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The Obama administration now releases 90% of all captured illegal aliens inside the United States, including Islamic terrorists sneaking across the Mexico border. We must demand that the GOP get behind Donald Trump's pro-American immigration policies!


Use the form to the right to select a program and send Personalized Letters to the GOP demanding full support for Donald Trump's immigration policy!

Proceeds from this campaign will be used to print and distribute these Obama illegal immigration comics to Congress!

These comic books inviting illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America to the US are being distributed using your tax dollars.

According to the KUSI-San Diego report included in the video above, 90% of all illegal aliens captured by the Border Patrol are now driven to a bus stop instead of being detained and deported. The Border Patrol now operates as a "welcoming committee" for some of the worst foreign criminals imaginable.

So long as illegal aliens claim that they have a "credible fear" of persecution in their home country, they are released inside America.

Just as Obama distributes these booklets and comics in Mexico -- we are going to distribute them to Congress!

Your participation today will go directly to covering the costs of printing and sending the "Mexican Migrant Guide" (GUÍA DEL MIGRANTE
MEXICANO) to every Republican Member of Congress.

We also add your name as a signatory to the letter that will accompany the printed comic sent to every GOP Representative and Senator! (We will contact you for permission first before including your name with the mailing to the GOP.)

Use the form on this page to send your Personalized Letters to Congress! Proceeds from today's campaign will help cover our printing costs. Every donation is greatly appreciated!

Borders are biblical, no matter how much the godless Democrats and the self-loathing Republican Members of Congress want to deny it. Deuteronomy 32:8 says:

"The Most High divided their inheritance to the nations,
When He separated the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel."

Throughout Scripture we see that God Himself appoints and sets boundaries between nations. We must begin enforcing our borders again and to do that, we must defend our borders from outside threats.

The godless Democrats are devaluing American citizenship itself by inviting every foreign convict and terrorist into the United States, in hopes that they will secure future votes for their dead ideology.

Speak out today and demand that the GOP Members of Congress support America first! Please participate to help fund our printing and distribution costs for sending Obama's illegal immigration comics to Congress.


After sending your FaxGrams, contact your Representative and Senators at 202-224-3121. Tell them to support Donald Trump's pro-American immigration policies.

If you participate in this campaign by sending Personalized Letters (FaxGrams), you will receive more detailed instructions on how to make an impact.

In addition, please share this message on your social media pages with your family members, friends and acquaintances:

Pray For US needs your financial support for our ministry operations in defense of America. If you are able, please give a contribution in addition to the cost of sending your FaxGrams today.


Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US - Pray For The United States


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Mark Meadows
1024 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Meadows:

The Obama administration is spending my tax dollars to distribute comic books in Mexican prisons. These comic books describe how to effectively sneak across our southern border. Convicts including rapists and murderers are invited to enter the United States without fear of deportation by the Obama administration. In other words, Donald Trump was absolutely correct when he stated that Mexico is not sending its best people here.

News reports from just last week indicate that 90% of all illegal aliens captured by the Border Patrol are released inside the United States. The illegals are all declaring, "Obama invited us here" when they run into the welcoming arms of the Border Patrol which provides them with food, blankets and a free ride to the nearest bus stop on the American side of the border. So long as they claim that they have a "credible fear" of persecution they are let loose to steal jobs, murder and victimize Americans, and sign up for an Obama phone.

I hate to break the news to you, but that spot in the Declaration of Independence which states "in order to secure the blessings of liberty to OURSELVES and to OUR POSTERITY," the Founding Fathers were not referring to Islamic terrorists or Mexican convicts. They were referring to Americans, which are a distinct people from all others on earth. Our borders, language and culture matter to "we the people" and those things had better be important to you as well, if you wish to remain in office. The silent majority is silent no more!

I demand that you immediately adopt and support an America First immigration policy as described by presidential candidate Donald Trump. We want our border secured and we want the convicts deported as soon as possible. We want a wall and we do not want the Border Patrol functioning as the "Border Welcoming Committee for Convicts." We want the laws on the books enforced and we want our country back! We are not backing down on this and I would advise you to publicly declare your full support for America First before the November elections!



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