528 of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Allies Get Death

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

03/24/2014   In an unexpected verdict, the Egyptian government sentenced 528 of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood allies to death.

This is after Muslim Brotherhood terrorists murdered a police deputy and wreaked havoc during last year’s pro-Morsi protests.

Organizations like Pray For US has been calling attention to Mr. Obama’s unholy alliance with this Sunni terrorist group for years and have been maligned and criticized many times for connecting these dots.

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Barack Obama sent boxes stuffed with billions of dollars in cash to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which has been established in these court trials in Egypt.

That cash was used to purchase weapons to kill Christians and non-Sunni Muslims in Egypt (and Libya, Syria, South Sudan, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia and the Central African Republic).

Pray For US is one of the only organizations in America which has pointed out the fact that Obama’s older brother, Roy Obama in Kenya, is the chief financial adviser and money-handler for the Muslim Brotherhood.

These 528 Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt are to be executed, following an appeal next month, for the crimes of murdering Christian men, women and children and non-Sunni Muslims, burning down Coptic Christian churches, accepting bribes from Barack Obama and Roy Obama, and other war-time atrocities.

Pray For US will continue to bring the truth to America about Obama’s close religious and family ties to this dangerous terrorist organization. Obama has placed the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood above those of the American people and Pray For US will continue to shine a light on his misdeeds.

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None of Pray For US’ efforts to expose the truth about Obama would have been possible without the faithful support of patriotic Americans and concerned Christians around the world.

Pray For US is committed to providing Americans with the truth. You can help keep Americans informed about what the mainstream “presstitutes” will not report here.

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