Shut Down The Power of the Administrative State

Image of Cotton Tom Wearing Combat Gear 02 America cannot give into the tyranny of the deeply embedded American administrative estate or government sector labor unions

By:  Charles Benninghoff

America is in great peril now because President Trump has been unable to push through the Senate nominees who are patriotic and conservative because of the so-called “cloture rule” which rule allows every single nominee to be stymied at the will of a single opposing senator.

Image of Charles Benninghoff Founder of Pray for USIn the first year of the four prior administrations combined there were only six cloture votes while in less than one year of President Trump’s term there have been 47 cloture votes caused largely by globalist socialists who hold office under the name “Democrat.”

What can be done? A lot! How do we do it? First, let’s get up to speed with the players and then talk about what this “cloture” rule actually is.

If America’s Heritage Foundation says something, then all God-fearing and Flag-loving Americans (like me) have to stand and listen.

Why? According to the world’s online encyclopedia Wikipedia, the Heritage Foundation took a leading role in the conservative movement as far back as the presidency of Ronald Regan and “Ronnie” himself based his operating policies largely from Heritage’s publication Mandate for Leadership.

Heritage’s involvement since the Reagan presidency has continued to be one of the most influential in the conservative movement in America and it was involved deeply in helping to shape the presidency of Donald Trump.

Back on December 8, 2016 Heritage decided to honor Senator Tom Cotton R-AR who is the senate’s youngest member with a first-time “Distinguished Intern Alumni Award”. Why? Because few elected officials have so consistently followed the conservative mandate as has Senator Cotton and while there have been thousands of Heritage interns over the years none has shown so brightly nor spoken so eloquently as Mr. Cotton about how to Make America Great Again.

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So, let’s listen to what Senator Cotton has to say about the peril America now finds itself facing.

At a November 16, 2017 address to the Federalist Society meeting Cotton stated that, “… a lot of good men and women run for office and then get elected only to find that they have run into a stone wall of arrogant federal workers.” As well, “… the choice that our elected officials have made is to pass legislation consisting of thousands of words that none of them have ever read and that benefit only federal employees.”

Things are going to be coming to a head in the next three months according to Cotton.

Three things are going to make this happen.

First, is the Senate courtesy concept of Blue Slips which allows a senator from a state to send, or not, a blue piece of paper to the Senate speaker to consent or not to the hearing of a nominee before he, or she, can even get a vote. This is true in the case of Senator “feel ‘em up” Franken D-MN has held up a vote on a nominee even though the jurisdiction of the appointee’s proposed office is seven states.

So, Senator Cotton says since the Blue Slip procedure is not a rule or a law but, rather a simple courtesy, the Congress should set a limit on the number of days to turn in a blue slip and if none is then a vote is held in the next day, or so, anyway.

Next, Senator Cotton stated that, “… the tradition of waiting until the American Bar Association gives its evaluation on a candidate for the federal judiciary…” before holding a hearing is ludicrous.

Cotton stated, “Look, we should just stop pretending that the American Bar Association (ABA) is a professional organization in this context because in this context, the ABA is a leftwing ideological enforcer…” that has “… already called four nominees of Trump unqualified and that in eight years under Obama never called a single nominee unqualified.”

So, the Senate is wholly within its right to accord no more weight to an ABA evaluation than it should to a trade group because the weight of socialist and activist judge-driven ruling falls very heavily on business and business’ input is more important that a leftist lawyer lobbying group like the ABA.

Lastly, the Senate Democrats have been forcing cloture votes even on non-controversial federal employee and judicial appointments. So, it has taken an entire week in just approving two federal appointments and an ambassador to Japan, stated the Senator.

“So, it is time to put a stop to this [cloture abuse],” stated Senator Cotton.

He argued well that it is time to tell the Democrat obstructionists to agree to follow, and actually follow, their own rules from the Obama administration (that gave very limited debate times) or that two hours of debate only would be given for any appointment and the cloture rule will be eliminated in its entirety.

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He concluded either accept the same terms or Republicans will eliminate cloture and limit debate to two hours.

So the Democrats have the choice – accept same terms that the GOP accepted in 2013 when the Democrats were in control – or contend with the complete elimination of cloture niceties and face martial law on the floor of the Senate.

Cotton concluded his address by stating that America cannot allow the Democrats to nullify the consequences of the last election through simple obstructionism because elections must have consequences and if America is serious about reining in this deeply-embedded administrative state’s obstructionism and opposition to appointing good men and women to our federal court system then imminent action is required.

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