Muslim Prosecutor, Punisher of Christians, Seeks to Jail US Military

Image of UN ICC Chief Prosecutor Bensouda, Fatou Seeks to Charge US Amered Forces for Cultural Crimes She has Invented While Leaving the Taliban's 20,000 murders on the shelf.

By Charles Benninghoff:

The worst possible nightmare for American military personnel is now unfolding at the United Nations building in New York City, a building literally bought and paid for by the United States in the aftermath of World War II and erected on land that today would be worth billions, because there a Muslim terrorist dictator for life’s chief lawyer – an attorney who defended the Muslim terrorist dictator from charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and the wanton killing of Christians of his own country – now is given authority to prosecute American military personnel for war crimes because they defended America from Muslim terrorists exactly like her old boss.

The attorney in question is Fatsou Bensouda, a Gambian attorney who somehow was appointed to be the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court – an entity funded by the United Nations but which has been rejected by the United States.

Despite US rejection, any anti-American judgment this jihadi judge could obtain from the UN would be enforceable in any country that subscribes to the ICC – meaning any time a US military team entered such a country the entire team could be swept up in a Muslim-driven madness of persecution, mayhem, rape and defilement so commonly applied in some Asian countries to POWs – just think ISIS gang beheadings of 50 soldiers at a time.

Chief Prosecutor Bensouda’s devotion to the Muslim dictator – a man named Yahya Jammeh who ruled Gambia for decades – is unquestioned.  That she defended his coarse and vile conduct inside Gambia is also unquestioned.

What is questioned is Bensouda’s ability to even put together a prosecutable case.  In one instance Bensouda brought a case of the ICC against alleged planning in 2007 by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta wherein she alleged violence by President Kenyatta when he fought rebels who were working to overthrow the government of Kenya.

One would think that a case of national self-defense might be noteworthy especially when the leader of Kenya – President Kenyatta – is a Christian who was fighting Muslim-driven terrorists.  Prosecutor Bensouda – who is a Muslim – didn’t see it that way and brought war crimes charges against Kenyatta for killing Muslim terrorists.  Her case was so badly drawn, however, she was forced to drop the case and, according to a Kenyan senator named Kithure Kindiki, she was described as a Don Quixote – an apparition like figure, flogging a dead horse.

So, what can American “crusaders” fighting back the legions of Muslim terrorists that history clearly shows Bensouda has an affinity for expect from her?

Image of Pray for US Pray for the United States Contribution Frame Image

Can you imagine what this ICC Chief Prosecutor has in store for the American officials who dropped the GBU-43 the so-called “Mother of all bombs” on the Taliban Headquarters?

Bensouda already has an ICC investigation into the conduct of American troops in Afghanistan for such practices as water boarding and “… outrages upon personal dignity … against conflict-related detainees in Afghanistan during the 2003-2004…” period of warfare.  As well, Bensouda is charging American personnel with “… acts committed in a manner calculated to offend cultural and religious values, and leaving victims deeply traumatized.”

Meanwhile, Muslim Bensouda has done little, if anything, to formally prosecute the Muslim Taliban terrorists who have been directly responsible for approximately 20,000 deaths in Afghanistan between 2009-2016.

How could things possibly go wrong for America’s defenders who are overwhelmingly Christian under Chief Prosecutor Bensouda’s tactic of whipping dead horses?

© by Charles Benninghoff 2017  |  All Rights Reserved



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