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Clinton Foundation Probe Was Blocked

Obama's Attorney General Loretta "Let Em Loose" Lynch has lied to the American voters for eight months straight:  There was never an FBI investigation opened into the Clinton Foundation's international pay-to-play schemes that were orchestrated with the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

The stories fed to the voters about an "ongoing investigation" by the FBI into the Clinton Foundation were all FALSE. CNN reports in the last paragraph of this article that Lynch blocked the investigation months ago!

Loretta Lynch must be impeached! Tell Congress to impeach Lynch immediately for lying to the public and carrying on a charade to help Hillary Clinton's election campaign!

Starting in November of 2015, news outlets started reporting that "sources" in the Justice Department had confirmed an ongoing FBI public corruption probe into the Clinton Foundation. News outlets were reporting this FALSE information to the voters even up until last week.

Here are several of these false reports which were all designed by the Justice Department to make people think an actual investigation was taking place:

This was a deliberate propaganda campaign carried out by Loretta Lynch and her Justice Department underlings, which was designed to discredit Hillary Clinton's detractors.

Hillary Clinton has said all along that there was no FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation's foreign deals. She was right!

Lynch blocked the FBI investigation and it never started. Now Hillary Clinton can point to all of her critics and claim it was all a right-wing conspiracy against her based on lies.

Never mind the fact that Loretta Lynch's office was the "unnamed source" of the lies which the media then reported to the voters.

The only purpose of this subterfuge was to help Hillary Clinton's election ambitions and her mad desire for power. Loretta Lynch is nothing more than a Clinton operative!

Tell Congress to impeach Loretta Lynch and remove her from office immediately! Use the form to the right to select your program!

Exodus 23:8 states, "You shall take no bribe, for a bribe blinds the discerning and perverts the words of the righteous."

Loretta Lynch has been promised by the Clintons that she will keep her job as Attorney General if Hillary Clinton is reelected.

Knowing how the Clintons operate, if Hillary Clinton loses the election that Loretta Lynch will still wind up with a six- or seven-figure salary working at the Clinton Foundation.

If that's not bribery then what is it?

Loretta "Let Em Loose" Lynch lied to the American voters for months to help a political campaign. She deserves to lose her job for this and we have to demand that she be removed from office to make it happen.

Send your FaxGrams to Congress immediately and demand Articles of Impeachment against Loretta Lynch!

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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Goodlatte:

In November of 2015, Justice Department "sources" informed the media that the FBI had opened a public corruption probe into the Clinton Foundation's pay-to-play schemes that were carried out while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. For the following eight months, the voters were told repeatedly by dozens of news outlets that an investigation into the Clinton Foundation was under way. Unnamed sources in the Justice Department were driving this story which turned out to be completely false. It was finally reported on August 10, 2016 that Attorney General Loretta Lynch had blocked the FBI's very first request for a public corruption probe last year.

There was never an investigation into the Clinton Foundation's activities and yet "unnamed sources" under Loretta Lynch continued to tell the voters that there was. Because of this campaign of misinformation carried out by Loretta Lynch's office, Hillary Clinton can once again point at her detractors and claim it was all a "right-wing conspiracy" to discredit her. In other words, Loretta Lynch has been acting as if the Justice Department is a pro-Hillary SuperPAC.

You need to impeach Loretta Lynch. The Clintons have promised her that she will keep her job as Attorney General if Hillary Clinton is elected. If Hillary Clinton should lose the election, I don't think any of us would be surprised to see Loretta Lynch offered a job at the Clinton Foundation. Loretta Lynch has lied to the American people to help Hillary Clinton's political campaign and to keep the Clintons' crooked "foundation" from being investigated.

I demand that you draft Articles of Impeachment against Loretta Lynch. She has turned out to be even more corrupt than Eric Holder! Lynch's office lied to the voters and to Congress for eight months straight. She did this as a personal and political favor to her friends, the Clintons. This has brought even more shame to the Department of Justice. You owe it to the American people to impeach Loretta Lynch for these action!



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