Amnesty Not Good For the Economy

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

01/31/2014   House Republicans are in their annual closed-door retreat in Maryland right now. House Speaker Boehner and his RINO gang are wheeling and dealing, trying to convince the rank-and-file conservatives to pass amnesty for illegal aliens. The Boehner gang is especially pushing the line that amnesty is “good for the economy.”

Picture this scenario:

Your employer is trying to figure out how to pay for Obamacare, higher taxes, increased regulatory fees and other burdens placed on him by the disastrous Obama regime. A newly-amnestied illegal alien walks in the door and offers to do your job for half the salary your boss is currently paying you. Suddenly, amnesty doesn’t sound so good for the economy.

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Sen. Jeff Session (R-AL) says, “House Republicans, in crafting immigration principles, should reply to the president’s immigration campaign with a simple message: Our focus is to help unemployed Americans get back to work — not to grant amnesty or to answer the whims of immigration activists and CEOs.” We couldn’t agree more! Congress needs to focus on creating and saving American jobs and not pandering to the illegal alien lobby.

The big headline on the Drudge Report this week was that 92 million Americans are now out of the workforce completely. That’s 30-percent of our population. (So much for the Obama regime’s claims that unemployment is around 7-percent.) These are able-bodied American citizens who want to find jobs and work for a living, but their job search has become utterly hopeless because Obama has shipped our manufacturing sector off to communist China and Mexico. Giving amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal aliens won’t help the economy or make things easier for those 92 million Americans.

immigrationImagine that you grant an illegal alien amnesty and a work permit. How does this help the economy, as Obama and the Boehner gang are claiming? Is a job magically created because the illegal alien has a piece of paper? Will he use his 5th-grade education and his food stamps to open a small business? Of course not. What the illegal alien will do, gleefully, is steal your job or your neighbor’s job right out from under you.

Jesus tells us in Mark 12:31, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Do you love your neighbor so much that you would give his job away to a criminal, so that your neighbor’s family can starve and lose their home? Loving your neighbor means you don’t steal from him, lie to him or otherwise harm him. It means not putting your neighbor’s home or livelihood at risk on behalf of a criminal who has broken our border laws and employment laws. Loving your neighbor also means increasing his or her opportunity to get a job, not increasing competition for jobs to make it harder for them.

The House Republicans’ retreat will be going on for a few more days. They need to hear from you now and know that “we the people” don’t want amnesty. If Congress really wants to help the economy, they need to abandon this national suicide plan known as amnesty and work on rolling back Obama’s socialist business-killing policies.

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