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A group of House Republicans has sent a letter to the IRS, the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission demanding an investigation of the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation's numerous foreign donations received while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

We need to convince more Republicans in Congress to pressure federal agencies to audit the Clintons in order for this effort to succeed.

Send a message to the 52 original signers of the letter to the FBI & IRS, or to all GOP Members of the House and Senate today, demanding a full investigation and audit of the Clinton Foundation!

REDUCED PRICE: We are subsidizing the cost to send your letters to Congress today because of the urgency of this matter. Hillary Clinton is now one step away from the White House, so we need this investigation kicked into high gear! Please participate today!

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is the lead author of the letter sent to the FBI, the IRS and the FTC.1

The letter points out the fact that the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation took contributions from multiple Islamic dictatorships and other foreign entities, and incorrectly reported the donation amounts.

Most if not all of those countries received favorable treatment and even arms deals from the State Department while Hillary Clinton was in charge!

Countries that donated to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation include Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, the Sultan of Oman, Bahrain, Algeria, Qatar, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

The letter also highlights Bill Clinton's ties to a for-profit college called Laureate College. This university, which is currently $4.8 billion in debt, was paying Bill Clinton more than $3 million per year to serve as an "honorary chancellor" - whatever that is - while also contributing millions to the fake Clinton Global Initiative University.2

That's right - Bill and Hillary Clinton run a fake college that has no curriculum, no classes, no syllabus, no degrees and no grades! But the fake college has taken millions of dollars in donations since it was dreamed up by Bill Clinton in 2007.3

The Clinton Foundation appears phony from top-to-bottom and the Clintons have gotten rich by allegedly selling US foreign policy favors to some of the worst dictatorships in the world!

It's time to bust the Clinton Foundation up and we have to speak out to make it happen! Send FaxGrams to Congress immediately and demand a full investigation and audit of the Clintons!

Exodus 23:8 says, "And you shall take no bribe, for a bribe blinds the discerning and perverts the words of the righteous."

Bribery is illegal in Christian nations because it is prohibited in the Bible and it is recognized to pervert all forms of government and justice.

The Clintons have taken cash from foreign governments and are now beholden to those governments - Islamic dictatorships, Russia, and who knows what other nations because the Clinton Foundation did not properly report its contributions!

We have to demand a full investigation now because if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, it will take generations for America to heal from the Clinton brand of corruption.

Stop the Clintons! Demand a full federal audit and investigation of the Clinton Foundation today!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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1 Blackburn letter to the FBI, IRS and FTC




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Walter Jones
2333 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Jones:

Even casual observers can tell that the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation operates as a pay-to-play criminal enterprise. The Clinton Foundation took in billions of dollars from foreign governments including Islamic dictatorships while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Meanwhile, the State Department granted favorable status and even arms deals to countries that were paying the Clintons off. The Clinton Foundation improperly reported foreign contributions from 2010 to 2012, the exact time that Hillary Clinton was Obama's Secretary of State.

The Clinton Foundation has never been audited by the IRS or investigated for potential criminal bribery in spite of these published facts. The Foundation's external auditor is a company known as BDK, a small accounting firm that has been indicted for gross negligence and unprofessional conduct for its accounting practices. Shouldn't someone with a little more clout and integrity be watching the Clintons' books?

Hillary Clinton is now one step away from the White House. Yet many Americans, myself included, have serious doubts about whether Hillary Clinton is capable of acting in America's interests when she and her family have been personally enriched by America's enemies. Does the behavior of the Clinton Foundation raise any red flags with you, as it does with everyday Americans? Bill Clinton has been running a "college" through this phony foundation since 2007 that offers no classes or curriculum but it takes in millions of dollars in donations! COME ON!

Several of your colleagues have sent a letter to the FBI, the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission demanding an investigation of the Clinton Foundation as a criminal enterprise. I demand that you and your colleagues join in this effort and put as much pressure on these agencies as possible to investigate and audit the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation! Cut the FBI's funding until it cooperates! If you do not take swift action on this matter, the voters will know that you are part of the problem in Washington, D.C. instead of part of the solution!



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