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Demand a 5-Year Prison Sentence
For Clinton as Prescribed by Law!

Hillary Clinton lied to Congress under oath, which is a crime that carries a 5-year prison sentence. If you doubt this, just watch this video to see Hillary Clinton lie under oath to Congress for yourself:

Tell Congress to demand prison time for Hillary Clinton for lying under oath! Use the form to the right to select your program and tell Congress that you expect the law to be upheld!

Forget about the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton's private home server that leaked top secret classified information to Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and any middle school student with basic hacking skills.

This is a separate issue and a separate crime.

The email investigation was all done privately and behind closed doors.

Hillary Clinton lied to Congress under oath on camera and we all saw it! FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta "Let Em Loose" Lynch cannot lie their way around this one.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) points out that she lied on camera under oath and that deserves a 5-year prison sentence. We need MORE Members of Congress to call for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

We need a flood of patriotic fervor from citizens demanding that she be prosecuted for this crime.

Send your Personalized Letters (FaxGrams) to Congress right now and demand that every Senator and Representative stand up and call for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton!

We must demand honesty from our elected leaders and public officials. Hillary Clinton was completely dishonest during her tenure as Secretary of State, as well as before and after her time as Secretary. She has been dishonest as long as we have all known of her as a public official!

The Bible says in Exodus 18:21, "Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens."

This early representative form of goverment described by Moses was, in part, the basis of our reprentative republic here in America. The standards required were ability, reverence for God (the God of the Bible), honesty and the absence of greed for personal gain.

Hillary Clinton fails at all of those standards and yet she could potentially replace Barack Obama as the next Democrat dictator of America!

We have to stand up to Congress, to the Justice Department and the FBI, and the corrupt media and keep crying out from the rooftops that the rule of law still matters in our country.

That means jail time for Hillary Clinton! Send your FaxGrams to Congress today!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US - Pray For The United States


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Ted Cruz
404 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Cruz:

Hillary Clinton lied to Congress when she stated that she had no knowledge of weapons being shipped from Libya to the ISIS and Al Qaeda extremists fighting in Syria. Mrs. Clinton told this lie to Congress while under oath and she did it on camera. We all saw her do it. Lying to Congress while under oath is a felony that carries a 5-year prison sentence.

The recent farce investigation by the FBI happened behind closed doors and in secret. Hillary Clinton was let off the hook by her longtime family friend Loretta Lynch, in spite of mountains of evidence that Clinton broke the law. Lying to Congress is a separate issue and it will be an extremely simple crime to prosecute. Just look at the videotaped testimony that has aired on every newscast!

Either the rule of law exists in America or we no longer have a free country. Any American citizen who stood up before Congress and lied under oath would be prosecuted. Hillary Clinton has, so far, escaped justice. You need to stand up for truth and justice and the rule of law and our Constitution. That is why the voters in your state or district sent you to Washington, D.C. We did not send you to Washington because we want a two-track justice system in which laws are only for the "little people."

Our forefathers fought a revolution to free themselves and their posterity from a tyrannical monarchy. If you do not stand up and publicly demand that Hillary Clinton be prosecuted for lying under oath to Congress, you are reinstating that tyrannical monarchy. I am asking you to stand up for America and the rule of law right now. I will be watching your actions and the actions of your colleagues very closely between now and November and trust me, "we the people" will be voting for the candidates who stand for the rule of law!



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