Zuckerberg’s Greed Will Destroy America

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/27/2014   The names of the 22 RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) in House Speaker John Boehner’s inner circle of amnesty supporters have finally come to light.

These 22 men are fighting hard to give your job away to the first available illegal alien.

This push to give American jobs away to illegal aliens is being fueled by internationalists like the US Chamber of Commerce and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg has been using his fortune to lobby Congress in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens for the past year. He claims that Americans do not want to work. You may ask yourself, is this true? Judging by Zuckerberg’s own track record, we have to say, “It is absolutely not true!”

Facebook recently acquired a company called WhatsApp for $19 billion. What the news presstitutes didn’t tell you was that a few years ago, the two software engineers who founded WhatsApp applied for jobs at Facebook and Zuckerberg turned them both down.

These two American software engineers, who very much wanted to work, then sat down around their kitchen table and designed the popular mobile phone app known as WhatsApp. Zuckerberg could have hired both of them and paid them outrageous salaries and benefits for the rest of their lives and still made great profits.

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Instead, he chose not to hire American workers, and it ended up costing him $19 billion for that decision.

Zuckerberg would much rather have Congress pass amnesty so he can hire foreign software engineers for much lower salaries than Americans will accept.

Zuckerberg and his hypocritical ilk, who are not Americans in their political ideologies, are the ones pushing to give your job or your loved one’s job away to an illegal alien. This Zuckerberg story highlights the fact that American workers are not only talented, but they want to work.

In my internet experience, American workers are far smarter and much more resourceful than virtually all foreigners. We do not want to see our jobs or the jobs of our neighbors given away to incompetent illegal aliens who will work for lower wages.

John Boehner just sat down for another meeting with Obama to discuss amnesty “strategy” again. Boehner and his inner circle are still fighting to ram amnesty through the House this year.

There is a reason why Boehner and his inner circle have abandoned their conservative principles (and the Republican Party Platform, which explicitly opposes amnesty) in favor of the illegal alien lobby.

Mark Zuckerberg, the US Chamber of Commerce and other pro-amnesty, anti-American-worker Big Business interests are handing out big sacks of cash to any Republican who will vote for amnesty. Some call these campaign contributions, but we call them what they are:  Bribes!

John Boehner's Gang of RINOs Exposed!

John Boehner’s Gang of RINOs Exposed!

Boehner’s inner circle of RINOs needs to feel the heat from you on this. They need to know that we support American jobs for American workers and that we won’t allow them to give our jobs away to foreign invaders.

Jesus commanded us in Matthew 22:39, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Supporting amnesty is the perfect way to hate our American neighbors. Nothing says hatred like wrecking the American economy and giving our jobs away to illegal aliens so we can all live in mud huts, just so wealthy anti-Americans like Mark Zuckerberg can hire cheap foreign software engineers.

Amnesty is the opposite of compassion and love for our neighbors. I believe we can defeat this amnesty scam. Our opposition to amnesty just needs to outweigh any perceived benefit that Boehner and his allies think they are getting.

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We are the ones who will be impoverished by amnesty, so we must be the ones to speak up now!

We may not have Mark Zuckerberg’s cash, but we have our votes and our voices. If enough of us speak up right now, we can still make the Boehner gang back down.

Find out exactly who is in Boehner’s pro-amnesty, anti-American inner circle by visiting this link. Please also share this link with everyone you know so they can see the list of RINOs names too.

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