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Congress CAN Block Obama's
Islamic "Refugee" Invasion

Barack Obama plans to admit hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of antagonistic foreign Muslims into the United States as "refugees" unless we the people convince Congress to stop him.

NOTE: Now that you've had an opportunity to view three of our videos, let us tell you what we hope to accomplish by using more video and less text.  In the past, we have seen much greater responses to video-oriented campaigns.  We are hoping our efforts to provide more videos will elicit a greater ability of people who have limited vision or time to nevertheless have greater opportunity to participate.

Here is today's video explaining this campaign; or, if you wish, keep reading below for additional details.

If Obama's plot is carried out it will have dire consequences for the America we know and love, for years to come!

That is why it is vitally important that we all speak out and demand the Congress hold Obama to the standards set under federal law for allowing refugees into the US!

Send FaxGrams today!

Tell the House Judiciary Committee, or as many Members of Congress as you can, to hold the Obama administration to the caps set under the United States Refugee Act!

Obama can only exceed the annual "cap" of allowable refugees in an emergency situation AFTER he explains the reason for that increase to Congress. Obama has never done this!

In fact, Obama will not even tell Congress how many jihadi terrorist refugees he plans to bring to America. Obama has lied repeatedly by stating that he wants to bring 10,000 Syrian "widows and orphans" in as refugees.

In September 2015, three Obama administration officials told Bloomberg news that the true number is 255,000 refugees through FY 2017. (Source)

In January 2016, Secretary of State John Kerry declared that Obama was granting "refugee status" to at least 130,000 illegal aliens - and many of them are Muslim illegal aliens from Pakistan and Afghanistan! (Source)

That brings the total number of refugees up to 385,000 over two years. The legal cap under the Refugee Act of 1980, as amended, is currently 70,000 per year.

Obama is blowing through the annual refugee caps by more than a quarter of a million and he has never explained the justification to Congress - which means Obama could be in violation of the Refugee Act and we can shut his plans down!

Send your FaxGrams to Congress today and demand that they shut down Obama's Islamic refugee invasion!

In Numbers 20:17, as the Israelites were journeying to the Promised Land, Moses made this request to the king of Edom: "Please let us pass through your country... We will travel along the King's Highway. We will not turn aside to the right hand or the left hand until we have passed through your borders."

Borders are biblical! National borders are to be respected and to cross them without permission of the host nation is an act of war.

Obama is waging war on the United States by tearing down our borders and inviting the entire world in, to pick the carcass of our once-great nation as the invaders line up at the welfare trough.

This is insane and America cannot survive an invasion of this nature, just as European nations will not survive.

Help us stop Obama's plans to import hundreds of thousands of Islamic jihadi "refugees" into America! Send your FaxGrams immediately!

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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Goodlatte:

The Obama administration has lied to Congress, the media and the American people about the number of Syrian Islamic refugees that will be allowed into the United States. Keep in mind that the current annual cap under the Refugee Act is 70,000 annual refugees from all countries combined; and that in an emergency situation the Executive branch can extend the cap, but only after providing justification for the increase to Congress.

Obama has stated repeatedly that he wishes to bring 10,000 Syrian "widows" and orphans to the United States. In September of 2015, three Obama administration officials told Bloomberg News that the true number is 255,000 refugees through FY 2017. In January of 2015, John Kerry announced that the State Department would extend "refugee status" to 130,000 illegal aliens. Even if stretched out over two years, 385,000 refugees is more than a quarter of a million over the annual cap allowed under the Refugee Act.

Barack Obama has never justified this massive increase in the number of Muslim terrorist refugees that he wants to bring in. The administration has not even told Congress the true number - and who knows what that true number is! It could be a million Syrian "refugees" for all we know, given Obama's track record of lying to Congress and the American people. This Islamic invasion of our country represents a serious and immediate threat and you need to deal with it. The American media has been covering it up but if you read the news websites in Europe right now, you will see that the Muslim refugees are committing horrific acts of gang rape, murder, robbery and arson on the citizens of their host countries. Why would you allow Obama to bring that problem here?

There is a good possibility that Barack Obama has broken the law (again) by violating the annual caps under the Refugee Act. He has not told you the true number of refugees he is bringing in, nor has he explained the justification for extending the annual refugee caps by 250,000. You have an obligation and a duty to protect your constituents by stopping Obama's Islamic invasion. Obama is abusing the refugee resettlement process by dumping unprecedented numbers of welfare-dependent, antagonistic Muslims in the United States - while denying entry to peaceful, hard-working Christian refugees facing actual persecution. I demand that you do everything in your power, immediately, to put a stop to this!



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