Amnesty Will Push Black Families Over The Cliff

Pray For US has been opposed to Gang of Eight’s amnesty for illegal aliens plan from the get-go, realizing the harm that it will do to the fabric of our nation. Aside from importing millions of people from communist nations and granting them voting status and work permits – and ensuring at least a generation of liberal electoral landslides – this amnesty plan will hammer America’s black communities even further into the ground.

Drowning the nation with cheap foreign workers will flood the market when it comes to low-skilled jobs. This will make competition for those jobs even more fierce and will drive wages down. Much like the disconnect between Republican Party leadership and actual conservatives in America, there is a major rift between elected black officials and their constituents in black communities. For example, the African American Leadership Council has now approached the Congressional Black Caucus and asked them to oppose the amnesty plan:

The council questioned whether there are enough low-skill jobs for both African Americans and immigrants. One member said increased immigration levels would keep black unemployment, which is already nearly double the national average, elevated for some time.

“With unemployment at 7.6 percent, this is preposterous,” coalition member Charles Butler said. “What makes sense is for America’s jobs to be reserved for people who are legally entitled to compete for them.”

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The coalition slammed establishment black leaders in the press conference, saying they do not represent the African-American community on this issue.

They said they also feel betrayed by the NAACP and big labor, both of which have backed amnesty proposals.

“Elite leadership is not the same as the black grassroots,” said Frank Morris, former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. He said the immigration issue is often the most divisive between elite black leaders and regular members of the black community.

Sodomite “marriage” is actually the most divisive issue between the black community and elite black leaders but amnesty is probably  a close second.

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It’s nice to see that the black community is finally waking up and realizing that socialist one-worlders like Barack Obama and Eric Holder are NOT their friends and are not looking out for them. The only true unity and equality in this world is in Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:28), no matter how much the communist left tries to force “diversity” and “civil rights” on us at gunpoint and through a mass invasion. (Eric Holder claims that allowing illegal aliens from anywhere in the world to become citizens of America is a “civil right”.)

You can read the full article on black leaders opposing amnesty HERE.

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