Amnesty Must Be Filibustered

House and Senate leaders have unveiled their $1 trillion temporary spending plan which will fully fund the implementation of Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty for illegal aliens. The current Congress has completely failed to heed the will of the American voters. Exit polls on election day showed that 74-percent of Americans were opposed to Obama enacting amnesty on his own, without a vote of Congress. That number no doubt included many Democrats.

Obama did not even go to the trouble of issuing an Executive Order to declare amnesty, as reported. He apparently sent a memo to the Director of Homeland Security, which has to be the lowest threshold ever achieved for implementing a new “law” in America (at least since 1776).

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We are calling on the Senate to filibuster this spending bill in order to force a government shutdown, until the new Congress is seated in January. Since the current Congress refuses to obey the will of the people, they should just go home for Christmas and wait until the adults can come to work and serve the American people.

This omnibus spending bill has many problems with it, as reported by the Washington Post. Here are some of the many reasons why the government funding bill should be completely rejected:

  • Amnesty Funding: The bill funds the Department of Homeland Security through February, as if Mitch McConnell will suddenly have the stomach by then to pull funding for any government program. The DHS is already purchasing office space, computers, desks and other equipment to implement Obama’s amnesty.
  • Foreign Aid to Attract More Illegal Aliens: The State Department is receiving $260 million to disperse to South American countries, so they can send additional floods of illegal aliens across our southern border.
  • Obamacare:  Fully funded, courtesy of “conservative” “Republican” Speaker of the House, John Boehner.
  • Campaign Finance: Mitch McConnell fought for a rider that allows individual contributors to now donate 10 times as much money to the National Republican Senatorial Committee and its Democrat Party counterpart, as well as other large federal PACS. The increase is from $32,400 per year to $324,000!  This will allow them to funnel more money into primaries to protect incumbent career politicians from upstart conservative Christian candidates.
  • Abortion Funding: Republican leadership keeps claiming that the spending bill blocks federal expenditures for abortion funding. However, those expenditures were already blocked, so that is nothing new.  On the other hand, they fully funded Obamacare, which covers abortions! Perhaps if the politicians were not subsidizing the murder of so many American babies — a clear violation of the command, “Thou shall not kill,” they wouldn’t need to import hordes of illegal aliens to replace the native population.
  • White House Budget: The White House will be receiving a $10 million annual increase to its operating budget, allowing the Obamas to throw even fancier Ramadan parties.

These are just a few of the many reasons why the current Congress is out of touch with the American people. The only sensible thing for them to do at this point is to shut down the government until the new Congress is seated.

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To help accomplish this goal, send FaxGrams for FREE to these five pro-America Senators and urge them to filibuster the omnibus amnesty-funding bill!

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