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Attorney General Loretta Lynch held a secret meeting with Bill Clinton on a private jet in Phoeniz, AZ this week. Even as the Justice Department and the FBI are investigating Crooked Hillary Clinton, Lynch chose to go to this highly unethical and unprofessional meeting with Bill Clinton.

Congress needs to impeach Loretta Lynch for her unethical secret meeting with the spouse of the main suspect of a criminal espionage investigation!

Demand that Congress draft Articles of Impeachment against Loretta Lynch today! Contribute $100 or more to this campaign and we will send you a new "Do You Smell A Rat?" T-shirt, featured in today's video:

Click HERE to read how even Democrats are embarrassed by the impropriety of Loretta Lynch's secret meeting with Bill Clinton.

Prosecutors do not sit down for a private chit-chat with family members of suspects they are investigating.

This is a massive breach of ethics and Loretta Lynch knows it. Yet she chose to meet secretly with Bill Clinton anyway.

Bill Clinton, by the way, appointed Loretta Lynch to her first job as a federal prosecutor in New York which you can read about HERE.

This is no way for an Attorney General to behave, especially as the law enforcement agencies under her are investigating Crooked Hillary Clinton for espionage and other charges that stemmed from her work as Obama's Secretary of State.

Contribute $100 or more to this campaign and we will send you one of these Limited Edition "Do you smell a rat, too?" T-shirts, featuring Slick Willie, "Let Em Loose" Loretta and Crooked Hillary!

Use the form to the right to select a contribution level AND to ensure that Loretta Lynch is impeached!

The Bible in 1 Thessalonians 5:22 says, "Abstain from all forms of evil."  Some translations read, "Put away the appearance of evil."

Loretta Lynch knows that it appears evil for her to hold a secret meeting with Bill Clinton (of all people). She chose to meet with him anyway.

It does not matter what they spoke of in this secret meeting. That is beside the point. It was professionally and ethically inexcusable for her to meet with her former boss as her underlings are investigating the boss' wife in the most public and scandalous espionage case in US history.

Loretta Lynch deserves to lose her job as Attorney General of the United States and that is why we are calling for her impeachment.

Send your FaxGrams to Congress immediately and demand that Articles of Impeachment be drafted against Loretta Lynch TODAY!

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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Goodlatte:

Crooked Hillary Clinton is under investigation for one of the biggest espionage cases in US history, in which all of America's national security secrets were leaked to every foreign government that was paying attention. Why, in light of this fact, would Attorney General Loretta Lynch hold an unannounced, unscheduled secret meeting with Bill Clinton on a private jet on the tarmac in Phoenix, then?

Loretta Lynch smugly stated in a committee hearing that no one should be talking about the ongoing investigation of Crooked Hillary. Yet she then sits down for a private chit-chat with the spouse of a criminal suspect!  That's like Eliot Ness sitting down for a talk with Al Capone's wife. It does not make sense unless the fix is in.

Loretta Lynch's conduct as Attorney General is an embarrassment and an ethical failure. There is no good excuse for her to sit down for a private chat with Bill Clinton, who by the way gave her her first job as a federal prosecutor. Even an uneducated lay-person knows that a prosecutor doesn't stop in for tea with a suspect's family.

I demand that you draft Articles of Impeachment against Loretta Lynch for her unseemly and unethical conduct as Attorney General. She is unfit for the highest law enforcement office in the land and her behavior brings shame upon all of the ethical law enforcement officers working under her. She is a disgrace and you need to remove her from her position immediately. Draft Articles of Impeachment against her and then follow through by voting to IMPEACH LORETTA LYNCH!



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