BPA’s Ordered to Run From Illegal Aliens

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

03/11/2014   Obama has single-handedly rewritten our nation’s immigration laws once again.

Obama and Sen. Bob Menendez’s (D-NJ) newly stated plan is to bring in one foreign worker to match every American citizen who reaches working age in the next 10 years. This amounts to approximately 40 million new unskilled foreign workers. The way that Obama plans to implement this plan should outrage everyone.

America’s Border Patrol agents are now ordered to “seek cover or distance themselves” if an illegal alien throws a projectile at them. They are also no longer allowed to block an illegal alien’s vehicle in order to try to stop them.

In addition to forbidding immigration officers from deporting illegal aliens, Obama is now preventing the Border Patrol from even stopping any of the invaders trying to get in. Read more about how Obama’s new immigration plan is detrimental to Americans jobs, here.

According to The Daily Caller, the new policy will actually punish Border Patrol agents who do not stand aside and allow illegal aliens to enter the US. This may sound like a joke, but Obama’s new Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnston, announced these changes on Friday. Border guards are not to stop even the most dangerous of illegal aliens: the drug smugglers, the killers, the rapists and child molesters.

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Make no mistake about it: This is being done to destroy America, to obliterate the wages of American workers and to establish a permanent Democrat majority in the U.S.

First Obama armed the drug cartels with automatic weapons and sniper rifles through Operation Fast & Furious. Now he is disarming the Border Patrol by arming agents with things like hand-held Tasers, pepper spray and pellet guns – and then ordering the officers not to use even these.

Border Patrol has one primary duty, which is to detain and arrest illegal aliens criminals and drug smugglers crossing our southern border. What is the point of having border patrol if they are forbidden to carry out their primary duty of stopping and arresting these criminals?

Obama is so desperate to destroy your livelihood through this cheap foreign worker invasion that he will not even allow the Border Patrol to carry out its primary function. Find out how you can help stop this foolish immigration plan here.

Americans cannot underestimate the depths to which Obama will stoop in his effort to drive all conservative Christians out of their jobs and homes. That is why it is critical for American citizens to join together and tell Congress, “Enough is enough!”

If this new rule change is not overturned, it is clear that Obama will get more of our Border Patrol agents killed while at the same time ensuring that millions of additional illegal aliens will flood the United States.

When word of this gets out in Mexico, it will open the floodgates and millions upon millions of additional illegals will be heading for our borders. All they have to do is throw a rock at a Border Patrol agent to avoid arrest.

Jesus commanded us in Matthew 22:39, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Obama’s policy of rewarding lawbreakers and making their criminal law-breaking legal is an act of hatred toward our neighbors and toward all Americans.

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It is now virtually impossible for law enforcement officers to arrest, detain or deport illegal aliens and it is all being done intentionally by Obama.

Americans must push back hard on this one because Obama is going to get people killed with this “rule change” of his. Our Border Patrol agents are disgusted by this change. Thankfully, they are not threatening to walk off the job yet.

If you care about the safety of America’s border patrol agents and the well-being of this country, you can make an effort to stop this ridiculous plan here. Also, please warn as many of your family members, friends and acquaintances as you can.

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