Amnesty Bill “Discharge Petition”

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/25/2014   Please consider the vitally important message below from our friends at the US Justice Foundation. Unless we, the people, join together to fight the Obama administration it will win in its efforts to destroy forever the America we know and love.

Liberal Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives are planning to use a “discharge petition” to force a vote on Barack Obama’s illegal alien amnesty bill. They only need about twenty “moderate” Republicans to go along with this scheme.

If this discharge petition gets enough signatures, amnesty automatically goes to the House floor for a vote. If that happens, amnesty is almost certain to pass.

Grassroots opposition to amnesty, which USJF has been such a large part of, has up to now, kept House Speaker John Boehner from allowing this bill to come up for a final vote. Barack Obama is enraged by that, hence pro-amnesty special interest groups have come up with this discharge petition scheme.

Under the rules of the House of Representatives, a majority of the Members of Congress can sign a discharge petition, thereby automatically forcing a vote on any piece of legislation. Since the Republicans’ majority isn’t very large, the liberals figure that they only need about twenty pro-amnesty Republicans in order to “discharge” the amnesty bill, and force a vote on it.

Leftist Nancy Pelosi rounds up Democrats to support amnesty bill.

Leftist Nancy Pelosi rounds up Democrats to support amnesty bill.

These pro-amnesty groups are pounding the Republicans with emails, calls, and faxes. They are doing everything that they can to round up these twenty or so RINO (Republican in Name Only) votes.

There are too many Republican politicians who are willing to appease the illegal alien lobby. Unless grassroots conservatives fight back, it is more than likely that Republicans will decide to join the amnesty push and Obama will get the amnesty bill that he wants so badly.

Leftist Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has already lined up just about every single Democrat in the House of Representatives to support the amnesty bill. Now all she needs are about twenty Republicans to go along with this scheme.

Every Republican House Member needs to know that grassroots America opposes amnesty and that is where your faxes come in. We must demonstrate to them that we are onto the liberals’ discharge petition scheme, and that we won’t stand for it.

 Stop Amnesty Discharge Petition

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