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Screen Syrian Refugees
Or Else Keep Them OUT!

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is threatening a government shutdown unless House and Senate conservatives eliminate all screening of Syrian Muslim refugees to America.

Reid is threatening to block the must-pass omnibus spending bill unless negotiators take out language that requires an extreme vetting process to weed out ISIL terrorists from among Syrian Muslim refugees.

We must take swift action to ensure that the GOP caucus stands its ground and keeps this language in the bill!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Send FaxGrams right now!

Tell as many Representatives and Senators as you can to keep the Syrian refugee screening language in the omnibus to protect America!

The FBI Director, the Director of National Intelligence and Obama's own Secretary of Homeland Security have all admitted to Congress that they cannot vet ANY refugees from the Middle East or Africa (not just Syria) for ties to ISIL, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood or other jihadi groups.

Harry Reid and Barack Obama are fine with that, even if it means allow San Bernardino-style killers into the country!

Harry Reid is threatening to block the omnibus spending bill unless increased screening for Muslim refugees is taken out of the bill.

Americans like you and me fought hard to include that language in the House version of the bill and we made it happen! The language does not go as far as we would like (which would be zero Muslim "refugees") but the increased screening will prevent many of them from gaining asylum.

We fought so hard in fact that DOZENS of House Democrats voted in favor of the refugee screening language. We can do the same thing in the Senate by encouraging all of the omnibus negotiators and rank-and-file members of Congress to resist the demands of Harry Reid and Barack Obama!

Send FaxGrams to Congress immediately and demand that they stand their ground and insist on increased screening for Obama's Muslim refugees!

Jesus taught us in Matthew 28:19, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

He taught us to send our missionaries to other countries to preach the gospel. He never instructed us to invite potential killers and rapists into our midst, so that our wives, children and families can be victimized by a foreign invasion.

The Gospel is not a national suicide pact!

Europe is on the verge of World War III because they have done nothing to restrict the massive waves of Syrian refugees which includes jihadi terrorists. America is not obligated to make the same fatal mistake and we can prevent that from happening here if we stand together and demand that Congress protect the country!

Send YOUR FaxGrams to Congress right now, today, and tell them to keep the increased refugee screening language in the omnibus bill!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Ted Cruz
404 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Cruz:

I am urging you to call Harry Reid's bluff. The Senate Majority Leader is threatening to block the must-pass omnibus spending bill unless language to screen Syrian refugees for ties to terror groups is taken out of the bill.

If Harry Reid wants to shut down the government by defending Paris- and San Bernardino-style ISIL terrorist killers, let him just try! The backlash will be furious and the Democrat Party will lose another 50 seats in the House and 10 seats in the Senate in 2016 if they choose Muslim terrorists over the American people.

The language to require excess screening of Syrian refugees was approved by dozens of Democrats and was passed by an overwhelming majority in the House. This new screening is necessary because the Director of National Intelligence, the head of the FBI and the Secretary of Homeland Security have all admitted in congressional hearings that they cannot screen refugees from the Middle East or Africa for ties to terrorism!

It is inexcusable for Harry Reid and Barack Obama to side with Muslim terrorists over the American people. Call his bluff!

I demand that you leave the language for new refugee screening in the omnibus bill and stand your ground. The American people are behind you! Remember, Republicans won in a landslide in 2014 due to Obama's government shutdown over Obamacare in 2013. The same thing will happen in 2016 if Harry Reid forces a shutdown to protect jihadi terrorists!



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