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Leveling The Playing Field In America

Please watch our 30-second video explaining why YOU should join us in working for Christian Equality.  If you complete the fill-in box, we will rush  you our detailed written and illustrated plan titled “Christian Equality Plan: How You Can Help Level the Playing Field for Our Children”.

Now, federal, state and local governments are punishing Christians and favoring Muslims.  This is not only unconstitutional but inflicts damage on our Faith, families and American prestige.  We will email you with action messages and – if you wish – enable you to help build a nationwide alliance of Christians who will crusage for Equality.

Children in American public schools are taken to the principals office, and sometimes are even expelled, if they pray or wear T-Shirts praising Jesus.

Muslim children in many school around the United States are given Prayer Rooms and Islamic training. Even Christian children are being educated by our public school system about the religion of Islam.

Is it not time to level the playing field? If Islam can be taught in our public schools then Christianity surely must be given an equal status.

We are Pray for US – Pray for the United States and we are an incorporated Christian Church in the State of Nevada. We began more than five years ago bringing the message of Jesus Christ to the forefront of American politics where we could do so to protect the Body of Christ in America.

Our state-of-Nevada approved charter specifically compels our church to stand up for America, for our glorious Constitution and to – if necessary – begin litigation in defense of our Christian rights.

Won’t you join us in leveling the “playing field” for Christian children in America’s public schools?

Just provide your name, email address and zip code and we’ll communicate with you all of the specifics of our Christian Plan of Action.

You can opt-out at any time. But, give America’s children to once again know of the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Please view and share our 30-second Explainer Video explaining why we believe that the Christian children are not second-class citizens and deserve to have our Christian story told and re-told in the public education system of America.

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