American Laws Protect Racketeering Corruption & Blackmail

Support libel law reform so Mainstream Media cannot knowingly publish fake fews for political gain and can be sued for knowingly printing false information.

Our free church Pray For US is calling on Congress to amend the libel laws so that if a public figure is victimized in this fashion by the mainstream presstitutes, they can sue for damages and win. It’s time to rein these liars in because they are tearing the very fabric of our republic apart through their actions.

Let’s define some of these terms before we go any further.

“Defamation” is a term that covers any statement that harms a person’s reputation.

Defamation becomes “libel” when that harmful statement is published and read by someone else, which under the law can include newspapers, websites or a newscast on CNN.

Making a defamatory statement is not a crime, so a person can’t be locked up by the government if they say something harmful.

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Instead, it is a civil wrong, also known as a “tort.” You can sue someone for damages if they libel you.

But the rules are different for a public figure such as an elected official or a celebrity.

If you are not a public figure, to win a defamation lawsuit, you have to prove that a published statement harmed you and that it was false.

But for a public figure, there is an extra burden to win a civil suit and that is what President Trump is referring to.

A public figure has to prove in court that the statement was made with “actual malice” – meaning the reporter published a false story with the intent to harm the victim.

That is why it is next to impossible for a public figure to sue a newspaper and win.

As an experiment, The Daily Wire decided to track all of the false and defamatory stories about President Trump during the first month of his administration.

Over a four-week period, the Daily Wire found 114 stories published in national media outlets that were completely false.

That’s an average of four separate stories per day that are completely false.

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These multinational corporations that own the news outlets should not be able to publish so many lies and get away with it.

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