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Obama's TransPacific Partnership
Must Not Be Ratified

The TransPacific Partnership trade treaty will be officially signed this week and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) says that he wants to ram it through Congress "as soon as possible."

This lopsided trade deal, negotiated in secret by Obama with 12 other Pacific Rim nations, will kill hundreds of thousands of American jobs and for those who can keep their jobs... wages are projected to collapse!

You might think that this trade deal will not affect you and your family but let me tell you -- it will! If American wages collapse we will all be affected whether we like it or not!

This video explains why:

The TransPacific Partnership signing ceremony will take place on February 4th in New Zealand. Tens of thousands of Christians, Catholics and concerned citizens are expected to protest the deal. The Kiwis in New Zealand will be losing hundreds of thousands of jobs to Third World Muslim countries under the TPP, just as America will, so they have good reason to protest!

Here is a groundbreaking study by Tufts University that was just released, which proves the vast economic harm that will befall America and other countries under the TPP. Click HERE to read this important study.

Here are some of the most devastating projections from the study:

  • The USA will be the "hardest hit" of all TPP countries, losing at least 448,000 good-paying jobs to overseas internationalist corporations.
  • The total United States economy will shrink by another 0.54 percent in ten years. This ensures that America will remain in an economic depression for years to come.
  • American wages will COLLAPSE as our workers try to compete with Vietnam where workers are paid a wage of 40 cents per hour. Lawmakers will scramble to find a policy "fix" for this but it will be too little, too late.

Obamatrade is Barack Obama's final solution to "fundamentally transform" America from a nation of freedom and economic prosperity to a banana republic with a collapsed currency, millions out of work and quality of life reduced for all.

And Paul Ryan is Obama's best friend on this issue, promising to rush Obamatrade through Congress as soon as he can!

Fight back against Obamatrade! Click HERE to send FaxGrams to Congress immediately and demand a NO vote on the TPP.

Jesus commands us in Matthew 22:39, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." It is an act of sheer hatred toward your neighbors in America to support Obamatrade.

We are fighting the TPP because it will save American jobs and defeating it will prevent Obama and Ryan, and their corporate internationalist donors, from collapsing the economy and running away with trillions of dollars in profits - which is what the TPP is really all about!

No other issue in American politics is as widely reviled as the TPP and yet the politicians are not listening to us YET.

This is why it is vitally important that you send a message to Congress RIGHT NOW and demand a "No" vote on Obama's trade deal!

Note: Speaker Paul Ryan continues to defend and support Barack Obama's anti-Christian, anti-American policies and therefore we will be working to defeat him in this year's primary election. We urge you to oppose Paul Ryan too!

In addition, please share this message on your social media pages with your family members, friends and acquaintances:

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Kevin Brady
1011 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Brady:

The TransPacific Partnership is about to be officially signed and House Speaker Paul Ryan states that he wishes to ram it through Congress "as soon as possible." I am writing to you to oppose this trade deal on the grounds that it will do unimaginable harm to the American economy, according to a newly-released study from Tufts University researchers.

Economists predict that out of all the countries involved in this trade deal, America will be the "hardest hit" by overseas outsourcing, losing 448,000 good-paying jobs. America's GDP is projected to shrink by 0.54 percent over the initial 10 years after ratification of the TPP. America has been in an economic depression since 2009 and we currently have 90 million Americans who are "not in the job force" because they have given up even looking for work; the TPP ensures that America will remain in this depression for years to come.

Perhaps the most frightening determination from the study is that American wages will enter into a free-fall COLLAPSE as TPP member nations "race to the bottom." How are American workers supposed to compete with Vietnamese workers who are paid $0.40 cents per hour? The answer is that they cannot and as wages collapse, you will be left scrambling to find a legislative solution to Americans being paid LESS than minimum wage! By that point it will be too late and the American economy could collapse entirely.

If "we the people" understand this and oppose the TPP, then why are you politicians so eager to implement it? Are the campaign contributions that you have received from internationalist corporations more valuable to you than the livelihood of your constituents?

I demand that you oppose Paul Ryan and Barack Obama by voting NO on the TransPacific Partnership. The American people have spoken and we were opposed to this trade deal by a margin of 30-to-1 when you foolishly voted to fast-track the process last June. Our resolve has only strengthened since then. You must understand that a vote FOR the TPP is a vote AGAINST America and we will remember your vote on this issue during the next election!



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