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Tell Congress:
Upgrade Immigrant Vetting
to Keep Out Terrorists!

America's immigration system is so broken that prospective immigrants are not even screened or "vetted" for ties to ISIS, Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood.

Instead, federal immigration forms (USCIS N-400 forms) ask potential immigrants if they worked in a Nazi concentration camp 71 years ago, to weed out Nazi collaborators who would be in their 90s today!

The questions on immigration vetting forms can only be updated by an Act of Congress and that is what we must demand, otherwise terrorists will continue walking into the USA to carry out attacks.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Tell Congress to act NOW!

Tell the House Judiciary Committee or the FULL Congress to update immigration vetting to screen out members of Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and all other known Islamic terror groups!

The Washington Examiner discovered that USCIS N-400 forms for immigrants do not ask any questions about membership in Islamic terror groups.1

But the forms DO ask if prospective immigrants ever worked in a Nazi concentration camp and other questions related to Nazi party membership.2

An immigrant would have to be at least 91 years old today to have worked in a concentration camp. Big threat, right?

But there are ZERO questions about membership in the Islamic groups that are currently at war with America such as the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.

There is one question on the form which asks immigrants if they are members of "a terrorist organization" but remember -- Muslims do not view ISIS or Al Qaeda as terrorist groups. They view Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood as "community organizers" and they believe ISIS is a political party!

Modern-day threats are absent from these applications because Congress has been asleep at the switch for years and has done nothing to update the immigration application process.

Let's wake them up!

Tell Congress to update the immigration screening process immediately to keep out terrorists! Immigration agencies are screening for non-existent Nazis while ignoring current threats!

Psalm 37:32 says, "The wicked spies on the righteous, and seeks to slay him."

Muslim terrorists and spies are now allowed into the country "legally" and without challenge because the federal bureaucracy is lazy, incompetent and corrupt.

While our nation used to actively screen for potential threats among immigrants, we have grown so politically correct that we cannot even bring ourselves to ask a Muslim if he is a terrorist -- even if he comes in from war zones like Syria!

This is outrageous and it needs to be changed immediately. Please speak out today!

Tell Congress to update America's outdated immigration screening processes to weed out Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and all other Islamic terrorist threats!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US - Pray For The United States


2 Current USCIS N-400 Form that asks immigrants if they are 91-year-old Nazi collaborators


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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Goodlatte:

I find it outrageous that the US Customs and Immigration Services is actively screening immigrants to keep out Nazi collaborators from the 1930s but does nothing to weed out modern-day threats like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda or ISIS. The fact that immigration forms have not been updated in decades tells the American people that the corrupt and lazy federal bureaucracy is doing nothing to protect "we the people" from external threats that wish to do us harm. Maybe you should ask prospective immigrants if they fought for the British in the Battle of Bunker Hill while you're at it!

The current USCIS N-400 form asks prospective immigrants if they have ever been a Nazi, if they have ever worked for the Nazi party, the Nazi government, or whether they worked in a Nazi concentration camp, prisoner of war camp, labor camp, extermination camp or transit camp. An immigrant would have to be at least 91 years old to answer "Yes" to those questions! Yet the current forms don't ask any questions about membership in specific modern-day terror groups.

Form USCIS N-400 only asks if a prospective immigrant has ever been a member of "a terrorist organization." Since Muslims view ISIS as a political party, and they view the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda as community organizers, none of them will answer that question in the affirmative! I realize that many of your internationalist corporate donors do not view this as an important issue but the American people do and we demand action!

You must support legislation immediately to update the immigration screening process to weed out threats in modern-day terrorist groups. You cannot pin this one on Obama because the questionnaire for prospective immigrants falls under the oversight of Congress. There is no excuse for leaving this loophole in the system. Terrorists are coming in by the boatload and Congress is doing nothing to stop them. Update this system to vet against terrorist threats NOW!



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