70K in the Jihadi Pipeline

A Democrat Senator slipped up and admitted that 70,000 Syrians are in the U.N. refugee resettlement jihadi pipeline, headed to the USA soon unless Americans speak out. This admission proves what Pray For US has been saying for months: That Barack Obama’s true intention is to bring at least 250,000 “Syrian” refugees to America during his last year in office.

The Senate will hold a procedural vote on Tuesday, Jan. 19th to FINALLY impose actual FBI background checks on Muslim refugees from Syria and Iraq.

But Senate Democrats are now threatening to block the bill. Americans need to put an avalanche of pressure on Congress right now and tell them to close the gates before Obama brings in this wave of 70,000 unvetted “refugees”!


Click HERE to send FaxGrams to the Senate prior to Tuesday’s procedural vote. Tell them to support HR 4038!


This bill requires an actual FBI background check on every Syrian and Iraqi Muslim refugee… and if the background check cannot be conducted (which is the case with most of these invaders), then the refugee does not get into the USA!

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Remember, Barack Obama has stated repeatedly that he only wants to bring 10,000 “widows and orphans” to America.

But regarding the vote next Tuesday on this bill, Sen. Durbin stated, “It doesn’t stand up to reason that we’re focusing on 70,000 people that are vetted for two years.”


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German protesters speak out after hundreds of women & girls molested by Muslim refugees on New Year’s Eve

And those 70,000 fighting-aged male jihadis are ready to come to your city where they can wreak havoc, just as thousands of Muslim “refugees” did in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden on New Year’s Eve.

Hundreds of women were raped, robbed and beaten across Europe on New Year’s Eve by the Syrian, Iraqi and other Islamic “refugees” who have flooded into those nations.

The same chaos, crime and misery is coming to America unless we convince Congress to pass this bill and deny entry to any Syrian or Iraqi Muslim who cannot pass a background check!

Jesus commands us in Mark 12:31, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” and we take this command seriously.

Our actual neighbors – our fellow Americans – are not being loved if we allow Obama to import millions of additional Muslims into this country. In fact, it is an act of hatred against our neighbors if we do not fight this Islamic invasion.

The massive wave of sexual assaults, violence and robberies that Europe is experiencing right now is proof of this. That same crime wave is coming here if we let Obama’s Syrians, Iraqis and others in.


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Take action today. Tell the Senate to support and pass the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015!




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