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Campaign Description Date
FREEBI: Nondisclosure Agreement Restriction Protocol Act FREEBI: Pass our Nondisclosure Restriction Protocol Act so whistleblowers with information on Obama administration crimes can testify to Congress without fear. October 20, 2017
Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller Special Counsel Robert Mueller has assembled a Trump firing squad consisting of Clinton donor attorneys with a long track record of unethical legal violations. October 20, 2017
Nondisclosure Restriction Protocol Act Pass our Nondisclosure Restriction Protocol Act so that whistleblowers with information on Obama administration crimes can testify to Congress without fear. October 19, 2017
Fire Deep State Inquisitor Robert Mueller Robert Mueller knew Hillary Clinton & Obama were taking bribes from the Russians over the Uranium One sale which is why Mueller now wants to impeach Trump. October 18, 2017
Release the James Comey Memos The swamp will hide the damning James Comey memos for years in an effort to hang President Trump unless patriots demand the immediate release of Comey papers. October 16, 2017
FREEBI: Fire Mitch McConnell FREEBI campaign to fire Mitch McConnell who has ZERO accomplishments to show America after seven months, no Obamacare repeal, no tax cuts, no border wall - FAIL October 13, 2017
Stop the Proposed FEC Conservative Speech Gag Democrats on the FEC are pushing a new rule to exterminate all conservative speech on emerging mobile technology and killing your First Amendment free speech. October 12, 2017
Expel Debbie Wasserman from Congress Rep. Debbie Wasserman (D-FL) kept a Pakistani IT staffer on her payroll when she knew he was spying for foreign ops so Debbie should be expelled by the House! October 11, 2017
Close the Illegal Alien Release Loophole Hundreds of thousands of violent illegal aliens including known terrorists are released every year due to a Supreme Court loophole we are now trying to close. October 10, 2017
Support President Trump's MAGA Immigration Plan Show your support for President Trump's incredible America First immigration plan for a completed wall, 10K new border agents and full sanctuary city crackdown! October 09, 2017
Impeach Rex Tillerson Secretary of State Rex Tillerson should be removed from office for coddling Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and insubordination against President Trump. October 06, 2017
Investigate Very Fake News in America Congress has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars investigating Russia collusion fairy tales but the real threat to American democracy is Very Fake News media. October 05, 2017
Defeat the RINO Million-Man H2C Amnesty Self-loathing Republicans in Congress plot to pass an H-2C visa expansion program to import 1 million foreign workers to permanently suck up American jobs. October 04, 2017
Special Counsel to Debunk Fake Russia Dossier Obama holdovers at the Justice Department refuse to let Congress interview the FBI about its role in the Democrat Party's fake Russia dossier on Donald Trump. October 03, 2017
Declare Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Group Congress must declare the George Soros-funded group antifa to be domestic terrorists before the group unleashes its planned November 4 civil war rioting. October 02, 2017
BREAK UP THE NFL MONOPOLY Break up the anti-American NFL monopoly that rakes in billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies and uses it to insult the very fans who make the sport possible. September 29, 2017
Restore Christian Military Chaplain Rights Obama drove Christian chaplains out of the military while hiring Muslim Brotherhood-approved imams to prod the troops to scrape and bow toward Mecca. September 28, 2017
Defeat the Democrat DACA Amnesty Every Republican needs to hear from you and know that they face Sen. Luther Strange's (R-AL) primaried fate at the hands of the voters if they support amnesty! September 27, 2017
No DACA Democrat Amnesty for Illegals PROOF illegal aliens are a massive net drain on the American economy and amnesty for DACA illegals will only benefit the Democrat Party & not American families! September 27, 2017
Save Iraqi Christians and Yazidis From ISIS Christians in Iraq are dying as they wait for Congress' mandated funding to be released by Muslim Brotherhood spokesman/Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. September 26, 2017
Save Christians and Yazidis From ISIS Christians in Iraq are dying as they wait for Congress' mandated funding to be released by Muslim Brotherhood spokesman/Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. September 26, 2017
Wreck Obama's Unconstitutional Slush Funds Obama & Eric Holder set up slush funds to pay La Raza and other anti-America groups millions. HR 732 cuts the purse-strings of these anti-Trump resistance groups. September 25, 2017
Sharia Law Resolution Must Be Defeated in the House H.Res. 257 calls for law enforcement to enforce Sharia law speech codes in America and with 17 Republican co-sponsors you must speak out defeat this resolution. September 23, 2017
Stop Muslim Brotherhood Sharia in America HR 377 will shut down the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR in the USA so it will no longer be able to impose Sharia law through bogus anti-bullying "hate" rules & regs. September 22, 2017
Save the Electoral College from Democrat Fraud Crooked Hillary calls for abolishing the electoral college but the truth is Donald Trump won a popular vote landslide when you subtract unlawful foreign votes! September 22, 2017
FREEBI: Support the Resolution Protecting White Patriots FREEBI: Urge Congress to pass our Resolution offering white nationalists the same protections under the law that all others are currently afforded under US law. September 20, 2017
Support the Resolution Protecting White Patriots Urge Congress to pass our Resolution offering white nationalists the same protections under the law that all others are currently afforded under US law. September 20, 2017
Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act HR 3697 HR 3697 the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act will make foreign gang members inadmissible to the USA and make it easier to deport drug cartel killers. September 18, 2017
Lock up Criminal Antifa Backer George Soros Lock up George Soros who is financially backing domestic terrorist group Antifa to attack Americans exercising their freedom of speech rights. September 15, 2017
No Amnesty Deal on DACA More than 50% of Obama's Dreamers submitted fraudulent DACA applications and President Trump says there is NO DEAL with Democrat liars for a DACA amnesty. September 15, 2017
Stop Funding Muslim Brotherhood Terror GOP leadership has pulled an amendment that would have banned US taxpayer funding of Muslim Brotherhood front groups that support Islamic terrorism worldwide. September 14, 2017
Hillary Clinton Russia Collusion for Cash Demand a Special Counsel to dig into the Clinton Foundation's $145 million donation from Russians while she sold 20% of America's uranium in Russia collusion. September 13, 2017
Cuff Clinton Crime Family Consigliere Comey Former FBI Director James Comey wrote his "no reasonable prosecutor" speech 2 months before the FBI interviewed Crooked Hillary. Throw Comey behind bars! September 12, 2017
No Amnesty for DACA Fraud Deport Them All More than 50% of all DACA Dreamers submitted fraudulent applications which Obama rubber-stamped. Say NO to DACA amnesty and tell Congress to deport them all. September 11, 2017
Tithe to Pray For US Please support the church missions of Pray For US through tithes and offerings and help us continue to defend faith, family and flag. September 08, 2017
Congress Must Cancel Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal President Trump is about to declare Iran in violation of Obama's insane nuclear weapons treaty with the Mad Mullahs so tell Congress to tear up the deal NOW. September 07, 2017
DACA Revolution Deport Foreign Criminals Several top DACA recipient countries: Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Poland. Get the facts, join the revolution to stop the GOP from saving Obama's DACA amnesty! September 06, 2017
Destroy Obama's DACA Ripoff Obama's "childhood arrivals" are drug cartel assassins, welfare leaches and have drained 800K American jobs and they must all be sent home immediately. September 05, 2017
Defeat Unconstitutional Obama DACA Amnesty We must defeat the effort by the gutless cowards in the GOP leadership who are scrambling to overturn President Trump's lawful elimination of Obama's amnesty! September 04, 2017
Lock Soros Up For His Neo-Nazi Riot Lock up George Soros who funded both the "Nazi" plants in Charlottesville, VA as well as the antifa and Black Lives Matter attackers who instigated a riot. September 01, 2017
Make Executive Order Amnesty Illegal Executive order amnesty for illegal aliens should be an impeachable offense. Resurrect H.Res. 198 so that future Democrats cannot grant amnesty to millions! August 31, 2017
Expel Debbie Wasserman from the House Rep. Debbie Wasserman (D-FL) must be expelled from Congress for employing a Pakistani IT Muslim spy who hacked every Republican and Democrat for blackmail dirt. August 31, 2017
End Special Counsel Mueller Federal Witch Hunt Click HERE to voice your support for Rep. Ron Desantis' (R-FL) amendment to shut down Special Counsel Robert Mueller's anti-Trump witch hunt after 180 days. August 29, 2017
Shut Antifa Terrorist Organization Down The George Soros funded antifa group must be designated as terrorists for attacking peaceful Americans who exercise their constitutional right to assemble. August 29, 2017
Contribute to the Mission of Pray For US Poll participants can donate to Pray For US to receive an additional patriotic gift that is sure to please your friends and trigger snowflakes. August 28, 2017
Fire Mitch McConnell America needs a Senate Majority Leader who supports America and not a crony globalist politician like Mitch McConnell who sells out patriots for campaign bribes August 27, 2017
Sharia Law Resolution Destroys America's First Amendment Stunning S. Res. 118 endorses Sharia law by protecting Muslims from any speech that accurately and truthfully criticizes Islam. We must defeat House version. August 26, 2017
Lock George Soros Up for Funding Charlottesville Riot Lock up George Soros who funded both the "Nazi" plants in Charlottesville, VA as well as the antifa and Black Lives Matter attackers who instigated a riot. August 25, 2017
Designate George Soros' Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Group Antifa must be designated a terrorist group just like ISIS for launching unprovoked attempted murders and assaults with deadly weapons @ peaceful Americans. August 24, 2017
Designate Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Group Antifa must be designated a terrorist group just like ISIS for launching unprovoked attempted murders and assaults with deadly weapons @ peaceful Americans. August 24, 2017
FREEBI: Support President Trump End The Filibuster Join President Trump's call to end the Senate filibuster which is not a constitutional rule and by which minority Democrats can block all patriotic legislation! August 23, 2017
No Dreamer Amnesty Start The Wall NOW Globalists want to use America's proposed southern border wall @ bargaining chip to secure amnesty for Obama's drug cartel dreamers. No amnesty - Start the Wall August 23, 2017
Defeat the Graham-Durbin Amnesty Betrayal Bill 65% of criminal gang arrests are Obama's deferred DREAMers and now Lindsey Graham wants to grant these cartel assassins amnesty and full citizenship rights! August 18, 2017
Defeat the Globalist Presidential Capacity Act Your help is needed to stop RINOs and Democrats in Congress from assembling a panel of politicians who plan to remove President Trump in a coup against America. August 17, 2017
Impeach George Soros Puppet HR McMaster NSC Director HR McMaster must be impeached because he worked for George Soros for 11 years including participating in Obama's Iran nuclear deal propaganda! August 16, 2017
SUPPORT THE HOUSE OBAMACARE DISCHARGE PETITION Once the Obamacare Discharge Petition placed on the main desk in the House reaches 218 signatures the REPEAL we were promised must be voted on immediately! August 15, 2017
Defeat the House of Representatives Sharia Law Resolution 9-11 families will be forced to listen to Muslim call to prayer daily and this will only get worse unless we defeat the Sharia law resolution in Congress. August 15, 2017
Impeach Obama's General McMaster for Supporting Terrorists National Security Advisor HR McMaster is firing all Homeland Security patriots who speak out against Muslim Brotherhood terrorists so we must impeach McMaster! August 14, 2017
Impeach McMaster for Protecting Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists National Security Advisor HR McMaster is firing all Homeland Security patriots who speak out against Muslim Brotherhood terrorists so we must impeach McMaster! August 14, 2017
No Plea Deal for Crooked Hillary Clinton - LOCK HER UP The Justice Department is offering Crooked Hillary a plea deal to avoid jail time for her Treason Server. Clinton did the crime & must do the time! Lock Her Up! August 10, 2017
Disqualify Special Counsel Robert Mueller Robert Mueller framed innocent GOP Sen. Stevens in 2008 on false charges and will do the same to President Trump if patriots do not shut down fake Russia probe. August 09, 2017
Special Counsel to Indict Lynch Comey & Obama Demand a Special Counsel to investigate and indict the Obama coverup crew of Loretta Lynch, James Comey & Crooked Hillary who lied repeatedly to American voters August 08, 2017
Make America Great Again with President Trump's RAISE Act The RAISE Act fixes America's broken immigration system by promoting a skills-based entry system rather than the current welfare-dependent Democrat voter system August 07, 2017
Impeach Globalist HR McMaster for Undermining President Trump National Security Advisor HR McMaster is purging America First Trump loyalists while implementing Obama's foreign policy - Impeach McMaster! August 04, 2017
Wasserman Data Breach Tied Directly to Muslim Brotherhood The espionage carried out by Debbie Wasserman's closest aide Imran Awan is linked directly to the Muslim Brotherhood international terrorist group and CAIR. August 03, 2017
Special Counsel to Track Down Seth Rich Killer Demand a Special Counsel to investigate Clinton Body Count victim Seth Rich who was partying with Debbie Wasserman's Pakistani "IT worker" night of murder. August 02, 2017
Fire Anti-Trump Special Counsel Robert Mueller Special Counsel Bob Mueller has stacked his investigative team with Hillary donors who will lynch President Donald Trump on false charges if you don't speak out August 01, 2017
APPOINT AN OBAMA CRIMES COMMISSION Demand an Obama Crimes Commission be appointed to investigate, prosecute and jail Barack Obama for spying on ALL 2012/2016 GOP candidates for president! July 28, 2017
JAIL OBAMA FOR TRUMP WIRETAP CONSPIRACY Barack Obama illegally wiretapped all GOP candidates in 2012 and 2016 and patriots demand a Special Counsel to investigate and jail him! July 28, 2017
INVESTIGATE OBAMA FOR WIRETAPPING TRUMP Obama's partisan hacks Susan Rice and Samantha Power illegally unmasked hundreds of Trump associates in wiretap scandal so we demand a new special counsel NOW! July 28, 2017
NO BUDGET NO VACATION FOR CONGRESS GOP bickering on the FY 2018 budget jeopardizes tax cuts for America so if they cannot get the spending bill together they must cancel summer their vacation. July 27, 2017
Shut Down Terror Training Network in America Muslims of America, Inc's radical Pakistani sheik leader tells his cult-like followers to arm themselves immediately against "satanic-Zionist" President Trump. July 26, 2017
GIVE THE GIFT OF OBAMACARE TO CONGRESS Congress will never repeal Obamacare so long as they do not feel the pain so we must demand that Congress live with and abide by Obamacare like the rest of USA. July 25, 2017
Proof of Obama-Mueller Collusion to Crucify Trump FBI Director Robert Mueller swept the IRS targeting of conservatives conspiracy under the rug for Obama & now is out to hang President Trump on false charges. July 21, 2017
End Obama's NLRB Union Ambush Tacticcs Obama's union ambush rules must be abolished by Congress so employees can no longer be identified, bullied and intimidated into a rush vote for unionization. July 19, 2017
MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TERRORIST DESIGNATION ACT Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR is actively encouraging Muslims to refuse to cooperate with FBI investigation of active terror plots inside the USA borders. July 18, 2017
Stop Unlawful IRS Business Seizures NOW Corrupt IRS seizures of small businesses must be stopped after IRS goons looted a TX dress boutique that was accused of NO CRIME & auctioned entire inventory. July 18, 2017
Stop Federal Jobs for Illegal Aliens Amendment Help American patriots defeat a treasonous amendment in Congress that would grant federal jobs to every illegal alien that Obama shielded from deportation! July 17, 2017
Special Counsel Needed to Snoop Hillary’s Russian Lawyer Crooked Hillary sent a honeypot Russian lawyer to meet Donald Trump, Jr. in an entrapment scheme so Obama could get a false FISA warrant to wiretap Trump Tower. July 14, 2017
Defund the Corrupt Incompetent United Nations Support HR 2496 the 'Defund the Corrupt & Incompetent United Nations Act' because America pays more than 185 other countries COMBINED to keep the UN scam afloat July 13, 2017
25000 ChiCom Spies Are Robbing America Blind Rep. Steve King's HR 1048 will punish Communist China for stealing $600 billion per year from American businesses through intellectual property theft. July 12, 2017
Stop Rampant Alien Vote Fraud in America 2 million aliens admitted in the 2013 National Hispanic Survey that they are unlawfully registered to vote which undermines America's sovereignty as a nation! July 11, 2017
Force a Vote on America First Davis-Oliver Act Patriots must call on Congress for a vote on the Davis-Oliver Act HR 2431 to stop the flood of criminal illegal aliens and gang cartel members into America. June 29, 2017
Support Trump's 5-Year Immigration Welfare Ban Support President Trump's call for a 5 year ban on new immigrants to America receiving welfare payments, food, cash and housing from the American taxpayers. June 28, 2017
FREEBI: Impeach Ginsburg to Give Trump another SC Vacancy Clinton shill and fake judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has refused to recuse herself from any cases involving the Trump administration so Ginsburg must be impeached! June 27, 2017
Federal Employees Flood USA with Known Islamic Terrorists Faceless federal bureaucrats work behind arcane rules flooding America with terrorist refugees ensuring future attacks on soft targets like malls and schools. June 26, 2017
Censure Globalist Mueller’s False Attacks on President Trump Stupid Mueller’s globalist cadre launch nationwide #fakenews campaign to bolster Special Investigator standing to empower impeachment June 23, 2017
Secret Obamacare Lite Bill is an Insurance Company Fatcat Bailout Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s staff wrote the Obamacare Lite bill in secret with no conservatives and will be rammed through unless patriots oppose it! June 23, 2017
Shut Off Totally Free Obamacare Insurance for Illegal Aliens Illegal aliens have received billions in totally free taxpayer funded Obamacare insurance so patriots must demand passage of the Verify First Act HR 2581. June 22, 2017
Nunes Screams 'America Chasing Russian Ghosts in Closet' Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes says Congress should stop chasing nonexistent Russian boogeymen around the closet and get some real work done for America! June 21, 2017
Freedom Lobby: No Agenda Progress = No Vacation Tell Congress that taking a July Vacation after 5 wasted months of no progress on vital issues is a slap-in-the-face so stay in DC and fight, fight, fight! June 20, 2017
SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP AGAINST FED WITCH HUNT Five members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigative team have already leaked one-sided information to media proving this is an unlawful witch hunt. June 16, 2017
America's Survival Depends Upon Excluding Terrorist Refugees The United Nations - dominated by a bloc of 56 Muslim countries - used its “Refugee Program” to flood America with thousands of unvetted potential terrorists. June 16, 2017
Lock Comey Up For Leaking Classified Memos to Media Former FBI Director James Comey's leak of a classified memo to the media to hurt President Trump is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison. June 16, 2017
American Laws Protect Racketeering Corruption & Blackmail Support libel law reform so Mainstream Media cannot knowingly publish fake news for political gain and can be sued for knowingly printing false information. June 14, 2017
GOP Majority Must Support President Trump Against Globalists Both Mueller & Comey are Obama & Holder proteges all of whom now collude in globalist-driven witch hunt to bring down our nationalistic President Donald Trump June 13, 2017
Americas Survival: Exclude Terrorist Refugees The United Nations - dominated by a bloc of 56 Muslim countries - used its “Refugee Program” to flood America with thousands of unvetted potential terrorists. June 12, 2017
Save America from Activist Federal Courts Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) calls for ridding America of liberal activist courts by taking immigration jurisdiction away from radical leftist appellate courts. June 10, 2017
Support the Second Amendment Defense Act HR 2098 Civilians were carved up by Muslim Terrorists in London when police ran away which is why America must never allow herself to be disarmed by globalist Democrats June 09, 2017
PASS THE EXPATRIATE TERRORIST ACT HR 1021 Instead of arresting & imprisoning terrorists for decades at taxpayer expense America should revoke their citizenship and deport them to their native countries! June 09, 2017
Fix Activist Circuit Appeals Courts for America Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) calls for ridding America of liberal activist courts by taking immigration jurisdiction away from radical leftist appellate courts. June 07, 2017
Shut Down Refugee Resettlement as a National Security Threat America must shut down all United Nations refugee resettlement under HR 80 after massive and devastating terror attacks in Britain and France plus Australia. June 06, 2017
Support the 2nd Amendment Defense Act Civilians were carved up by Muslim Terrorists in London when police ran away which is why America must never allow herself to be disarmed by globalist Democrats June 05, 2017
FREEBI: Thank Trump for Ditching Paris Accord President Donald Trump saved America from the job wrecking wealth transfer scheme known as the Paris Accord which was really a UN global warming hoax treaty. June 02, 2017
Obama’s Nazi Secret Police FISA Court Will Take Down America Obama illegally spied on you through the FISA court if you ever spoke ABOUT Donald Trump in 2015-16 in a Nazi-like secret police operation to take down America. June 01, 2017
Make America Great Again: Eliminate Senate Closure Rule Our Senate’s Closure Rule requires 60 votes to stop Democrats from haggling showboating and which is why Trump’s agenda for America is continually blocked. May 31, 2017
Paris Climate Liar Treaty Will Destroy American Sovereignty Urge Congress to embrace Sen. Rand Paul’s Concurrent Resolution #17 that rejects the Paris Accord Climate Liar Treaty and Saves America’s Sovereignty & Economy May 30, 2017
Hillary Clinton Body Count: Chinagate Fundraiser Speaks Special Prosecutor: Bill & Hillary Chinagate fundraiser Johnny Chung taped a secret confession in fear he would be added to the Clinton Body Count. May 26, 2017
Clinton Body Count: Special Prosecutor for Seth Rich Murder Seth Rich + 6 others closely tied to Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman and the DNC deceased, demand a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Body Count! May 25, 2017
Fmr. DNC Chair Threatens Cops in Muslim Brotherhood Coverup Disgraced Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) threatens DC Chief of Police to cover up Clinton Crime Family’s World’s Biggest Hack by the Muslim Brotherhood. May 24, 2017
The Clintons Joined the Muslim Brotherhood to Spy on the USA Demand a special prosecutor after the Muslim Brotherhood hacked Democrat computers and stole their Weiner-style pics for Hillary Clinton to blackmail Congress. May 23, 2017
Lying Corrupt Globalist Democrats Continue Global Warming Lie The “No Tax Dollars for the United Nations’ Climate Agenda Act” stops billions from being paid to crooked UN bureaucrats and is supported by 64% of scientists. May 22, 2017
The Muslim Brotherhood Just Visited Your Congressman The Muslim Brotherhood is lobbying Congress NOT to pass HR 377 which designates it as a terror group which is why even more patriots must support this bill! May 21, 2017
FREEBI: Dump Never-Trump Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy FREEBI: Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) deserves to lose seat as House Majority Leader for backstabbing comments on President Trump & Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA). May 18, 2017
Patriots Must Demand GOP Stand Up & Support President Trump America is foundering - not because of President Trump - but because the GOP Leadership has not united the party behind him & put itself into horrible disarray. May 17, 2017
Stop Access Islam School Curriculum American taxpayer money is funding Islamic religious lessons in public schools. These funds must be cut or, give equal access to all religious faiths equally. May 17, 2017
Federal Regulations Bankrupting America America must enact REINS Legislation to stop out-of-control bureaucracies because we now pay $2 trillion per year and have NO input in these idiotic regulations May 15, 2017
Teacher Unions Indoctrinate Kids in Islam Obama Lives On: American Patriots Must Strike Back against Anti-Christian Public Sector Teaching Unions Teaching Our Kids that Islam is the “True Religion”. May 12, 2017
FREEBI: Comey Firing Was Perfectly Justified Tell Congress that the firing of James Comey was perfectly justified for the many reasons explained in Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein's report to President Trump May 11, 2017
Start the Wall Now to Protect America From Mexican Violence Mexico is now the 2nd most dangerous country on earth with 23,000 drug war dead just last year so starting the wall now is a matter of our national survival! May 10, 2017
Refugee Resettlement Must Shut Down Completely Refugee resettlement must be shut down under HR 81 because hundreds of FBI terrorism cases stem directly from new unvetted refugee arrivals in America. May 10, 2017
Break Up Globalist 9th Circuit Court w HR 1598 Ninth Circuit Appeals Court is off-the-charts insanely filled with anti-American globalists seeking Trump’s destruction BUT HR 1598 will put it out of business. May 09, 2017
Make the Texas Sanctuary City Ban Federal Law Congress must save American lives by enacting federal version of the Texas sanctuary city ban that hammers globalist police chiefs & sheriffs who break the law May 08, 2017
Cut Wealthy Federal Executive Pensions for Taxpayer Relief Taxpayers need relief as former President Barack Obama has a $65 million book deal & rakes in $400,000 per Wall Street speech and doesn’t need a federal pension May 05, 2017
Patriots Must Stop the American Worker Replacement Bill The GOP-proposed “State Sponsored Visa Pilot Program” replaces 500K American workers with welfare-leaching foreigners each year, plus amnesty for all illegals. May 04, 2017
3 Days Only to Defeat the Anti-Trump Budget HR 244 forbids The Wall, keeps Planned Parenthood, adds thousands of unvetted refugees so for America to survive Patriots act. To tell congress to back off. May 02, 2017
Soros-Funded Nazis Target Freedom of Speech Congress must amend the Civil Rights Act to protect conservative speakers, students and patriotic groups to stop Soros-backed speech Nazis from silencing truth. May 01, 2017
FREEBI: Obama’s Army Still Armed & Functioning Breaking news reveals new inroads being made into US military and political power structure by known Muslim Brotherhood operatives first protected by Obama. April 27, 2017
Federal Judge Orrick Gave $230,000 to Obama Impeach anti-Trump sanctuary city Federal Judge Orrick who was given judgeship by Dirty Harry Reid after he donated $230,000 to the Barack Obama campaign. April 26, 2017
Call on the Freedom Caucus to Build the Wall The House Freedom Caucus is America’s only hope to stand up to Speaker Paul Ryan and ensure funding to build the big, beautiful wall on our southern border. April 25, 2017
Lock Hillary Clinton Up Hillary Clinton deserves jail time for leaking classified information to our enemies and we must not suspend the rule of law or allow her to escape justice! April 24, 2017
Permanently Block All Syrian Refugees The Resettlement Accountability Act HR 81 permanently bans refugees from terror-sponsoring countries so we must demand passage of this life-saving legislation! April 21, 2017
Stop the GI Bill Tax Ripoff Congress wants to tax military paychecks and will give the cash to illegals next time a Democrat is in the White House unless we speak out against GI Bill tax. April 20, 2017
Designate MS-13 A Terrorist Group The Salvadoran MS-13 gang now has 10,000 members in 40 US states who commit the most heinous crimes in America and must be designated as a terrorist group! April 19, 2017
Fix the Broken American Tax System Paul Ryan delays tax reforms as the tax code is so complex that most adults cannot comprehend it. Tell Congress to put America first and reform the tax code! April 18, 2017
Drain the Swamp in Washington Members of Congress spend 30 hours per week making telemarketing fundraising calls to raise money for their parties instead of making America great again! April 17, 2017
Paul Ryan Must Be Replaced We cannot Make America Great Again so long as Soros puppet and cash recipient Paul Ryan is destroying the conservative agenda from his position as House Speaker. April 14, 2017
Stop Blocking the Trump Border Wall House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) are among the globalists in Congress holding up funding for the border wall. Speak out and demand the wall! April 13, 2017
Cut Federal VIP Travel Expenses The Air Force is drastically short of pilots but federal fatcats are spending record amounts of time and money flying to exotic locations around the world. April 11, 2017
Support HR 377 to Declare Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists President Trump and Egyptian President El-Sisi agree that the Muslim Brotherhood is a dangerous terrorist group so why hasn't Congress designated it as such? April 10, 2017
Stop Sharia Law in Public Schools American taxpayer money is funding Islamic "Sunday school"-style lessons in public schools. These funds must be cut otherwise all faiths deserve equal access! April 07, 2017
Force Wiretapper Obama to Testify Obama should be forced to testify because he wiretapped Donald Trump AND Members of Congress in an espionage plot that makes Watergate look like small potatoes! April 06, 2017
Stop Chinese NAFTA Invasion Communist China is encircling America through its trade deals with Mexico & Canada. NAFTA must be suspended to prevent a future Chi-Com invasion of America! April 05, 2017
Hillary Clinton Perjury Investigation House Oversight Committee Chairman Chaffetz (R-UT) vowed to deliver an FBI referral to investigate Hillary Clinton for perjury in July 2017. Demand answers NOW! April 03, 2017
DEFUND NATO FREELOADERS America must defund NATO as we now pay almost as much to defend Europe as we do our own country. Tell Congress to defund the EU freeloaders attacking Trump! March 31, 2017
Fire James Comey for Inciting Terrorism FBI Director James Comey should be fired after his undercover agents incited a jihadi assassination attempt on Pam Geller & Robert Spencer in Garland, TX 2015. March 30, 2017
Support Rep Devin Nunes Tell Congress to support Rep. Devin Nunes who has no reason to step down from Intelligence Committee for sharing criminal Obama wiretap info with White House. March 29, 2017
March 29, 2017
Defeat Paul Ryan's BAT Tax Scheme Paul Ryan's Border Adjustment Tax is simply the TransPacific Partnership repurposed for revenge against President Trump and must be defeated for America's good! March 28, 2017
Fire House Speaker Paul Ryan Paul Ryan's disastrous fake Obamacare bailout was proof that he is working against President Trump and America. Fire Paul Ryan and demand a new speaker HERE! March 27, 2017
FREEBI: Nuclear Option to Confirm Gorsuch FREEBI: Democrats will never approve any Supreme Court Justice from a GOP President so demand the nuclear option to end the filibuster & confirm Neil Gorsuch. March 24, 2017
IMPEACH FBI DIRECTOR JAMES COMEY FBI Director James Comey allegedly lied to Congress stating he had no knowledge of Trump wiretapping which Comey's FBI agents conducted. Impeach Comey NOW! March 23, 2017
Repeal Obamacare for Illegal Aliens Paul Ryan's bill not only keeps Obamacare in place but also gives your tax dollars to illegal aliens to pay for their health insurance. Demand clean repeal! March 22, 2017
Cut Anti-American Public Broadcasting Public Broadcasting Service earns hundreds of millions per year and has no need of American taxpayer money to survive so all tax funding should be cut NOW! March 21, 2017
Fire Federal Tax Scofflaws Pass HR 396 so the federal government can fire tens of thousands of workers who cheat and don't pay taxes costing America billions every single year. March 20, 2017
IMPEACH IRS COMMISSIONER KOSKINEN IRS head John Koskinen must be impeached after denying Christians tax exempt status but fast-tracking the After School Satan Club in blatant discrimination. March 17, 2017
Impeach Soros' Puppet John McCain John McCain has fallen off his rocker, accusing Sen. Rand Paul of "working for Vladimir Putin." Time for Hanoi John to be impeached and removed from office! March 16, 2017
Pass the Clean Obamacare Repeal You can be a part of history today, demand that the RINO Obamacare replacement bill be killed in committee so Congress can pass a clean Obamacare repeal! March 14, 2017
Charge CNN with Aiding Terrorism Fake news network CNN continues to show material support for jihadis, a possible violation of 18 USC 2339A. Tell Congress to demand charges against CNN! March 13, 2017
Block Ann Patterson Defense Nomination Barack Obama's "Muslim Brotherhood Stooge" Anne Patterson is tapped for Assistant Sec. Defense. Tell the Senate: Vote NO keep Richardson out of power! March 10, 2017
America Wants Tax Cuts NOW Mitch McConnell says tax relief for Americans will have to wait because he doesn't know "how to craft it." Tell the Senate America wants tax relief NOW! March 09, 2017
Stop Obama's Flood of Syrians to USA Obama brought an unprecedented flood of Syrians to USA - 115,000 in 3 years & Muslim Brotherhood plans "parallel society" to take over America if we don't act. March 08, 2017
Obamacare Must Be Totally Repealed The establishment GOP's Obamacare replacement is just more welfare. Tell Congress to totally REPEAL Obamacare as the American people have been asking for 6 yrs! March 07, 2017
Prosecute Obama for Wiretapping Trump Demand a public investigation and prosecution of all Obama administration members who participated in Nazi-like unconstitutional wiretapping of Donald Trump! March 06, 2017
Support Jeff Sessions against Fake News Fake Democrats and RINOs pile on Attorney General Jeff Sessions with ridiculous, easily-disputed lies. Tell the GOP to support Jeff Sessions & get back to work! March 03, 2017
Pass the Birthright Citizenship Act The anchor baby scam, invented in 1982, bankrupts hospitals & social services. End the scam with HR 140 the Birthright Citizenship Act & take our country back! March 02, 2017
End Government Slush Funds Feds shook down banks & private businesses and gave the money to La Raza. Stop the EPA & DOJ ripoffs with HR 522 Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act of 2017! March 01, 2017
FREEBI: Deport Criminal Aliens Foreign countries refusing to repatriate criminal aliens should lose all foreign aid and all flights from that country are grounded until they take them back! February 28, 2017
End Obama's Terrorist Refugee Program Congress can cut Obama's UN terrorist refugee program now to implement President Trump's protection order. Tell the House ban refugee funds for these countries! February 27, 2017
Defund Fraudulent Fed Scientists Taxpayer-funded scientists are fabricating data and the government is hiding the hoaxers' IDs. Demand defunding of the fraudulent National Science Foundation! February 24, 2017
Lock George Soros Up George Soros and his Open Society Foundation are funding groups across the country to undermine President Trump and America First. Shut down Soros' sedition! February 23, 2017
FREEBI: Impeach Leaker John McCain Trump White House says Sen. John McCain is the leak! FREEBI campaign: Tell Congress to impeach leaker John McCain for his treasonous acts against America! February 22, 2017
Stop Obama's Shadow Government Obama set up a shadow government headquarters 2 miles away from White House & now pays agitators to disrupt America First. Shut down Obama's shadow government! February 21, 2017
Jail Soros for Seditious Conspiracy George Soros & sons are sowing chaos and fomenting violent revolution in America. Demand jail time for the Soros gang under the Seditious Conspiracy Act HERE. February 20, 2017
Jail The Leakers Deep state Obama-Clinton leakers are trying to destroy Donald Trump's presidency. Demand a 35-year prison sentence for every traitor caught leaking to media. February 17, 2017
Drug Test Welfare Queens Tell the Senate to overturn Obama's regulation to NOT drug test all welfare recipients in America. Make America great again restore sanity to federal welfare! February 17, 2017
Support HR 377 Declare Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists Demand Congress finally declares Muslim Brotherhood to be an international terrorist combine because Obama filled government jobs with sharia-driven MB members. February 15, 2017
Oroville Flooding Caused by Illegal Aliens Massive California dam failure flooding is a result of spending all cash on illegal aliens instead of protecting citizens. Hold feds & bureaucrats liable! February 13, 2017
Americans Must Prep for Civil War 2.0 UC Berkeley riots Milo protest is a prelude to next Civil War in USA. Demand that Congress speak out and ACT to crush globalist-funded destruction of America. February 10, 2017
Impeach Judge Robart for Illiteracy Impeach District Judge James Robart for illiteracy because he cannot read simple immigration law & blocked President Trump's immigration safety plans! February 09, 2017
Support HR 899 Abolish Deparment of Education Rep. Thomas Massie introduces a bill to terminate the Department of Education on Jan. 1, 2018. Liberate American education from federal NEA labor unions HERE! February 08, 2017
Demand National Voter Fraud Investigation Rampant Democrat Party voter fraud cost President Trump the popular vote and cost the GOP a 60-vote Senate majority - Demand a federal fraud investigation! February 07, 2017
Hoax Science: Defund All Federal Climate Liars and Thieves Global warming hoax science costs $1.5 trillion per year and accomplishes nothing. Tell Congress to defund the entire federal "climate change" bureaucracy HERE. February 06, 2017
Shut Down Fraud EB-5 Visas for Rich Communists Phony EB-5 Visa program gives rich foreigners automatic green cards so they can donate to the politicians. Drain the swamp and shut the EB-5 system down! February 03, 2017
Confirm President Trump Supreme Court Nominee President Trump has nominated an honorable Justice to the Supreme Court to fill Antonin Scalia's vacant seat. Tell Congress to confirm the nominee immediately! January 31, 2017
Build the Wall and Pay with Illegal Mexico Remittances Illegal cash remittances to Mexico topped $26 billion in 2016, more than enough to build the $20 billion WALL! Tell Congress to build the wall make Mexico pay! January 31, 2017
Invoke Nuclear Option to Approve Trump Supreme Court Nominee Democrats will filibuster all of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominees. Demand that Senate Republicans invoke the nuclear option to approve Justices! January 30, 2017
Midnight Rules Relief Act to Sink Obama Regulations President Trump calls for 75% regulatory reduction but Senate Leader Mitch McConnell favors Obama and wants to abandon the new Midnight Rules Relief Act HR 21. January 27, 2017
Senate Plots Trump Betrayal With Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill The Gang of 8 Amnesty betrayal bill revived by Sen. Thom Tillis and RINO team who will betray Pres. Trump's America First mandate. Click HERE to stop amnesty! January 27, 2017
Help Pres. Trump Stop Illegal Alien vote fraud President Trump won popular vote landslide after subtracting illegal votes. Demand technology upgrades to stop illegal Democrat voter fraud in all 50 states! January 26, 2017
Midnight Rule Relief to Sink Obama Regulations President Trump calls for 75% regulatory reduction but Senate Leader Mitch McConnell favors Obama and wants to abandon the new Midnight Rules Relief Act HR 21. January 25, 2017
AUDIT THE FED The private Federal Reserve bank lends trillions to foreign banks and YOU as an American taxpayer are obligated to repay it. Tell Congress Audit the Fed! January 23, 2017
MOBILIZE AGAINST SANCTUARY CITIES The Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act will cut ALL federal funds for jurisdictions that harbor illegal alien rapists and murderers. Tell Congress: pass it! January 20, 2017
CUT ALL UN FUNDING The United Nations declared all-out war on Israel during Hussein Obama's last days in office. Fight back: Support the bill to cut US taxpayer funding to the UN! January 19, 2017
REPEAL OBAMACARE NOW Who asked for an Obamacare "replacement" anyway? Repeal the evil destructive communist healthcare unionization scheme NOW and let freedom rise in our land! January 18, 2017
MIDNIGHT RULES RELIEF ACT Lame Duck Obama is about to regulate kitchen stoves, coal miners' jobs, your children's school and even farm pigs unless the Senate passes Midnight Rules Relief! January 17, 2017
ABOLISH THE ATF Make America Great Again: Tell Congress to abolish the 2nd Amendment-attacking Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms and fold what is left into the FBI and DEA! January 16, 2017
IMPEACH JAMES COMEY Call for the impeachment of FBI Director James Comey who applied for secret FISA warrants to surveil Donald Trump over fake news Buzzfeed allegations in 2016! January 13, 2017
GUT UN FUNDING Globalist leaders demand that Israel surrender territory to Palestinian terrorists to advance "peace." We say: Support HR 373 to completely gut all UN funding! January 12, 2017
STOP FEDERAL ELECTION THEFT Tell Congress to keep elections free, fair and open by stopping the Department of Homeland Security from seizing election systems as "critical infrastructure!" January 11, 2017
CUT ALL UNITED NATIONS FUNDING Demand that Congress stop giving your tax dollars to the anti-America, anti-Israel globalist cabal of Muslim dictators known as the United Nations! Defund NOW! January 10, 2017
BLOCK IRAN NUKES Obama is setting the world on fire on his way out the door by giving Iran enough uranium to make at least 10 nuclear bombs. Demand that Congress stop Obama NOW! January 10, 2017
JEFF SESSIONS FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL Make America Great Again: Fight back against Democrat smears seeking to derail the Attorney General nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions. Demand confirmation! January 09, 2017
BAN EARMARKS IN CONGRESS House Speaker Paul Ryan PROMISES to bring congressional earmarks and pork spending up for a vote. Tell Congress to keep the earmark ban in place or else! January 06, 2017
DEFUND THE UNITED NATIONS The United Nations is an Islamic supremacy organization that seeks to destroy Israel and America. Tell Congress: Pass HR 249 to Defund the UN immediately! January 05, 2017
PROTECT INTERNET SECURITY Your "smart" internet-connected refrigerator could be an instrument of doom in a terror attack. Demand legislation to protect USA from the "Internet of Things." January 04, 2017
HOUSE ETHICS REFORM Stop Nancy Pelosi's witch-hunting "ethics" group that targets GOP Representatives with false smears and help drain the swamp in Washington, DC! January 03, 2017
STOP OBAMA'S REFUGEE ARMY Obama is importing record numbers of unvetted Islamic pseudo-refugees to America as he seeks to become President of the U.N. Shut down Obama's refugee army HERE! December 16, 2016
DEFUND AUDIT FEDERAL RESERVE The globalist bankers plan to destroy cash forcing you to use their credit or starve. Take back the constitutional power of Congress to issue currency HERE. December 15, 2016
SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY Help us stop a globalist "GOP" bill that will gut social security, force you to work until age 69 while paying benefits to illegal aliens who never paid in! December 14, 2016
STOP ICE FRAUD AND WASTE Immigration fraud by the federal government is robbing America blind! Demand a full investigation and tell Congress to fire the bureaucrats at ICE today! December 13, 2016
ABOLISH THE CIA CIA runs guns to ISIS, spies on Congress. This outdated agency no longer represents America and should be done away with and folded into the FBI. December 12, 2016
STOP ARMING TERRORISTS ACT Support the bill that bans running guns to Al Qaeda and ISIS as Barack Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood-run CIA and Hillary Clinton did starting in 2009. December 09, 2016
STOP SANCTUARY CITIES NOW America can pull the plug on funding for illegal alien sanctuary cities today! Tell Congress to shut off federal funds immediately under already-existing tools! December 08, 2016
END THE FOREIGN AID RIPOFF Congress is about to throw another $38 billion in foreign aid away to countries that hate America. Demand the foreign aid ripoff finally be ended in FY 2017! December 07, 2016
PROTECT THE FLAG ACT Tell Congress to pass the Protect the Flag Act HR 6433. If a public school refuses to fly the American flag, that school should not receive US taxpayer money! December 07, 2016
STOP THE AMNESTY BETRAYAL Senate GOP will betray America and President-elect Donald Trump by legalizing Obama's unconstitutional amnesty this week! Speak out to stop this betrayal NOW! December 02, 2016
OUTLAW FLAG BURNING Burning the American flag is not protected First Amendment speech when done to incite anger or hatred. Tell Congress: Check the Supreme Court, ban flag burning! December 02, 2016
LOCK GEORGE SOROS UP Lock money-man George Soros up for financing economic terrorism through Black Lives Matter protests, disrupting commerce and endangering American lives. December 01, 2016
ARREST SANCTUARY SHERIFFS Click to arrest all sheriffs & police chiefs in sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. These lawbreaking "cops" place all Americans in servitude to foreigners! November 29, 2016
DEFUND THE UN CLIMATE LIARS Congress will pay the UN climate liars more billions to fund Obama's global warming hoax treaty unless you speak up! Defund the UN "green climate" fund NOW! November 28, 2016
STOP UNVETTED REFUGEE FLOOD Obama takes unvetted Syrian refugees through Australia in secret treaty - population numbers classified! Shut down the unvetted UN refugee program NOW! November 25, 2016
SEVER CHINA TRADE TIES Free trade with Communist China is literally killing American citizens - carcinogenic food and more. Demand that all trade ties with China be cut immediately! November 23, 2016
FREEBI: MAGA Prayer Freebi Campaign: Send prayers to every Republican in Congress today letting them know that you want them to work with Donald Trump to Make America Great Again. November 23, 2016
STOP SOROS CURRENCY CHEATING George Soros cheated US currency in 2008 to steal the election for Barack Obama. Soros will do it again soon to cast blame on Donald Trump unless we stop him! November 22, 2016
STOP INTERNET CENSORSHIP Obama, Facebook & Google vow to shut down conservative sites as "fake news" because of Trump victory. Fight back against socialist censorship of America HERE. November 21, 2016
SENATE BUDGET BETRAYAL Tell the Senate to follow the will of the people and the House. Deny Obama one last spending spree and pass a short-term budget, let Trump steer the ship! November 18, 2016
DEFUND UN REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT Tell Congress to defund the United Nations Refugee Resettlement program which is flooding America with unvetted Syrian refugees and Islamic terrorists. November 17, 2016
PROTECT INTERNET FREE SPEECH Obama and Communist China threaten free speech crackdown because of Donald Trump victory. We must pass the Internet Freedom Act to deregulate the web right now! November 17, 2016
NO 2017 CROMNIBUS Tell Congress to fund the government through February & let Donald Trump guide America forward. No more Obama regime runaway spending - the people have spoken! November 14, 2016
EXTEND IRAN SANCTIONS Trump revival of America starts now: Demand that Iran Sanctions Act immediately be extended by Congress to sink Barack Obama's Iran nuclear deal treaty! November 11, 2016
STOP THE SPEECH NAZIS Fight back against Speech Nazis threatening Alt-Right media crackdown because of President-elect Donald Trump's historic landslide victory in the 2016 election. November 10, 2016
OBAMA INCITES VOTER FRAUD Demand voter fraud conviction of Barack Obama for thwarting popular vote! Donald Trump wins popular vote by millions. Obama incited illegals to commit fraud. November 09, 2016
IMPEACH HILLARY CLINTON Tell Congress to impeach former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for selling American foreign policy to make herself and her Clinton Foundation cronies rich. November 08, 2016
OBAMACARE REFUGEE RIPOFF Tell Congress to end the Obamacare refugee ripoff NOW! Unvetted Syrian pseudo refugees get full Obamacare subsidies as part of their welfare-for-life packages. November 04, 2016
SUPREME COURT SHOWDOWN Slimy Harry Reid has put the nuclear option in place for 2017 to begin rubber-stamping Crooked Hillary Supreme Court nominees with a simple majority vote. November 03, 2016
STOP REFUGEE FUNDING Tell Congress to cut all funding for Obama's violent unvetted Islamic male "refugees" of which 99% follow Sunni terrorist doctrine of conquering America. November 02, 2016
INDICT HILLARY CLINTON America wants answers in the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Demand an independent prosecutor and a GRAND JURY to review the evidence NOW! October 31, 2016
JAIL CROOKED HILLARY CLINTON BREAKING: FBI Reopens Investigation of Crooked Hillary Clinton Email Espionage Case - Demand Congressional Oversight to Ensure Justice This Time! October 28, 2016
FREEBI: PEOPLE OF FAITH SUPPORT TRUMP 26 House Republicans refuse to support or even vote for Donald Trump. Tell them why you - as an faithful American - support Mr. Trump over Hillary Clinton. October 27, 2016
STOP THE TPP IN 2016 American patriots must stop the TPP Transpacific Partnership treaty from passing because it leaves American workers at the mercy of shady foreign companies! October 26, 2016
STOP HARRY REID NUCLEAR OPTION Slimy Harry Reid says he has put the nuclear option in place for 2017 to begin rubber-stamping Crooked Hillary Supreme Court nominees with a simple majority vote. October 25, 2016
BUST HILLARY CLINTON Crooked Hillary personally coordinated communications between her campaign, campaign staff and Super PACs in direct violation of FEC election laws. October 24, 2016
JAIL BLABBERMOUTH CLINTON Demand an independent prosecutor to investigate Crooked Blabbermouth Hillary Clinton who leaked America's nuclear response time in front of 70-million people. October 24, 2016
STOP THE LAME DUCK TPP VOTE Tell Congress: Do not hold a lame duck Transpacific Partnership TPP vote! America must not surrender to this UN Agenda 21 open borders trade treaty! October 20, 2016
NDAM BILL TO BUST COMEY By popular demand reduced price on our campaign to pass Non-Disclosures Are Malicious Act to bust FBI Director James Comey's Clinton protection racket. October 19, 2016
BUST COMEY PROTECTION RACKET FBI Director James Comey thwarted FOIA by forcing FBI agents to sign Clinton NDA. Demand felony law to bust Comey-Clinton NDA protection racket! October 18, 2016
Pass the SAFE Justice Act Tell Congress to pass SAFE Justice Act (HR 2944) to reduce crime, reduce bloated federal prison size. Smaller government = fewer Americans imprisoned! October 18, 2016
HOLD HILLARY IN CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS Contemptuous and Crooked Hillary Clinton who "hates everyday Americans" should be held in Contempt of Congress for destruction of evidence under subpoena. October 14, 2016
PROSECUTE BILL CLINTON Tell Congress to appoint a special counsel to investigate and prosecute Bill Clinton for his many sex crime allegations including alleged rape of underage girls. October 13, 2016
DEMOCRATS FUNDING ISIS Demand an independent investigation of all Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama and Democrat Party collusion on funding and supporting ISIS Islamic State terrorists. October 12, 2016
INDICT JAMES COMEY Demand a special prosecutor to indict FBI Director James Comey who forced a gag order on 25 agents so they can't talk about the Hillary Clinton coverup of 2016! October 12, 2016
INVESTIGATE CLINTON RUSSIA TIES The Clinton Foundation brokered the sale of American technology to Russia while crooked Hillary was Secretary of State. Start the espionage investigation NOW! October 10, 2016
STOP DICTATOR PAUL RYAN Paul Ryan's "leadership" team is rewriting a Thomas Jefferson House rule to keep Ryan in the Speaker's chair indefinitely. Tell Congress to fight Dictator Ryan! October 07, 2016
BAN SHARIA IN AMERICAN SCHOOLS Support free speech: Tell Congress to stop spending your tax dollars on school districts like Kansas City Board of Ed. which just voted to impose Sharia law. October 06, 2016
COMEY CLINTON CONNECTIONS You'll want to call for the impeachment of FBI Director James Comey after you see the many many connections he has to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation! October 05, 2016
STOP THE BORDER SURGE Demand immediate action to secure America's southern border. Tens of thousands of adult criminal illegal aliens flood the border to beat the Trump wall. October 03, 2016
SUPPORT VOTER ID Stop illegal alien vote fraud in all 50 states. Demand that Congress support and pass the RIVERS Act (HR 2392) to stop foreign voters in federal elections. October 02, 2016
SUPPORT POLL WATCHING Help support our new website at which will equip election observers to view and protect the integrity of the 2016 elections. September 30, 2016
KEEP THE INTERNET IN AMERICA Stop Obama from giving away America's internet! Obama's giveaway surrenders American free speech, free enterprise and national security on the internet! September 28, 2016
FREEBI: FIRE THE MEDIA FREEBI: Tell the Commission on Presidential Debates to FIRE the mainstream media and only rely on non-partisan debate moderators. Demand a fair playing field! September 27, 2016
STOP THE SYRIAN REFUGEE SURGE Don't let the GOP cave in to Obama's demands for a massive refugee increase. FACT: Syrian refugees are receiving weapons shipments. Speak out to stop Obama! September 26, 2016
SAVE THE INTERNET Don't let crooked Mitch McConnell sell out the internet for Hussein Obama's wishes. Tell Congress to stand up for America & save internet freedom for everyone! September 25, 2016
DEPORT THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Attacks on US soil will continue until we demand that Congress label Obama's Muslim Brotherhood advisors as jihadis. Speak out to Congress in favor of S. 2230! September 22, 2016
STOP THE ICANN GIVEAWAY Giving up ICANN control places the results of the 2016 Trump Clinton presidential election in jeopardy. Tell Congress: Keep the Internet under American control! September 21, 2016
NO REFUGEE BUDGET FUNDS Tell Congress: No more refugee funds in the budget! Bombings in NY and NJ, stabbings in MN and multiple arrests in Florida because Obama lets in ISIS refugees. September 19, 2016
SUPPORT POLL WATCHERS Help support our new website at which will equip election observers to view and protect the integrity of the 2016 elections. September 16, 2016
DEFEAT INTERNET CENSORSHIP Join the battle to defeat Obama's internet censorship and taxation scheme against the USA. We are gaining ground against Obama's UN internet takeover! September 15, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S REFUGEE SURGE Patriots must speak out as Obama loads 110,000 unvetted Islamic warriors in the "refugee" pipeline for your city in FY 2017. Demand ZERO refugees in the budget! September 14, 2016
PROTECT AMERICAN INTERNET Patriots must tell Congress to protect American oversight of the internet, otherwise foreign dictators will censor American websites for Obama after October 1. September 13, 2016
DEMAND CANDIDATE HEALTH DISCLOSURES Demand full disclosure of presidential candidate health records! Sick Hillary Clinton collapses under another seizure, "Doctor" claims pneumonia?! Come on! September 12, 2016
BAN THE OPEN SOCIETY George Soros' voting machines will steal the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton unless patriots speak out now! Ban Soros machines from recording or counting votes! September 09, 2016
STOP THE UN INTERNET TAKEOVER Patriots must block dictator Obama's Oct 1 internet giveaway to prevent the UN from imposing internet taxes and speech restrictions for American web users. September 08, 2016
DEFEAT OBAMA'S DISARMAMENT TREATY Obama will disarm America's nuclear arsenal with the UN on his way out the door if patriots do not speak out and tell Congress to stop him. Speak out America! September 07, 2016
BUILD THE TRUMP WALL Obama distributes comic books in Mexican prisons inviting illegals to the USA. 90% are now released by the border patrol. Tell Congress to fund the Trump wall! September 06, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S CLIMATE TREATY Obama will destroy the Constitution to ram his climate liar treaty into effect if patriots do not speak out. Tell Congress to deny Obama's climate hoax treaty! September 03, 2016
KEEP THE FEDS OUT OF OUR ELECTIONS Patriots must speak out to keep Obama from federalizing local elections. Obama will send DHS agents to ensure you vote for the proper New World Order candidates. September 02, 2016
BLOCK MERRICK GARLAND Republicans are cutting a deal with Obama to approve the nomination of anti-gun SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland. Speak out and demand NO vote for Obama's pick! September 02, 2016
AUDIT THE CLINTON FOUNDATION The Clinton Foundation will accept foreign government donations until patriots speak out and demand a full audit of this accused criminal conspiracy. September 01, 2016
STOP THE OBAMA POLICE STATE Obama is following the Soros Doctrine: Federalize elections to ensure that only approved globalist candidates win. Speak out HERE to stop them! September 01, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S INTERNET TAKEOVER Obama will turn control of the internet over to the United Nations for censorship and taxation purposes unless patriots speak out and stop him! August 30, 2016
APPOINT A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR Patriots must call for a special prosecutor to investigate the bribery & corruption of the Bill and Crooked Hillary Clinton Foundation immediately! August 26, 2016
NO ACCOUNTABILITY NO FUNDS Tell Congress: No Accountability, No New Funds for the Pentagon: $400 million cash to Iran, $6.5 trillion MISSING from the Pentagon. Outrageous! Where's our money? August 25, 2016
SAVE THE 2016 ELECTION Donate to help us finance a nationwide poll-watching effort to save the 2016 presidential elections. Electronic voting machines can be hacked in 60 seconds. August 24, 2016
DEFEAT OBAMA'S PRISON BREAK BILL Patriots must speak out to defeat Obama's prison break bill that turns illegal alien drug felons loose without deporting them. Tell Congress to vote NO! August 23, 2016
PROTECT THE USA FROM ISLAM Immigration forms ask if immigrants collaborated with the Nazis in the 1930s but don't ask if they are in Al Qaeda or ISIS. Tell Congress to update the forms NOW! August 22, 2016
DEFEAT THE TPP ECONOMIC COLLAPSE Defeat Hillary Clinton's "gold standard" TPP free trade agreement in Congress to prevent the economic collapse of America. Demand that Congress vote NO on TPP! August 19, 2016
RELEASE THE FBI INTERVIEWS Baloney! Congress has to enter a secret room just to read a SUMMARY of Crooked Lying Hillary's FBI interviews? Demand a full, public release of all info NOW! August 18, 2016
Boot the Open Society Tell Congress to boot the Open Society Foundation out of the USA for funding terrorism, Black Lives Matter riots and the flood of Syrian terrorist refugees! August 18, 2016
THE TPP IS AN ILLEGAL TREATY Tell Congress to demand a legal review of Trade Promotion Authority. Stop the TPP which is an illegal TREATY requiring two-thirds vote for Senate ratification! August 17, 2016
HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRISON Patriots must demand prison time for Hillary Clinton. Wikileaks has proof Clinton LIED to Congress re: Benghazi weapons which carries a 5-year sentence! August 12, 2016
STOP THE UN POLICE TAKEOVER Patriots must stop Obama's UN takeover of American police forces for martial law and gun confiscation. Tell Congress to keep the feds out of your local police force! August 11, 2016
IMPEACH LORETTA LYNCH Loretta Lynch blocked the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation and fed false information to the press about it. Impeach Loretta "Let Em Loose" Lynch! August 10, 2016
IS HILLARY TOO SICK FOR OFFICE FREEBI: What's wrong with Hillary Clinton? Falling down, seizures, blackouts in speeches... Ask Congress to demand public release of Hillary Clinton's checkups! August 10, 2016
IS HILLARY TOO UNHEALTHY FOR OFFICE FREEBI: What's wrong with Hillary Clinton? Falling down, seizures, blackouts in speeches... Ask Congress to demand public release of Hillary Clinton's checkups! August 09, 2016
PROSECUTE THE OBAMA REGIME Demand that the Office of Independent Counsel be revived so that corrupt members of the Obama administration can be fully prosecuted for crimes against the USA! August 08, 2016
STOP THE CLINTON FOUNDATION The Slick Willie and Crooked Hillary Clinton Pay-to-Play Foundation must be broken up for selling favors to the highest bidders including terrorists. Speak out! August 05, 2016
STOP ISIS IN MEXICO The latest terrorist arrested in America confirms to the FBI that ISIS is in Mexico and the US. Demand a total border lockdown now to protect the USA! August 05, 2016
FREE SPEECH IN CHURCH Repealing the speech-killing 1954 Johnson Amendment is now part of the GOP platform. Tell Congress to follow through and save free speech in American churches! August 04, 2016
ABOLISH THE DHS The DHS now actively protects illegal aliens, terrorists & others who wish us harm, while Americans take their shoes off and fear government. Abolish the DHS! August 03, 2016
INVESTIGATE CROOKED HILLARY CLINTON Tell Congress to investigate Crooked Hillary Clinton's arms shipments to ISIS in Syria while she was Obama's Secretary of State! August 01, 2016
FIRE PAUL RYAN IN 2016 Tell the GOP to fire Lyin' Paul Ryan in 2016 for supporting the interests of foreigners over Ryan's own fellow citizens. America deserves an American Speaker! August 01, 2016
DEMAND PAPER BALLOTS FOR THE 2016 ELECTIONS Demand paper ballots so Hillary Clinton hackers can't steal the 2016 elections! Tell Congress to demand paper ballots in all 50 states NOW! July 29, 2016
Pass the CLINTON ACT Tell Congress to confiscate all foreign donations to the Bill & Hillary Clinton Foundation and revoke its tax exempt status! Pass the CLINTON Act right now! July 28, 2016
BAN THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Hillary Clinton's vice president pick is the Muslim Brotherhood-financed Tim Kaine. Demand that Congress designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror group NOW! July 27, 2016
BUST THE CLINTON FOUNDATION The Clinton Foundation took in billions in cash pay-to-play from foreign governments when Hillary was Secretary of State. Tell Congress to audit the Clintons! July 26, 2016
PROSECUTE THE DEMOCRATS The DNC email leak proves Democrats & Clinton machine law-breaking. USA needs to bring back the Independent Counsel so these crooks can be prosecuted! July 25, 2016
STOP OBAMAS PRISON BREAK GOP "sentencing reform" is a prison break for illegal alien felons. Tell Congress to reject this jail break amnesty bill! July 22, 2016
BLOCK UNVETTED REFUGEES Unvetted refugees must be blocked from entry to the USA following the latest jihad truck attack in France. Demand that Congress keep America safe - block them! July 21, 2016
FIRE LYIN PAUL RYAN Paul Ryan plans to release thousands of illegal aliens from prison right after the Wisconsin primary election. Tell the House GOP to fire Lyin' Paul Ryan! July 19, 2016
PROSECUTE THE GANG OF 6 If Congress reauthorizes the Office of Independent Counsel we can prosecute the Gang of 6: Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Johnson, Comey & Koskinen. July 18, 2016
STOP THE ISLAMIC INVASION The Nice, France attacks do not have to be repeated in America. Demand that Congress put America first and seal our borders until all refugees are vetted! July 15, 2016
CLOSE AMERICAN BORDERS NOW The terror attacks in France, San Bernardino, Orlando and elsewhere are the result of Obama's open borders. Tell Congress to shut America's borders NOW! July 14, 2016
BAN EPA AIR TRAVEL FREEBI: EPA chief Gina McCarthy is a walking coal plant, issuing 37.5 tons of CO2 through personal air travel yearly. Save the earth - ban her from flying! July 14, 2016
STOP CENSORSHIP ONLINE Social media giants like YouTube & Twitter engage in government-sanctioned censorship of all conservatives. Tell Congress to amend the law and save free speech! July 13, 2016
STOP UNVETTED REFUGEES Obama circumvents Congress to bring in "limitless" unvetted Syrian refugees. Take action to shut down this unlimited flood of potential ISIS terrorists! July 11, 2016
STOP PROTECTING HILLARY CLINTON Paul Ryan orders committee chairmen to STOP investigating Hillary Clinton? Whose side is he on? Tell the GOP to stand up to Paul Ryan! July 08, 2016
PROSECUTE HILLARY CLINTON FBI Director admits Crooked Hillary Clinton lied under oath to Congress. Demand 5 years in jail for Crooked Hillary under 18 US Code § 1001 - lying to Congress! July 07, 2016
IMPEACH THE IRS COMMISSIONER Crooked Hillary escaped justice but we can still impeach Obama's IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for lying to Congress & destroying evidence. Impeach Koskinen! July 05, 2016
FREEBI: INVESTIGATE THE FBI FREEBI: Why have 90 people with close association to the Clintons died in strange and violent ways? Tell Congress to start digging & find answers! July 01, 2016
FIRE LORETTA LYNCH Conflict of Interest: Attorney General Loretta Lynch meets on private jet with Bill Clinton as Hillary is under criminal investigation. Fire Loretta Lynch! June 30, 2016
STOP SANCTUARY CITIES America should protect Americans first! Show your patriotism by supporting the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act! June 29, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S PRIVATE ARMY Citizenship oath changed: No loyalty to America, only to Obama's private army. Tell Congress to change the oath back! June 28, 2016
CENSURE GUN GRABBING DEMOCRATS The Democrats' sit-in was an act of political mayhem much like Hitler burning the Reichstag. Demand Censure for each Dem who attacked the 2nd Amendment! June 27, 2016
FREEBI: BLOCK MERRICK GARLAND If Merrick Garland were on the Supreme Court, Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens would now be legal. Block Garland in this FREEBI campaign from Pray For US. June 24, 2016
STOP THE UN/GOP WHITEWASHED TERROR BILL GOP leadership's post-Orlando counter-terror plan: A Saudi-funded UN bill that never names Islamic terrorism! Tell Congress to stop playing games with our security! June 16, 2016
STOP THE NO-FLY GUN BAN Banning citizens on Obama's no-fly list from gun ownership ensures that Obama will next put YOU on the no-fly list! Reject this unconstitutional gun ban! June 16, 2016
THE EXPATRIATE TERRORIST ACT The Orlando shooter should have had his passport revoked during his terrorist pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia! Tell Congress to pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act! June 15, 2016
DISQUALIFY HILLARY CLINTON Read the federal statute. Then YOU decide to take action, or not, to inform Congress what the law REALLY says - not what the talking heads on TV say it says. June 14, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S MARTIAL LAW PLANS The Orlando shooter was part of Obama's "civilian national security force" and a DHS contractor. Tell Congress to shut down Obama's private DHS army! June 13, 2016
BAN SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA The Muslim Brotherhood and other nation-destroying groups are working to implement Sharia law in America. Stand up for freedom & help us ban Sharia! June 10, 2016
STOP THE REFUGEE RIPOFF The cost of the UN's refugee resettlement ripoff is staggering and in fact, unknown! Tell Congress to shut down the great Refugee Resettlement Ripoff! June 09, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S POLICE STATE Obama police state bill will let feds collect ALL your online activity - no warrant required. Demand freedom from the feds spying on all innocent Americans! June 08, 2016
PUT AMERICA FIRST IN 2016 Our group of patriots makes an impact daily because we put America first & make politicians scurry! Work with us and America will once again be a shining city on a hill! June 07, 2016
NO TRANSGENDER VA BENEFITS Sorry veterans, your cancer treatment will have to wait 'til Obama finishes all those gender reassignment surgeries! Tell Congress to keep the VA focused on vets! June 06, 2016
STOP LETTING IN TERRORISTS Obama releases known terrorists loose in America when they claim refugee asylum. Demand action to close Obama's terrorist loopholes NOW! June 03, 2016
FREEBI: CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS A DUTY Civil disobedience is a duty when elected officials no longer respect our laws & culture. Fight back against a now-corrupt government with this FREEBI campaign! June 02, 2016
DUMP & FIRE PAUL RYAN Lyin' Paul Ryan enacts Obama's plans to let illegal aliens & unvetted Muslims serve in US military. Not a conservative! Tell Congress to dump & fire Paul Ryan! June 01, 2016
STOP MUSLIM SCHOOL PRAYER Your tax dollars subsidize Sharia law and Muslim-only prayer rooms in schools. Demand equal First Amendment rights for Christians in America! May 31, 2016
FEDERAL EMPLOYEE RIGHTS ACT Federal labor unions bankrupt America while bankrolling the Democrat Party. Support the Federal Employee Rights Act to put government unions in check! May 27, 2016
Stop Obama's TPP Bill Obama scrambles to ram his job-killing Transpacific Partnernship TPP bill through Congress as a final insult to the America he hates. Stop the TPP bill! May 26, 2016
FIRE & DUMP PAUL RYAN The Mad Mullah from Madison Paul Ryan says it's "un-American" to try to stop unlimited Muslim immigration. Tell Congress to fire the un-American Paul Ryan NOW! May 25, 2016
STOP FEDERAL PROPAGANDA Congress made it legal for Obama to spread propaganda to the American people & the Iran nuclear deal is the result! Help restore truth in government today! May 23, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S CLIMATE HOAX TREATY Obama's global warming "Paris Accord" treaty is based on a scientific hoax and we prove it in this video using the Climate Liars' own data! May 20, 2016
AMERICA SHOULD DUMP PAUL RYAN Here are 3 good reasons America should dump the Mad Mullah from Madison - Paul Ryan - & choose a new House Speaker to fight the socialists in Congress! May 19, 2016
PUTTING AMERICA FIRST Put America First this Memorial Day & receive a special gift from the pro-America, patriotic Christian church Pray For US - Pray For The United States! May 18, 2016
IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL SUBPOENAS Obama adviser Ben Rhodes lied to sell the Iran nuclear deal & refuses to testify. Congress must subpoena Rhodes and arrest him if he does not comply! May 17, 2016
STOP CLIMATE FRAUD OBAMA changed SIX DECADES of temperature data to destroy capitalism by enacting the Paris Climate Liars’ Treaty see it HERE! May 16, 2016
FIRE PAUL RYAN Half of Paul Ryan's campaign $ comes from TransPacific Partnership bribes! Tell Congress dump its "NeverTrump" Speaker & elect someone new to lead the House. May 13, 2016
STOP DISEASED REFUGEES Block ALL unvetted refugees because they are being imported without health checks from camps infested with horrific, fatal flesh-eating diseases. May 11, 2016
PROMOTE AMERICA FIRST One-worlder John Kerry says "get ready for a borderless world." We say: AMERICA FIRST and you can too. Defund the anti-freedom "borderless worlders" at the UN! May 10, 2016
STOP THE BENGHAZI COVER-UP The Benghazi cover-up has gone on too long! Tell the Benghazi Committee to start arresting all bureaucrats shielding Obama & Clinton from prosecution! May 09, 2016
DEFEAT THE CLIMATE LIAR TREATY Government climate liars are targeting conservatives for not believing their hoax "science." Designate Obama's Paris global warming deal as a TREATY! May 04, 2016
NO PUERTO RICO BAILOUT A Puerto Rico bailout will set off a domino effect as liberal states & cities default on fiscal lunacy - YOU PAY, BIG GOV'T WINS! Tell Congress: NO BAILOUT! May 03, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S MUSLIM ARMY Obama imports millions of Muslims for his "civilian national security force" and requests record refugee budget numbers. Tell Congress: shut down Obama's army! May 02, 2016
CONCEALED CARRY RECIPROCITY Start pushing back hard against Obama's gun confiscation agenda! Support the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act for all 50 states! April 29, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S REFUGEE SCAM Obama wants to game the system, bring 200K Syrian "refugees" in this year by granting college scholarships to jihadis and other shady tricks. Defund the refugee scam! April 28, 2016
STOP ISIL IN MEXICO Obama denies existence of ISIL terror cell in Mexico that says it is ready to kill thousands of Americans. Demand that Congress take immediate action for America! April 27, 2016
NO FUNDING FOR CLIMATE LIARS Federal law prohibits funding for Obama's treaty now that the UN says Palestinian terrorists are a "state." Tell Congress: follow the law, no $ for climate liars! April 27, 2016
PASS THE STOP ACT Nothing gets done in Washington because your Rep & Senator spend all day telemarketing for cash. Pass the Stop Act & tell Congress to get back to work! April 26, 2016
STOP CHEATSOURCING AMERICA Intel applies for 14,000 foreign worker visas then fires 12,000 Americans. Infuriating! American workers must demand protection from corrupt cheatsourcing at... April 22, 2016
FREEBI: NO SCOTUS HEARINGS FREEBI: More GOP Senators caving on Merrick Garland. Tell the Senate - NO HEARINGS FOR OBAMA'S RADICAL FAR-LEFT NOMINEE! April 22, 2016
SUPPORT PRAY FOR US Discover Pray For US - a free Christian church incorporated in Nevada - that exalts the Body of Christ and is making a huge impact on Congress. April 21, 2016
UP OR DOWN FOREIGN AID VOTES Taxpayer Money Goes to Countries that Hate us including China & Cuba While USA Declines. Demand an up-or-down vote on all countries receiving foreign aid! April 20, 2016
DEFEAT OBAMA'S CLIMATE TAX Big Government Climate Liars Collude to Smash Free Speech to tighten their Nazi-like grip on Patriots. Americans must rise up and speak out NOW! April 19, 2016
DECLASSIFY THE 9-11 PAPERS The Saudis issue an empty threat to try to stop the release of never-before-seen 9-11 documents. Tell Congress to declassify the hidden 9-11 pages NOW! April 18, 2016
BOOT THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Jordan joins growing list of nations to kick out the Muslim Brotherhood terror group - but not the USA! Tell Congress to pass the Terrorist Designation Act! April 14, 2016
PROTECT AMERICANS FROM GOVERNMENT Support S. 2002 so a federal employee cannot arbitrarily declare YOU to be mentally ill! Take action to help pass the Mental Health & Safe Communities Act! April 13, 2016
DEFEAT TTIP Nazi Angela Merkel wants US Congress to pass anti-freedom trade deal before Obama leaves office. Tell Congress to defeat the Transatlantic trade deal today! April 12, 2016
NO PENSION BAILOUTS Accounting gimmicks hiding $3.4tn public sector labor union pension funding gap. Support HR 4822 - no bailouts, unions have to get their own houses in order! April 11, 2016
STOP THE TPP Ford is shipping thousands of manufacturing jobs to Mexico. Outsourcing will get much WORSE under the Transpacific Partnership! Tell Congress to stop the TPP! April 06, 2016
NO MARTIAL LAW POWERS FOR OBAMA Obama links a single casualty suffered in the fog of combat with granting him plenipotentiary martial law power? Tell Congress: DO NOT GRANT OBAMA NEW WAR POWERS. April 05, 2016
BLOCK OBAMA'S SCOTUS NOMINEE Obama's executive order amnesty for illegal aliens is blocked as long as Obama does not get a new Supreme Court pick. Tell the Senate GOP: No SCOTUS hearings! April 04, 2016
SAVE AMERICAN JOBS FROM CHINA America has a record-high trade deficit with China and record-high unemployment here at home. Tell Congress to start imposing tariffs to save America! April 01, 2016
FAST & FURIOUS INVESTIGATION No progress on Fast & Furious under Obama's new Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch! Demand answers: How many dead Americans from Obama/Holder weapons sold to terrorists! March 31, 2016
SUPREME COURT BATTLE 16 GOP Senators agree to meet with Obama's Supreme Court pick Merrick Garland. Tell these 16 Senators why they should stand against Obama's radical activist! March 30, 2016
REFUGEE PROGRAM INTEGRITY ACT Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act blocks all Syrian/Iraqi refugees & gives power back to Congress. Momentum growing - show your support for this bill! March 29, 2016
STOP THE SHARIA VOTE Mosques and Islamic nonprofits are engaging in illegal voter registration drives to elect Hillary Clinton. Tell Congress to shut down the Sharia vote drive! March 25, 2016
NO TRADE WITH CASTROS GOP pushing "free trade" to ship American jobs & your tax dollars to Obama's pals in Castro terrorist regime. Tell Congress to sink the Cuba Trade Act today! March 24, 2016
NO MARTIAL LAW POWERS Obama wants to turn America into a police state following the Muslim attacks in Belgium. Tell Congress: No martial law powers for Barack Hussein Obama! March 22, 2016
PASS REFUGEE REFORMS The Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act will keep Obama from importing brutally repressive Islamic culture into the USA. Click HERE to support this Act! March 21, 2016
BLOCK OBAMA COURT NOMINEE This list of eleven GOP Senators are poised to betray America and ditch the 2nd Amendment by confirming Obama's anti-gun Supreme Court nominee. March 18, 2016
NO MORE JIHADI VISAS Jihadi terrorists are entering the USA because of Obama's deliberate dismantling of visa immigration programs. Tell Congress to keep the jihadis OUT! March 17, 2016
REJECT OBAMA'S NOMINEE Obama has nominated anti-Second Amendment zealot Merrick Garland for the US Supreme Court. Tell the Senate to refuse to hold hearings for this anti-gun judge! March 16, 2016
DEFEAT OBAMA'S REFUGEE SCAM Obama scams the Refugee Resettlement program to dump hordes of unwanted Muslims in red states. Pass the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act HERE. March 15, 2016
DEFEAT OBAMA MARTIAL LAW BILL A Senate "war powers" resolution grants Obama authority to declare martial law in your city. Tell Congress to reject this dictatorship bill for Obama! March 14, 2016
NO ILLEGALS ON BASE Obama is reclassifying illegal aliens as "refugees" and housing them on military bases. Tell Congress: No more refugees to stop Obama's invasion! March 11, 2016
REJECT PARIS GLOBAL WARMING TREATY AG Loretta Lynch says the FBI is looking at criminal prosecutions for denying "climate change." Tell Congress to reject Obama's Paris Climate Accord! March 10, 2016
NO SUPREME COURT NOMINEE The Judiciary Committee now wants to break its promise and hold Supreme Court nominee hearings. Click HERE to help block Obama's Supreme Court nominee! March 09, 2016
ISLAMIC BUDGET BATTLE GOP leadership is hiding their budget plans til after the election. Funding another Islamic invasion? Demand that Congress pass the budget this year! March 08, 2016
WE THE PEOPLE CAMPAIGN Your Voice Is Needed!Tell Congress to listen to "we the people" once again or else they will face the political consequences for their treasonous inaction. March 07, 2016
IMPEACH JEH JOHNSON - Pray For US Obama's DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson deliberately sabotages the Border Patrol's Forward Operating Bases, allowing invasion. Impeach Jeh Johnson! March 07, 2016
IMPEACH JEH JOHNSON Obama's DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson deliberately sabotages the Border Patrol's Forward Operating Bases, allowing invasion. Impeach Jeh Johnson! March 04, 2016
DEPORT HANDS-OFF JIHADIS Obama placed 1,000 known terrorists on a special federal "hands-off" list which allowed San Bernardino massacre. Deport Obama's Hands-Off list HERE. March 03, 2016
SUPPORT FREE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES Support freedom of speech for Christian churches so that your church pastor can finally speak freely from the pulpit! Restore free speech in church! March 02, 2016
AMERICAN JOBS FIRST American workers are displaced by rampant abuse of the H-1B foreign worker visa program. Click here to help end this disgusting practice! February 26, 2016
SUPREME COURT FIGHT The GOP will back down from their promise to block Obama's Supreme Court nominee unless we speak out and demand ZERO confirmation hearings! February 25, 2016
NO LAWYERS FOR ILLEGALS An anti-Trump bill would provide lawyers - paid for by YOU - to all illegal aliens in the USA. Tell Congress to reject this bill! February 25, 2016
DEFEAT OBAMATRADE The text of the disastrous TransPacific Partnership treaty being rewritten even after it was signed by 12 nations in early February. Congress Must Reject TPP! February 23, 2016
DEFEAT THE TPP The text of the disastrous TransPacific Partnership treaty being rewritten even after it was signed by 12 nations in early February. Congress Must Reject TPP! February 22, 2016
OBAMA'S CUBAN JIHADI PLOT Jihadi terrorists are training in Cuba and unless we stop him, Obama will flood America with these killers, armed with stolen nuclear materials from Iraq. February 22, 2016
NO NOMINEE HEARINGS Senate Republicans are already signaling their surrender of the Supreme Court to Barack Obama without a fight. Tell the Senate to stand its ground against him! February 17, 2016
CENSURE BARACK OBAMA Support the House Resolution to condemn and censure Barack Obama for willfully ignoring national security and foreign policy threats, placing us all in danger. February 17, 2016
BLOCK OBAMA'S SUPREME COURT NOMINEES Senator Barack Obama voted to filibuster George W. Bush's Supreme Court Justice nominee Samuel Alito. Senate Republicans need to return that favor in 2016! February 16, 2016
AMERICAN JOBS FIRST ACT Companies are firing American workers and replacing them with cheap foreigners. Support the American Jobs First Act to protect hard-working Americans! February 15, 2016
BLOCK OBAMA'S SUPREME COURT NOMINEE Senator Barack Obama voted to filibuster George W. Bush's Supreme Court Justice nominee Samuel Alito. Senate Republicans need to return that favor in 2016! February 15, 2016
PROTECT 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS Protect your Second Amendment right to defend your own life! Obama will place 4.2 million social security recipients on a gun ban list unless this bill passes. February 12, 2016
NO MORE OBAMA JUDGES Obama is packing the federal courts with leftwing activists who hate the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Tell the Senate: No More Obama Judges! February 11, 2016
BLOCK ISLAMIC REFUGEES Obama is only allowed to admit 50,000 refugees annually yet he has AT LEAST 385,000 slated to come to the US through FY 2017. Tell Congress to uphold the law! February 10, 2016
CUT CONGRESSIONAL SALARIES America is $65 trillion in debt with each family owing $800,000 to pay off the reckless spending of Congress. The Fiscal Responsibility Act will cut their pay! February 09, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S MARTIAL LAW BILL Sen. Lindsey Graham has penned the most unconstitutional "war powers" rewrite in American history, granting Barack Obama the powers of a military dictator. February 08, 2016
NO WAR POWERS FOR OBAMA Sen. Lindsey Graham has penned the most unconstitutional "war powers" rewrite in American history, granting Barack Obama the powers of a military dictator. February 05, 2016
STOP PAUL RYAN'S GUN GRAB House Speaker Paul Ryan and Barack Obama solidify their commitment to attacking the Second Amendment. Speak out today to protect your gun rights! February 05, 2016
PATROL THE BORDER The Texas border is wide open for terrorist infiltration after the Obama regime cuts aerial surveillance by 50%. Tell the Texas delegation to protect America! February 03, 2016
STOP FED EMAIL SPYING Due to a law written in 1986, any federal agency can read your emails without a warrant. Demand that Congress update this law and restore your 4th Amendment Rights! January 29, 2016
STOP THE JIHADI FLOOD Photographic proof has surfaced that Obama lets Muslim jihadis in with no background checks. Tell Congress: Shut down Obama's "fundamental transformation." January 26, 2016
DEFUND ANTI-GUN ORDERS Obama has issued 10 new executive orders that restrict the Second Amendment. Tell Congress to defund the Justice Department until the tyrant Obama backs down! January 25, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S ISIL WAR FUNDS Sen. Lindsey Graham wants to give Obama unlimited war funds which Obama will give to ISIL. Tell the Senate: Reject Obama's war authorization! January 22, 2016
REOPEN FAST AND FURIOUS A federal court rules that Obama cannot claim executive privilege on Fast & Furious documents. Tell Congress to follow through and prosecute the perpetrators. January 21, 2016
STOP OBAMA'S BORDER SURGE Obama is starting a new surge of illegal aliens across our southern border by offering "refugee" status to all illegal aliens. Tell Congress to stop Obama! January 20, 2016
EXTEND THE IRAN SANCTIONS Lifting $150 billion in sanctions against Iran will be giving a license to every tyrant in the world to capture Americans. Tell Congress: Extend the sanctions! January 18, 2016
STOP THE REFUGEE INVASION The mass invasion of America through refugees and immigrants is the only thing keeping the Democrat Party on life support. Tell the GOP to pull the plug! January 14, 2016
BLOCK MUSLIM REFUGEES The Senate votes next week on whether to pause refugee resettlement from Syria and Iraq. Tell Congress to block all Muslim refugees for the good of America! January 14, 2016
ABOLISH COMMON CORE Common Core is exposed as a corrupt system to enrich textbook companies and the Democrat Party. Tell Congress: Abolish Common Core, stop dumbing down our kids! January 13, 2016
BLOCK ALL MUSLIM REFUGEES Muslim refugees continue to launch terrorist attacks against America. Tell Congress to block all Islamic refugees before more Americans are killed! January 12, 2016
NO SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA Congress is pushing an anti-speech resolution to protect Muslims from all speech that is critical of Islam. Tell your Representative: No Sharia Law in America! January 11, 2016
NO TAX DOLLARS FOR MOSQUES A Muslim Brotherhood-linked mosque has sucked up $3 million in agriculture grants since 2010. Tell Congress to stop funding these mosques with YOUR money! January 08, 2016
IMPEACH BARACK OBAMA The 2016 RNC retreat will, for the first time, consider 48 criminal articles of impeachment against war criminal Barack Obama. Tell the GOP to impeach Obama! January 08, 2016
DEFUND OBAMA'S GUN GRAB Obama's new executive orders will restrict the self-defense rights of millions of law-abiding Americans. Speak out to block this unconstitutional plan! January 07, 2016
DEFUND THE GUN GRAB Obama's new executive orders will restrict the self-defense rights of millions of law-abiding Americans. Speak out to block this unconstitutional plan! January 06, 2016
REPEAL OBAMACARE 2016 If the House GOP stands firm on their promise, a bill to repeal Obamacare will make it to Obama's desk for the first time this month. Tell them to repeal NOW! January 05, 2016
DEFEND AMERICA ACT OF 2015 America needs to stop accepting Barack Obama's jihadi "refugees" immediately. Tell Congress to support and pass the Defend America Act of 2015! January 04, 2016
NO MUSLIM REFUGEES The legendary comedian and humanitarian Jerry Lewis says Islamic refugees should stay where they are in this must-watch interview on Obama & Islamic terrorism. December 30, 2015
END OBAMA'S SUPPORT FOR ISIL Obama's support for the Islamic State is so treasonous that the US military defies him by helping Russia and Syria. Congress must stop Obama's support for ISIL! December 29, 2015
STOP OBAMA'S ISIL SUPPORT Obama's support for the Islamic State is so treasonous that the US military defies him by helping Russia and Syria. Congress must stop Obama's support for ISIL! December 28, 2015
2ND AMENDMENT PROTECTION ACT Congress must pass the 2nd Amendment Protection Act before Obama's executive orders destroy your civil right to keep and bear arms! December 28, 2015
STOP TARGETING AMERICANS Obama shut down the investigation of San Bernardino killer Syed Farook in order to protect jihadis while at the same time targeting Americans as "extremists". December 21, 2015
DAY OF PRAYER CAMPAIGN Support the Pray For US National Day of Prayer, a pro-American event targeting anti-Christian hate emanating from Washington, DC & the Obama administration. December 21, 2015
SAVE AMERICAN JOBS Congress will betray American workers if they quadruple H-2B visas for foreign workers in the must-pass omnibus spending bill. Tell Congress to save our jobs! December 18, 2015
STOP THE GLOBAL WARMING TREATY The GOP Congress will fund Obama's global warming treaty in the omnibus bill, breaking their pledge to the American people, unless you speak out today. December 17, 2015
END JIHADI REFUGEE WAIVERS Obama is granting visa waivers for known Muslim terrorists to enter the United States so Congress must immediately defund all refugee resettlement. December 16, 2015
DEFUND REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT The omnibus spending bill contains full funding for Obama's Syrian refugees in spite of serious threats of terrorist infiltration. Congress must defund it. December 14, 2015
LET STATES REFUSE REFUGEES The U.N. Refugee Resettlement Program is an unfunded federal mandate and security risk to all states. Congress must allow states to opt out of taking refugees. December 14, 2015
SYRIA REFUGEES BUDGET BATTLE Democrats want screening for Syrian Muslim refugees stripped out of the omnibus bill, ensuring that more San Bernardino-style killings will happen in America. December 10, 2015
LEAHY IMMIGRATION AMENDMENT Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT) proposes making it easier for Muslims to immigrate to the USA. Tell the Senate to reject this massive overhaul of current US law! December 10, 2015
STOP UN CLIMATE ROBBERY Congress will give Obama $3 billion in tribute money to the "climate change" robbers at the UN this year and trillions in the years to come unless you speak out. December 09, 2015
STOP THE UN CLIMATE ROBBERY Congress will give Obama $3 billion in tribute money to the "climate change" robbers at the UN this year and trillions in the years to come unless you speak out. December 09, 2015
END ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION Muslims are a threat to the safety & security of all Americans. Demand that Congress impose a halt on all Muslim immigration & begin deportations. December 07, 2015
STOP OBAMA'S MUSLIM REFUGEES Barack Obama called San Bernardino Muslim terror attacks "workplace related" violence. Tell Congress to protect America from Muslim refugees since Obama won't! December 04, 2015
BLOCK TERRORIST REFUGEES The House and Senate must block refugees from ALL terrorism-sponsoring countries from entering the United States. Tell Congress: No More Muslim Refugees! December 03, 2015
STOP OBAMA'S SYRIAN REFUGEES Barack Obama called San Bernardino Muslim terror attacks "workplace related" violence. Tell Congress to protect America from Muslim refugees since Obama won't! December 03, 2015
OBAMA GUN GRAB Obama demands a bill to ban more Americans from firearms ownership before Christmas. Tell Congress to reject Obama's wild-eyed demands for gun control! December 02, 2015
INVESTIGATE OBAMA TREASON Pray For US is asking the House to appoint a special counsel to investigate Obama on treason charges after he delivers bottled water and ammo to ISIL in Iraq. December 02, 2015
DEFEAT THE UN CLIMATE TREATY America as we know it will cease to exist if Obama hands control over to the UN through his global warming treaty. Take action to stop the treaty today! December 01, 2015
DEFUND ISLAMIC REFUGEES Demand that Congress defund all Islamic refugee programs THIS WEEK! Tell Congress to protect America by cutting all cash from Obama's Islam importation! November 30, 2015
CHEEPIE - IMPEACH OBAMA Obama defies the will of the people and Congress by importing Syrian 'refugee' terrorists. Tell the House to draft Articles of Impeachment against Barack Obama! November 25, 2015
IMPEACH OBAMA Obama sheltering Syrian "refugee" terrorists is an impeachable offense according to one Congressman. Demand impeachment in the House today! November 24, 2015
POLICE OPPOSE SYRIAN REFUGEES A federal police officers' union says Syrian refugees can NOT be vetted and tells the Obama regime to help homeless American veterans before taking in Syrians. November 24, 2015
NO REFUGEE WELFARE Sen. Rand Paul's amendment to block welfare benefits for terrorist refugees is vital to our national security. Show your support for this amendment today! November 23, 2015
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