlin's full remarks.

Notice anything missing from that list? Christian churches are not considered targets by the Obama DOJ - because we are viewed as terrorists in Obama's eyes!

The Domestic Terrorism Council states that it considers Americans with "anti-government views" a greater threat than ISIL or Al Qaeda and its focus will NOT be on Islamist terrorists in our midst!

Tell Congress to immediately defund Obama's so-called Domestic Terrorism Council and shut it down! Send your FaxGrams immediately!

The Bible is clear and consistent when it commands, "One law shall be for the native-born and for the stranger who dwells among you." (Exodus 12:49, NPT Bible pg. 76)

Obama is subverting our "one law" (the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, based on the Christian Bible) and replacing it with foreign law, specifically Sharia law!

Obama is bringing in Muslim forces, Muslim refugees and Muslim immigrants and he is setting up an Islamic legal structure parallel to U.S. law and our Congress does not even seem to notice it!

We need to speak out loud and clear, and tell Congress that Obama's so-called Domestic Terrorism Council has no place in America, especially since it does not even recognize Muslims as a terrorist threat!

Send your FaxGrams to Congress today and tell Congress to strip away any and all Department of Justice funds that could be used to pay for this unlawful Muslim operation!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Goodlatte:

The Obama Department of Justice has just announced the creation of a so-called "Domestic Terrorism Council" that will be used to target, harass and prosecute Americans who are opposed to the mass immigration of Muslims into America. According to Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, this Domestic Terrorism Council does not consider ISIL or Al Qaeda to be a threat worthy of notice by the federal government. Instead, the Domestic Terrorism Council will be on the lookout for "homegrown extremists" like Christians, Tea Party sympathizers and people who believe that our Constitution should still be in effect.

This new Council will focus on stopping imaginary threats and attacks against mosques in America and it will presumably be labeling anyone who is opposed to mass immigration of Muslims as a "white supremacist." Obama's contempt for the American people and the rule of law is well known but this is too much!

You do not have my permission to spend any of my tax dollars on Obama's creeping Sharia law policies. Furthermore, I demand that you use the budget process to eliminate any extra funds that the Department of Justice plans to use to implement this racist, pro-Islam agency that will label ordinary American Christians as domestic terrorists.

From day one of his administration, Obama has labeled freedom-loving Americans as terrorists while ignoring the very real threat of Muslim terrorists. This madness has to stop and you are the one with the power to stop it by wielding the power of the purse! I repeat: Do not spend any of my tax dollars on this Islamic Obama program that will label ordinary Americans as terrorists while ignoring Muslim terrorists.



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