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Tell Congress:
Reject Paul Ryan's Border
Adjustment Tax (BAT)!

Paul Ryan's House leadership team is working on a tax reform plan that will implement some of the worst features of the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) under a global Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) scheme.1

This is NOT the Border Adjustment Tax on Mexico to pay for the wall that President Trump has proposed. It is a GLOBAL tax on all nations that treats good American trade partners like Canada equally with trade cheaters and currency manipulators like Communist China.

Tell the House Ways and Means Committee to reject the global BAT tax scheme which kill American small and midsize businesses in favor of Paul Ryan's multinational corporate donors!

The BAT tax that Paul Ryan's team is pushing is not available for download yet. It is being kept under lock and key until Ryan is ready to try to ram it through Congress just as he did the abysmal and fake Obamacare "repeal" which went down in flames.

According to Ryan's team, the BAT tax plan will impose a 20% tax on ALL goods brought into the nation while granting a 20% tax break to all companies that export products out of the United States.2

That might sound good on paper but the devil is always in the details. Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen who ran against Ryan in the GOP primary last year says that the way that Ryan's team has structured this scheme will kill American small and midsize businesses, much like Obama's Transpacific Partnership would have if President Trump had not scuttled it.

First, all trade nations are treated equally under Ryan's plan - even countries that are cheating America with lopsided deals like Communist China, Japan, Germany and South Korea. America has huge trade deficits with these nations according to US Census Bureau data.3

Canada, for example, is America's best trading partner. We import and export a roughly equal amount of goods with each other.

America had a $31 billion trade deficit with China in January 2017. China exported $41 billion in goods to America but only imported $10 billion in goods from us in return.4 This deficit does not even take China's currency manipulation into account which gives China a further advantage over American workers and businesses.

Under Paul Ryan's plan, China and Canada would be treated the same - which will encourage Canada to trade somewhere else! Communist China is rewarded and Canada is penalized.

Rolling tariffs would be a solution to this. Until Communist China stops manipulating its currency and selling us more than it buys back, China should be paying a much higher tariff than an ally like Canada!

Second, Ryan's BAT tax scheme gives a 20% advantage to a multinational corporation that exports goods from America. Small and midsize businesses that only sell domestically will be driven out of business by Paul Ryan's corporate donors who receive a government-imposed advantage - just like Obama's failed Transpacific Partnership would have done!

Paul Ryan's globalist ideology as always is, "Hate your neighbor and bow down to our enemies" - which is the exact opposite of the Biblical standard to love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31) and to treat domestic businesses better than foreign interests (Deuteronomy 15:6).

Tell Congress that you reject Paul Ryan's BAT tax scheme and that you want Congress to put America first when it comes to any tax and tariff plans!


After sending your Personal Letters, contact your Senators and Representative at 202-224-3121. Tell them to reject Paul Ryan's unfair Border Adjustment Tax that treats America's economic enemies the same as our economic allies.

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Kevin Brady
1011 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Brady:

I am writing to you to oppose the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) that Paul Ryan's team is touting as part of a tax reform package. This is NOT the border adjustment tax on Mexico to pay for the wall which President Trump has said he supports. This is a global 20% tax on goods that treats America's economic enemies the same as our economic allies. In addition the plan grants a 20% tax break to multinational corporations that export goods. This gives an unfair advantage to big companies over small and mid-size businesses that are only selling products domestically.

The 20% BAT tax on imported goods will treat currency manipulators and countries that take advantage of America the same as countries which have fair trade agreements with us. For example, Canada and the USA import and export a comparable amount of goods to and from each other. We have a trade deficit with Communist China that averages about $30 billion in goods every month. This doesn't even take China's currency manipulation into account. But under Paul Ryan's BAT tax plan, Communist China would pay the same tax as Canada. This punishes our friends and rewards our enemies! If Paul Ryan would never support a 'flat tax' for the American taxpayers, why is he so eager to apply one to foreign countries?

The 20% export bonus will kill small and mid-sized businesses that will not be able to compete with multinational exporters. Paul Ryan's corporate donors will be able to cut their prices 20% to drive 'Mom and Pop' stores in the domestic market out of business. This takes some of the worst elements of the thankfully-dead TransPacific Partnership and imposes them through Paul Ryan's BAT scheme. Killing American jobs and businesses is not part of the agenda that President Trump has set for America and it is not why the voters elected him by a landslide over Paul Ryan's good friend Hillary Clinton.

If you really want to help make America great again, you need to reject this BAT tax scheme that benefits America's enemies and hurts friendly trading partners, and which favors globalist multinational corporations over American businesses. If you want to level the playing field on trade you should be focused on a rolling tariff plan that is adjustable based on whether another country is treating America fairly. Cheaters like Communist China should pay a higher tariff than our trade allies until they get their act together if they want the PRIVILEGE of accessing the American consumer market. Vote NO on Paul Ryan's BAT tax scheme!




Tell Congress:
Epic Obamacare Failure Proves
Paul Ryan Is Unfit To Lead!

Paul Ryan must be removed from his position as Speaker of the House due to his complete failure to repeal Obamacare after seven years' preparation time. If Ryan continues as House Speaker, he will continue to destroy the momentum of the Trump administration and give the House majority back to the Democrats in two years!

Pray For US has drafted a Privileged Motion to Vacate the Speaker's Chair. This motion is fashioned after the successful House Resolution that led to John Boehner being removed from the Speaker's chair in 2015.

Click HERE to read our Privileged Motion to fire Paul Ryan.

Tell Congress, starting with the House Freedom Caucus, to support this new Privileged Motion to Vacate the Speaker's Chair.

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