Boehner Surrenders on Amnesty

By Charles Benninghoff, Founder – House Speaker John Boehner announced his team’s surrender plans in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014. After speaking publicly against Hussein Obama’s plans to implement a $2 trillion amnesty program for an initial wave of 5 million illegal aliens, Boehner quickly showed his true colors when the cameras were off. John Boehner plans to fully fund Obama’s executive order-amnesty and the rest of America can shut up and like it, as far as he is concerned.

The House of Representatives is currently working on a stop-gap funding measure that pay to keep the federal government behemoth running temporarily. The supposed fear among Boehner and his pro-amnesty allies is that another government “shutdown” would take place if they defund amnesty in this stop-gap measure. And again, the only reason the government would “shut down” would be if Obama chooses to not pass a funding resolution that strips out any money to pay for this unconstitutional amnesty.

The fear of a shutdown is a red herring. John Boehner fully supports amnesty for illegal aliens and his track record as Speaker of the House speaks for itself. Even better, Boehner’s own words speak to the issue. Boehner has stated on national television that he is “hell-bent” to pass “immigration reform” as soon as possible and has used vulgar slurs to refer to conservative Republican amnesty opponents.

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The latest poll from Quinnipiac has found that a record number of Americans are now opposed to amnesty and an all-time high percentage of Americans are now in favor of deporting illegal aliens. An even more accurate poll, the Nov. 2014 election, had similar results as far as we are concerned.

John Boehner is acting against his own interests as an American citizen by favoring, supporting and choosing to pay for Obama’s amnesty. This man is so beholden to his ‘one world government’ campaign contributors that he is, for all intents and purposes, no longer an American. Why else would he support amnesty, when the vast majority of Americans are opposed to it?

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), speaking out against Boehner’s plan to pay for amnesty now with an empty promise to defund it later, said this:  “Make no mistake, sending a bill to the Senate without first making an attempt to include defund language is telling the American people that you support Obama’s executive amnesty. That would be a slap in the face to the voters who sent a message last month by electing Republican majorities in Congress.”

We couldn’t agree more! God has established the borders between nations (Acts 17:26-27) for His plans and purposes, while Boehner and Obama are doing everything they can to tear those borders down. American Christians must rise up and demand that Congress defund Obama’s amnesty plan NOW, not at some nebulous future date.

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Click HERE to send a message to Congress today and demand that they defund Obama’s executive order for amnesty.

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