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Al Qaeda commander Mehdi Ben Nasr was caught in Italy last month carrying false identity papers and posing as a "refugee" fleeing to Europe. This man is one of the only jihadis that the authorities have managed to catch since the flood of so-called Muslim "refugees" began pouring into Europe.

Obama wants to bring as many as 250,000 Syrians into the United States during his last year in office and unless we speak out, he will succeed in importing thousands of terrorists into American cities where they will gladly wage jihad against you and your family!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Support HR 3314!

Tell the House Judiciary Committee to pass this bill which will halt ALL refugee resettlement into the United States and will stop Obama's flood of Syrian "refugees" from setting foot on U.S. soil!

You can read the full text of HR 3314 HERE.

The arrest of an Al Qaeda commander in Italy should be a wakeup call to every Member of Congress.

Mehdi Ben Nasr was sneaking into Italy by way of Libya and he was coordinating with other terrorists in Syria - on the other side of the Mediterranean!

According to The Telegraph in London, "During the arrest, police found al-Qaeda manuals linked to the production of explosives and detonation devices. Just days before, he was heard giving advice and recommending contacts to a group of terrorists in Syria during an intercepted phone call."

Breitbart News reports that the Italian media tried to cover up the arrest so that the public would not lose sympathy for the hordes of Muslim "refugees" pouring into their countries.

The FBI says it cannot screen ANY Syrian refugees for ties to terrorist groups. Ben Nasr was only caught in Italy because he is a high-profile jihadi whose fingerprints were on file -- but there are thousands of jihadis with no records, photos or fingerprints on file to identify them.

The FBI admits terrorists WILL get in if Congress allows Syrian refugees to be resettled here by Obama!

Send FaxGrams to as many Members of Congress as you can today and tell them that America wants ZERO Syrian refugees!

Christian charity toward the world's poor does not involve sticking our heads in nooses for terrorists pretending to be "refugees." Proverbs 22:3 states, "A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished." (NPT Bible pg. 736)

Innocent Americans will be punished if we do not speak out and call for an immediate halt to all refugee resettlement in America.

An analysis of the refugee resettlement program has shown that since Obama has been in office, more than 90% of refugees being allowed into America have been Muslims. Obama is sneaking these people -- HIS people -- into America right under the noses of Congress.

This has to stop before it is too late and we can stop Obama in his tracks if enough of us speak out against resettling Syrians in the USA.

Tell Congress to support and pass HR 3314 today! We need a total moratorium on all refugee resettlement in America!

NOTE: Rep. Brian Babin of Texas is a devout Christian who sponsored HR 3314. We will be supporting his future reelection efforts and we hope you will too!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Goodlatte:

An Al Qaeda commander was arrested last month posing as a refugee trying to slip into Europe. This jihadi, Mehdi Ben Nasr, was coordinating with other "refugee" terrorists from across northern Africa and Syria as he made his way into Italy. This proves that the terrorist groups ISIL and Al Qaeda are being true to their word when they promised to smuggle terrorists into Western nations as part of the phony refugee "crisis."

This is not a crisis. It is a planned invasion and Barack Obama wants to allow the same tragedy that is about to happen in Europe to happen here. The administration admits that it wants to bring as many as 250,000 Syrian "refugees" into the United States next year (that is a population equivalent to Anchorage, Alaska or Boise, Idaho). More than 90% of these refugees will be Sunni Muslims, which is the same branch of Islam practiced by Al Qaeda, ISIL and the Muslim Brotherhood. The FBI has now admitted twice in congressional hearings that it cannot conduct any effective background checks on refugees from Syria.

Obama does not care if American citizens are killed by Muslim "refugees" but I hope that you do. Every Syrian refugee allowed into America represents a potential threat to life and limb. You have the power to stop this!

I urge you to support HR 3314, a bill that would put an immediate halt to refugee resettlement in America until further notice. If you ask your constituents how many Syrians they would like resettled into their neighborhoods, I think you would get a resounding and consistent answer: ZERO! Shut off all refugee resettlement into America immediately by passing HR 3314!



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