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Designate "Open Society Foundation"
As A Terrorist Group!

George Soros' Open Society Foundation (OSF) has been hacked by a group called DC Leaks which has posted documents proving that the OSF is manipulating world governments into accepting millions of unvetted Muslim terrorist refugees. (All documents are linked HERE.)

The OSF has also funded and fomented Black Lives Matter riots in American cities, which is no different than unleashing a terrorist group to burn down buildings and shoot police.

Americans must demand that Congress designate the Open Society Foundation as an international terror group and boot the foundation's members out of the country immediately. Use the form to the right to send your Personalized Letters (FaxGrams) to Congress today!

One of the internal memos of the OSF reveals that it views the Syrian refugee situation as an opportunity to flood countries with unvetted terrorist "refugees." The group is funding politicians who support taking in as many refugees as possible and is paying journalists to write only pro-refugee stories.1

As explained in the video above, the OSF is an "open borders" socialist group that seeks to overturn Western democracies by eliminating borders and flooding nations with Third World immigrants.

The OSF grants billions of dollars to anti-American and anti-Christian media groups, journalists, politicians, think tanks and political action committees.

The "Open Society" philosophy followed by George Soros holds that all societies are equal and therefore national borders should be eliminated.

The Open Society philosophy also declares that anyone who professes to know an "ultimate truth" is an enemy of the Open Society.2

For example, if you hold certain truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed unalienable rights by their Creator, such as the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness... YOU are an enemy of the Open Society!

The Black Lives Matter movement is funded by the Open Society Foundation. BLM has caused tens of millions of dollars in damages by burning businesses to the ground in Ferguson, MO; Baltimore, MD; and Milwuakee, WI.

This is the definition of terrorism!

Tell Congress that the OSF should be designated an international terrorism group because it is financing riots and terrorism in America! Send your Personalized Letters today!

Jesus said in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Jesus declares himself to be the ultimate truth in this world.

Therefore, anyone who professes belief in Jesus Christ is a declared enemy of the Open Society Foundation. We did not choose this battle - the Open Society did!

Any goal expressed by the Open Society Foundation will therefore be a goal that is opposed to Christian ideals and beliefs. We must expose the OSF for what it is and demand that Congress take action to declare it a terrorist group and deport the movement's leaders.

The OSF has contributed to the deaths of every police officer killed by Black Lives Matter and to every crime committed by unvetted Islamic refugees who have flooded our country.

Fight back! Tell Congress to label the OSF as a terrorist group and deport all of its leaders back to their homes in Europe and the Middle East!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Michael McCaul
2001 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman McCaul:

The recent hack of the Open Society Foundation by DCLeaks reveals that George Soros and his organization are actively funding the Syrian refugee situation and manipulating world governments into accepting as many unvetted Muslim refugees as possible. While the leaked documents were obtained illegally, the information contained within them deserves your immediate attention as a national security threat.

The Open Society Foundation is funding propaganda through media outlets to create a perception that these unvetted Muslim refugees are harmless widows and orphans. This certainly explains why reporters will ignore floods of military-aged Islamic warriors flooding into the USA. By facilitating, funding and propagandizing this mass invasion of America through open borders, the Open Society Foundation has contributed to past terrorist attacks on US soil and all future terrorist attacks committed by refugees.

Furthermore, the Open Society Foundation has provided funding and agitators to the Black Lives Matter terrorist group which has caused tens of millions of dollars in damages to American cities like Ferguson, Baltimore and Milwaukee. The movement has contributed to the deaths of police officers and civilians through its message of racial hatred and by promoting a race war in America. By funding this movement, the Open Society Foundation is funding terrorism.

The solution seems very clear. Congress needs to designate the Open Society Foundation as an international terrorist group which uses terrorism and violence as a strategy to overthrow the United States government. The leaders of the Open Society Foundation should be deported back to their home countries in Europe and the Middle East and all of the OSF's funding should be seized. It should be treated no differently than ISIS because it is a source of terrorism against America! I demand that you draft legislation immediately to designate the Open Society Foundation a terror group and kick its leaders out of the USA!



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