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Block Obama's Supreme
Court Nominee Merrick Garland!

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) told his constituents in two separate town hall meetings that the GOP could vote to confirm Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland this year -- after the incumbents safely win reelection in November!1

We have been demanding a total block on any new Supreme Court picks for Obama ever since constitutionalist Justice Antonin Scalia passed away in February.

Patriots cannot allow the Senate GOP to backstab America again by approving another leftwing Supreme Court justice for Obama!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Speak out immediately!

Tell the Senate GOP to hold the line and refuse to hold confirmation hearings for Obama's nominee! We must keep Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court!

Sen. Grassley stated at two town hall meetings in Iowa that he does not believe he can stand in the way if enough Republicans change their minds about Garland right after the election.

The fair-weather cowardice of Republicans in Congress is exactly why America is in such a mess. They haven't stood up to Obama on any issue until now!

Merrick Garland would tilt the Supreme Court "far to the left" -- and that is according to leftwing media outlets like the New York Times and Slate magazine!

Republicans have refused to hold hearings so far because of the tremendous pressure that patriots have exerted on them. Personalized Letters (FaxGrams) and phone calls have made a difference up until now.

But the GOP leadership is cutting a deal with Obama behind closed doors once again!

As a reminder, Merrick Garland has a 20-year track record of opposing Second Amendment rights as a judge on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.2

Obama invited the Planned Parenthood CEO to the White House to personally assure the entire abortion industry that Merrick Garland is on their side!3

Obama celebrated when Antonin Scalia died because he knew that this was his opportunity to turn the Supreme Court 5-4 liberal on every vote -- and that is why we must speak out and stop Garland's nomination!

Use the form on this page to select a program and send Personalized Letters to the Senate. Tell the Senators to refuse to hold confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland!

We support your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and that is why we have fought so hard to keep Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court.

Jesus told his followers in Luke 22:36b, "He who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one." Jesus knew that his followers would face government persecution and directed them to arm themselves. This concept of personal defense against tyranny was the genesis of our Second Amendment rights.

Merrick Garland had four separate opportunities to decide on gun rights during his time as an appeals court judge. Garland voted against the individual right to keep and bear arms EVERY TIME!

Tell the Senate GOP or the entire Senate to refuse to hold confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland. Don't let Obama sway the Supreme Court against America!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Chuck Grassley
135 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Chairman Grassley:

I am greatly disturbed that some Senate Republicans are now saying they will break the promise on Obama's Supreme Court nominee as soon as they are safely reelected. This fair-weather cowardice of so many politicians is part of the reason why Congress currently has about a 6% approval rating. You need to stick to your principles and keep your promises if you want to regain the respect of the voters.

Merrick Garland is a terrible choice for the Supreme Court. We are sick and tired of hearing about his distinguished career. Garland had four opportunities to decide cases on the Second Amendment and every single time he voted against the individual right to keep and bear arms. If he does not believe in the Bill of Rights, he does not deserve a seat on the Supreme Court - period! He is also vehemently pro-abortion which is why Obama invited the CEO of Planned Parenthood to the White House when he announced his choice of Garland.

Barack Obama and his Iranian-born adviser Valerie Jarrett celebrated when they heard the news that Justice Antonin Scalia had died. These sick and twisted people realized that this was their opportunity to do untold harm to America for years to come, by getting another leftwing judge appointed to the Supreme Court. And make no mistake about it:  Even the New York Times has acknowledged that Merrick Garland is "far to the left" in terms of court decisions that he has made.

A total of 52 Senators promised that they would not hold confirmation hearings for another Obama SCOTUS nominee this year. The American voters expect that promise to be kept. In case there is any confusion, the year does not END immediately after the election. Do not hold confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland now and do not hold them during the lame duck session of Congress. No hearings, period!



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