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Demand a "NO" Vote
On the Democrats' Secret List
Gun Ban Plot

Obama and the Democrats are pushing a gun ban for everyone on the federal government's secret lists of "suspected terrorists" which includes - we believe - mostly Tea Party members and conservative Christians in the age of Obama.

These secret lists include the secret No-Fly List,  the secret Selectee List and the Terror Watch List which does not actually include any Muslim terrorists like the Orlando shooter or the San Bernardino killers.

Use the form to the right and tell Congress to reject the Democrats' latest gun grab! We must not allow the Democrats to scare the American people into giving up our liberties. We all must speak out!

The Democrats in the Senate staged a 15-hour filibuster this week to try to force a vote on Obama's secret list gun ban.

Some Republicans are starting to cave because of this pressure in the wake of the Orlando Muslim attack!

The problem with the government's secret No-Fly List, Selectee List, Terror Watch List, and other lists we don't know about, is that no one knows whether they are on the list and it is next to impossible to get taken off the list if you find out you're on it!

One woman spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees to get her name removed from the No-Fly List... after an FBI agent mistakenly checked a box next to her name on a form. She was a wheelchair-bound professor with no ties to terrorism! (Read about this outrageous case HERE.)

The Obama administration refuses to acknowledge Muslim terrorism and in fact, Obama frequently refers to his political enemies as right-wing extremists and terrorists.

If this secret list gun ban becomes law, Obama could put YOUR name on the list the very next day and you would be stripped of your constitutional right to keep and bear arms!

Send FaxGrams to every Member of Congress immediately and demand a NO vote on the Democrats secret list gun ban!

King Solomon said in Proverbs 25:26, "A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well."

Will we falter before this wicked administration that thinks everyday Americans are terrorists, while Muslim terrorists are a protected class?

Will we give up our Second Amendment right to self defense, which is biblical in its origins? (See Luke 22:36)

We must not trade our liberty for false security, which is actually no security at all.

Omar Mateen, the Orlando Muslim attacker, admitted to his co-workers that he was a terrorist, pledged allegiance to ISIS, traveled to Saudi Arabia twice and was investigated by the FBI multiple times.

HE was not on the government's secret watch lists!

Any gun grab is an unconstitutional gun grab and nothing more! Don't let the Democrats and spineless GOP leadership get away with this! Use the form to the right to contact Congress today in support of your Second Amendment rights!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Goodlatte:

I am deeply disturbed that any elected Member of Congress would support denying gun ownership to Americans on the federal government's various secret unaccountable lists, such as the No-Fly List, the Selectee List and the so-called Terror Watch List (which does not appear to have any terrorists on it, with the San Bernardino and Orlando murderers being the latest examples). Trading our liberty for false security is never acceptable to the American people. Would you treat any other items on the Bill of Rights the same way that Congress now wants to treat the Second Amendment.

Imagine if the government outlawed Christianity without telling anyone. Then on Sunday morning, federal agents arrest everyone showing up for the church service. The Nazi-like gun ban now being pushed by the Obama administration and some of your colleagues would be no different than this scenario.

Our rights are UNALIENABLE which means that no one - including you, Barack Obama or any other servant of the people - can infringe upon, trample or deny us those rights. There are countless examples of Americans with no ties to terrorism whatsoever being placed on the government's secret lists and only finding out about it when they attempt to exercise their right to travel. This is unconscionable.

If this gun grab becomes law, what is to stop Obama from labeling all of his political enemies - or even you - on one of these secret lists the very next day? Nothing! Therefore the only sensible course is to not vote to destroy the Second Amendment. I demand that you vote NO on this unconstitutional secret list gun ban. If you vote in favor of this measure or any similar bill, we the people will know that you are not worthy of the office you hold, because you are unwilling to defend even our most basic rights from tyranny!



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