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The brutal terrorist attack in Nice, France last week in which a Muslim drove a truck through a crowded public celebration and killed at least 84 people is a direct result of the open borders policies espoused by Barack Hussein Obama.1

We will see more attacks like the ones in Paris, Nice, Brussels, San Bernardino and Orlando unless we the people demand that Congress close our borders to all unvetted Muslims from failed states in the Middle East and Africa!

Send Personalized Letters (FaxGrams) to the House Freedom Caucus or to the entire Congress and demand emergency measures to close our borders to the Muslim world immediately!

An ISIS terrorist drove a truck through a crowd watching the Bastille Day fireworks celebration in Nice, France.

More than 80 people including 10 children were killed by an Islamic invader who had no business being in that country.

Attacks like this one, and the many that have happened here in America, will continue to take innocent lives until "we the people" demand that our borders be closed to the Islamic world until proper vetting can take place.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security both freely admit that "refugees" from Middle Eastern and African countries cannot be vetted for ties to terrorist groups.

Since that is the case, no refugees should be let in!

No amount of political correctness or dialoguing with the Muslims who hate our culture and want to destroy us will be effective. Keeping the threat out is the only solution.

Tell Congress to put America first and close our borders NOW! Use the form to the right to select a program!

Lamentations 1:1 reads, "How lonely sits the city that was full of people! How like a widow is she, Who was great among the nations! The princess among the provinces has become a slave!"

While we mourn and pray for the families and the little children in Nice who were slain by a Muslim terrorist, we must also demand action.

It is national suicide to leave our borders open to any and all fighting-aged Islamic warriors who wish to come to America. We know that they wish to do us harm and that they are so unflinchingly filled with hatred that they will even kill small children.

That is the reality that we must demand the Senators and Representatives in Washington, D.C. confront.

Demand that Congress protect America by shutting down our borders until vetting of Muslim immigrants is possible. (If that day never comes, then so be it!)

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Mark Meadows
1024 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Meadows:

It is time to close America's borders to the Muslim world until proper vetting of all immigrants and refugees can be conducted. A terrorist killed more than 80 people, including 10 children, and wounded dozens more by driving a truck through a public celebration. How many men, women and children have to die before Congress will take substantive action to address this threat?

The terrorist in this case was not even a "radical fundamentalist." He was just an everyday Muslim. It is no longer acceptable to make excuses that it is only a tiny fragment of people who are "twisting Islam" carrying out these atrocities. Take another good look at the piles and piles of dead bodies in Nice, in Paris, in Brussels, in San Bernardino and in Orlando. That is what unvetted and limitless Muslim immigration looks like. This is the picture of open borders that the American people have been shouting about for years now.

It is too late for Europe to safely end its open borders insanity but it is not too late for America. You must take every action within your powers to close America's borders to the Muslim world and you must do so immediately. The American people did not ask to open our borders to millions of fighting-aged Islamic warriors. We did not want them here and we did not get to vote on bringing them in. You politicians did this to your own people and the blood from all of these attacks is on your hands.

It's time to correct this act of national suicide. The first thing you should do when you find yourself in a hole is stop digging. The FBI and the DHS openly admit that their agencies cannot properly vet Muslim immigrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa. Therefore, no immigrants or refugees from those regions should be allowed in until proper vetting can take place. No amount of politically-correct platitudes can change the fact that all of those children are now dead in France. But your actions can ensure that we have fewer of those types of attacks in America. Put America first and close our borders now. Take whatever emergency measures are necessary to get this done!



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