America’s Survival Depends Upon Excluding Terrorist Refugees

The United Nations – dominated by a bloc of 56 Muslim countries – used its “Refugee Program” to flood America with thousands of unvetted potential terrorists.

The bill is designated as HR 80, otherwise known as the Resettlement Accountability and National Security Act.

You might think this is an impossible task because House Speaker Paul “Not Our Values” Ryan is opposed to any bill that protects our national sovereignty.

Let’s do a recap of the refugee program because most people do not know that this whole corrupt process is actually run by the United Nations.

First, all of our current-day refugee policies in America were established in the Refugee Act of 1980… a bill that was written by former Senator Ted Kennedy 37 years ago.

Think how much the world has changed in the past 37 years.

In the entire decade of the 1970s there were only two major Muslim terrorist attacks — one at the 1972 Olympics in Munich and one at the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia.

Under the Refugee Act of 1980, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees gets to decide which refugees to send to which countries.

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America does not get to decide who we bring in… the United Nations tells us!

This is why more than 99% of Syrian refugees brought into the country are Sunni Muslims according to CNS News.

And the BBC reports that more than half of all Syrian refugees coming to America are men between the ages of 18 and 50… fighting-aged males, in other words.

This UN refugee program is broken by design. Muslim countries controlling the UN want terrorists to invade all Western Countries in the hope that terrorism will topple these countries and make them part of the Islamic Caliphate.

The Refugee Act of 1980 is outdated and it has never been amended to account for the terrorist threat that has grown over the past 37 years.

Under the Act, once it is shut down the Government Accountability Office has to conduct a full audit of the Refugee Resettlement Program to determine welfare rates among the refugee population.

I’ll bet the numbers will be staggering when that audit is conducted.

Following that audit, which could take years to conduct, refugee admissions can only start up again following a new Act of Congress.

But in the meantime, the UN will not be allowed to send any more refugees to America.

The House Freedom Caucus has adopted the bill and even several dozen moderate Republicans are supporting HR 80 because patriots just like you have been educating them about this issue.

If we can get another 44 co-sponsors to sign on to this bill, we will have a majority of House Republicans supporting it and Paul Ryan will no longer be able to prevent it from coming up for a vote.

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America cannot take “No” for an answer on this issue any longer.

The UN Refugee Resettlement program is a national security threat that is allowing known terrorists into the country.

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