Bonuses For IRS Criminals

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/08/2014   Obama is about to do something that will ensure that the IRS keeps targeting conservative groups in 2014. Please consider the following urgent message from our good friends at the US Justice Foundation and act on it today:

Barack Hussein Obama is about to hand out $62.5 million in bonuses to IRS agents who harassed conservative groups. Mr. Obama wants to hand out cash awards to his allies in the IRS, as a reward for a job well done, and to convince them to not testify against him or his administration.

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Legions of IRS bureaucrats across the country, on direct orders from their superiors, targeted conservative non-profit organizations. Their goal was to harass these groups, so that they couldn’t oppose the Obama agenda and they succeeded. Now, its reward time, with $62,500,000.00 worth of your money.

Only Congressional Republicans can stop this disgusting political payout. However, the House GOP leadership has been very reluctant to confront Barack Obama over this IRS-Tea Party scandal. The Republican majority in the House can stop these bonuses but they must take a stand right away. Investigations and hearings into this scandal are fine; however, once these IRS goons get their fat bonuses, there is no way that any of them will ever testify against Barack Obama, Jr.

We must stop these bonuses. This $62.5 million of your tax money is hush money, being paid to corrupt bureaucrats by a White House occupant who will stop at nothing to destroy his opponents. Under Mr. Obama, our government has become a giant organized crime family, with Barack Hussein Obama presiding over it as “Godfather.”

Scores of grassroots conservative organizations were harassed and threatened by these IRS criminals. They were buried under paperwork and their leaders were told they could be sent to jail.

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Please visit and share the link below to stop Obama from rewarding these crooks with your hard earned money.

Stop The IRS Bonuses

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