Obama Kills at least 204 Children

Pray For US has a serious question for Barack Hussein Obama’s most ardent supporters: How many children does Mr. Obama have to kill via drone strikes before you start to question your loyalty to his administration? The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which tracks and investigates American drone strikes, puts the number of children killed by Mr. Obama’s drone war somewhere between 204 and 216 in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. On average, Mr. Obama kills a child every other day in these countries using one of the most advanced weapons of war in history.

Pray For US ran a FaxGram campaign to Congress recently, pointing out the insanity of murdering Shiite children in these countries and then inviting the jihadist family members of the victims to come to America through Mr. Obama’s open borders policy. These “immigrants,” the fathers, uncles, brothers and cousins of little boys and girls murdered by Mr. Obama, have vowed to carry out terror attacks against the United States – yet they are welcomed here with open arms. This is intentional on the part of the Obama administration.

Just as Team Obama invites jihadists across our overseas borders, he also invites heavily armed drug cartel members and kingpins across our southern border – criminals who were armed by the Obama administration and the Justice Department through Operation Fast & Furious. By inviting violent criminals in, they are ensuring violence and destruction in American cities with the ultimate socialist goal of reducing America to a third world country.

One of our readers was outraged by our assertion that Mr. Obama is ordering wanton and reckless drone strikes against civilian targets, resulting in the deaths of children. This person was unable to see past the neoconservative lens of “if we kill a brown person, it protects Israel and America”… somehow.

This individual wrote to us:

“You must be living in a dream world. The reason some innocent civilians have been killed is part of the terrorist strategy – to negatively influence public opinion. Besides, in their primitive culture they bring their families and sheep/goats along with them wherever they go. These strikes are carefully planned by high ranking people. Your ‘news’ amounts to disinformation and aiding and abetting the enemy.”

First off, there is the issue of how the Obama administration disperses information to the media regarding drone strikes, when it even bothers to do so. Family homes are referred to by the less instructive terms “building” or “structure” when the Obama administration refers to them at all.

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Consider the response that you have to this when a newscaster says that a terror leader was killed when a drone strike hits a “structure” versus a terror leader being killed in a drone strike directed at his house with his wife (or wives) and small children inside.

One of the most egregious examples of Mr. Obama’s wanton and reckless killing of children and civilians is the December 17, 2009 incident in al-Majala, Yemen. A suspected Al Qaeda militant was possibly in the village when it was destroyed in a bomb strike at about 6 a.m. local time. (There is some speculation that the strike was caused by a Navy cruise missile, but a drone had been spotted circling the village several days prior to the massacre.)

After the Yemeni Parliament conducted an investigation, they found that 44 civilians had been killed in the strike – including 22 children, ranging in age from 1 to 17 (most were under 10). The Yemeni government called the strike a “mistake” that was intended to kill Al Qaeda members. Those 44 civilians were killed, but the U.S. was only able to confirm the death of one terrorist – and he wasn’t their intended target. Entire families were wiped out in a strike authorized by Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

Included among the dead were the Louqye children, six daughters aged 1, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 15; and at least two sons, aged 4 and 13. Also killed were the Nassar children, five daughters aged 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9.

Although they were not Christians and they were thousands of miles away from us (and no threat to us whatsoever), please offer healing prayers to these families.

Barack Obama wiped out nearly an entire village in a country we are not at war with. He killed 22 children in that strike and decimated several families of civilians, and did not even hit the intended Al Qaeda target. Twelve women were also killed in the strike and five of them were pregnant. Including the unborn in the death total brings that incident’s number up to 27 children murdered by Barack Obama.

It is only thanks to Wikileaks that we even know about this incident, because the Obama administration and the Yemeni government attempted to cover it up.

One final note on the wanton and reckless targeting of civilians with drone strikes: We are not at war with Yemen, Pakistan or Somalia. It is illegal for Barack Obama to be carrying out drone strikes in these nations. It is a violation of these nations’ sovereignty to cross their borders with drones and blow up family homes.

If China were to begin targeting American bloggers in American cities who are critical of their communist government with drone strikes, what possible moral or legal argument could we make against this if we allow our own government to blow civilians to bits in other countries without a declaration of war?

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There is no legal or moral justification for Barack Hussein Obama’s drone war, which has claimed the lives of at least 204 foreign children to date.

From the Fourth Geneva Convention relating to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, Article I, Section 32:

“A protected person(s) (i.e., POWs, wounded soldiers, civilians or children) shall not have anything done to them of such a character as to cause physical suffering or extermination.”

Pray For US – Pray For The United States believes that these are war crimes, plain and simple, and deserving of prosecution and punishment.

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