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Muslim Call

Why should musselmen consider what the koran says about Jesus?

  • Mohamud’s name is mentioned in the koran only 4 times..
  • Jesus is mentioned 25 times…
  • Only one female name is mentioned in the koran, Mary (Miriam) the mother of Jesus!   In fact, an entire chapter (surah) is written about Mary, her virginal birth Jesus as an act of God, and her piousness.
  • The koran mentions only the miracles of Jesus Christ…
    • that He died and was resurrected…
    • and He will come again..
    • that He brought mud to life, cured the ill, gave sight to the blind…

Watch the following video in which an imam found within the koran the explanation of why he should be a Christian and not a musselman.  His testimony is powerful, everlasting and can lead you from the darkness into the everlasting light of God.

If you wish to know more about your own personal salvation, why the koran itself can lead you to truth, just click HERE to use our Contact form.  You can call us or send us a message.  Whatever you decide to do, always know that we are here to help you, not find fault with you or with Islam because even the koran at Surah 19 describes how God (Allah) himself created Jesus through Mary, even while Mary was a virgin.  In your OWN holy book, adoration is poured upon Jesus and His miracles.  You can easily receive the eternal blessing and have the light of God to shine upon you forever and ever simply by accepting what the word of the koran actually says.

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