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The text of the massive 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has finally been released and it is even worse than patriotic Americans imagined. This "trade" deal will surrender our constitutional form of government to an unelected panel of overseas bureaucrats if we allow Congress to approve it.

Congress foolishly (and barely) passed Fast-Track or Trade Promotion Authority last June, meaning they cannot amend or alter a single word of this 5,554-page agreement. They can only vote up or down on it.

However, because they voted to approve Fast-Track -- they can also vote to take the TPP off of Fast-Track!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Contact Congress today!

Send FaxGrams to the House Ways & Means Committee today and tell them to take the TPP off of Fast Track!

According to Christian Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the TPP is not merely a trade agreement. It is in fact a U.N.-style trade group similar to the European Union.

The countries of Europe that belong to that "union" still retain their own names such as Germany and France, but a group of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in the E.U. are the ones who are really calling the shots. The E.U. overlords are the ones that have ORDERED the nations of Europe to take in 3 million Muslim invaders over the next year.

Obama and Congress will place the United States of America under a similar unelected, unaccountable group of overseas dictators if we let them.

"The predictable and surely desired result of the TPP is to put greater distance between the governed and those who govern," said Sen. Sessions.

"It puts those who make the rules out of reach of those who live under them, empowering unelected regulators who cannot be recalled or voted out of office."

If the TPP becomes the law of the land and usurps our Constitution, an unelected tribunal will be able to take away all of your rights and flood America with cheap foreign labor, while stealing our good jobs and manufacturing plants away and giving them to Muslim dictatorship countries like Brunei and Malaysia.

Congress foolishly put the TPP on Fast-Track but they can also take it OFF Fast-Track! Send your FaxGrams to derail Obama's "trade" deal today!

Psalm 83:3, a Psalm of Asaph, states, "They have taken crafty counsel against Your people, and consulted together against Your sheltered ones." (NPT Bible pg. 664)

This psalm talks about the many conspiracies that the enemies of God have always been crafting against the Israelites and later God's church, the Body of Christ.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was drafted in secret over many years, with multi-national corporations and other anti-American interests writing much of the text. Congress was completely cut out of that process, just as they are about to be cut out of the process of governing if they pass the TPP.

It does not have to be this way. Congress can still derail Fast-Track and put the TPP through regular congressional scrutiny, requiring the advice and consent of the Senate and a full two-thirds vote. We can make this happen!

Send your FaxGrams to Congress today and tell them to take the TPP off Fast Track!

NOTE: We will be supporting the future reelection efforts of Sen. Jeff Sessions because of his fierce opposition to the TPP and Obama's plans for mass illegal immigration into America. We hope you will support Jeff Sessions too!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Kevin Brady
1011 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Brady:

Congress foolishly passed Trade Promotion Authority for Barack Obama in June, so that he could ram the then-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership through the House and Senate with as little fuss as possible. Now that the TPP text has finally been released, it is clear that Congress made a dire mistake in fast-tracking this agreement.

First of all, the text of the agreement is 5,554 pages in length, not including appendices and other extensions of the agreement. Even if you were to read the full text of the agreement (and we both know you will not do so), you would not be able to comprehend the full scope of it in its entirety. That is anti-democratic and anti-American to the core.

I do not need to read the full text of the TPP. Here is all I need to know about it, and this should be all that YOU need to know about it. The TPP establishes a union similar to the European Union. America and the other nations in the TPP will be placed under the rulership of an unelected, unaccountable foreign tribunal that can overrule Congress. My rights and my voice in the political process are taken away by the Trans-Pacific Partnership and what little power you have left as an elected official in America will be gone.

Congress made a terrible mistake when granting Obama Fast-Track Trade Promotion Authority but that mistake can be corrected. Take the TPP off Fast-Track! It is that simple. You legislated yourselves into a bad corner but the nice thing about America is you can legislate yourself back out of it if you choose to do so. Make the right choice for the future of America. Derail Fast-Track NOW!



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