Betty Sakai: In Defense of Marriage

SUMMARY:  The Supreme Court will soon weigh in on the alleged lack of equal protection for homosexuals under Prop 8, the Constitutional Amendment passed in California that restricts marriage to heterosexuals.  San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom refused to abide by Prop 8 and a California Judge (a homosexual) declared it was prejudicial.  There was zero effort in the California state legislature to develop equal rights for life partnerships, to give life partners—whether homosexual or heterosexual—the same long-term stabilizing responsibilities and benefits as heterosexuals in natural marriage.

An Essay by Betty Sakai, Conservative American.

The Supreme Court is not a legislative body.  Justices are charged with basing their findings on a scholarly analysis of the Constitution within the historic foundations of this nation, which are in fact Christian.   They must find that all men are created equal under God.  The Constitution was created by those who fled the tyranny of a centrally controlling government and church to live in a land where they could freely worship and live in the natural order of God to Man.  Removing the natural order of heterosexual marriage from America’s legal and educational systems is like removing America’s heart and soul.  It is an effort to re-establish government as synonymous with God.

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This case is about the struggle between God and Man.  It’s a struggle between God’s will and those who argue the superiority of Man’s will.  This case is about Man fighting to dominate God to redefine what the natural order will be.  In essence, the case challenging California Prop 8 is a plea for the Court to ignore America’s history and respect for God’s natural order, to ignore the Bible, and to redefine the foundations of this Republic.

One cannot deny that in nature unnatural unions take place.  It is true that today differences in life style are more acceptable socially than they were years ago. Man has changed but God and God’s natural laws have not changed.  The problem with the wealthy homosexual lobby is that they do not see themselves any different than heterosexuals.  They deny the special nature of the attraction between a man and a woman, the value to God and this nation of the family unit thereby created.  Homosexuals and heterosexuals who seek life-partnerships should not feel slighted by having their benefits and responsibilities defined by legislative action.

Savvy politicians have been using the plight of homosexuals to enhance their careers. This case is not about equal rights because life-partnership laws can and do exist that provide equal rights.  This case is an assault on God and on the natural heterosexual order of marriage, the very foundation of which has made America strong.

If just, the Court will side with the electorate that passed Prop 8 and site the lack of legislative action in California as a basis for any felt unequal treatment.   The state and federal legislatures can address the needs of life-partnerships and provide benefits equal to heterosexual marriage.  But if the Court sides with the plaintiffs and permits homosexuals to marry, this will change forever the nature of God in America.

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